Clouds and colored linings

Some days words fail us.

and we feel like we’re in a drought.

Some days nothing makes sense.

and other times it all comes out.

Some days we need to look up

and search deep within.

To find those pleasures past

and know we’ve just begun.

Clouds form a veil of hope

in times when we ask why.

It’s often in those storms

that silver linings color the sky.

Possibilities herald a new day

sunsets kiss the end goodnight

winds blow in golden linings

turning grayness into light.

I’ve been on a bit of a writing crusade these past couple of weeks and I’ve been churning out the articles and building up a bank of travel columns.

In the process however I’ve withdrawn into a slight world of introspection and have had no desire to blog.

I’ve also felt those dark clouds over these last few days threaten to turn me into a grizzly bear.

Today, however, I found this somewhat whimsical writing and photography prompt, apt for my mood, that’s helped lift me out of that place.

Plane flying

I’m a pretty grounded person but who doesn’t like to dream.

Who hasn’t ever found themselves looking up, making pictures out of cotton ball in the sky? I used to do it as a little girl.

Just being. Imagining how things could be, visualising a life beyond the ordinary. We lose that as we get older. Or do we?

Our imagination is powerful and can take us to where we want to be. It can lead us to our dreams.

A stark but beautiful winter sunset

However right now, with winter having a firm hold here in Melbourne, the gray has permeated and I’m hankering for heat.

Maybe that’s why this grizzly bear’s felt a desire to hibernate.

Yet every so often a burst of blue reminds me that winter will pass and the warmth will be back.

For two mornings in a row I’ve woken to golden sunrises, a sky so blazing with color it appeared on fire.

As fleeting as it was, it reminds me that with every day we wake to brightness and hope.

It reminds me that even in the cold and the dreary and those days when words fail us, there’s colour around us, optimism and a new possibility.

Yeah, this grizzly bear will find her way back out of the gloom.

On the other side of the world I know many of you have been sweltering.

It doesn’t matter where we are, nature and life plays with us. She challenges us to be resilient and to tackle every day with gusto, regardless of the weather.

Today it’s cloudy again but I’m shaking them off. Won’t be long before we’re off on another road trip. A girl has to do her research after all.

Let’s never forget the blessings we have, those small things that bring us joy and the ordinary moments that remind us we’re alive.

Whether those clouds linger or not, the sun is going to rise. If it decides to hide I’ll just go make my own sunshine.

I hope you do too.

Have a brilliant July.

The sky this Wednesday morning

Sharing for Pic and a word challenge: Clouds

When you feel stuck look up at the sky. Clouds and colours remind us that everything always changes. Nothing ever stays the same forever.

In light and love as we continue the journey.

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122 thoughts on “Clouds and colored linings

  1. Phenomenally beautiful! See in You a kindred spirt for sure from the way you talk though am not nearly as eloquent or poetic as You yet you put my own feelings into sublimely put words just so beautifully!!
    Going to share this gem of a snippet with my Chronic Pain SG where am one of the group leaders(username Clarita) , too!

    Serendipitiously discovered Your blog today- it is like the quote from “The Hundred Foot Journey” movie- “ Breaks break for a reason.” In other words- it was no accident that stumbled upon your gorgeous words today!! Thank You.

    Feel this blog will bless many people over on Chronic Pain SG, too! Sharing link to this page!

    Namaste, Clara :-)(Sisu resilient chronic pain warrior,Tiggerlike ENFP) 🙂 dolphin smiles across the miles to You 😉 Miriam

    Liked by 1 person

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