Clouds and colored linings

Some days words fail us.

and we feel like we’re in a drought.

Some days nothing makes sense.

and other times it all comes out.

Some days we need to look up

and search deep within.

To find those pleasures past

and know we’ve just begun.

Clouds form a veil of hope

in times when we ask why.

It’s often in those storms

that silver linings color the sky.

Possibilities herald a new day

sunsets kiss the end goodnight

winds blow in golden linings

turning grayness into light.

I’ve been on a bit of a writing crusade these past couple of weeks and I’ve been churning out the articles and building up a bank of travel columns.

In the process however I’ve withdrawn into a slight world of introspection and have had no desire to blog.

I’ve also felt those dark clouds over these last few days threaten to turn me into a grizzly bear.

Today, however, I found this somewhat whimsical writing and photography prompt, apt for my mood, that’s helped lift me out of that place.

Plane flying

I’m a pretty grounded person but who doesn’t like to dream.

Who hasn’t ever found themselves looking up, making pictures out of cotton ball in the sky? I used to do it as a little girl.

Just being. Imagining how things could be, visualising a life beyond the ordinary. We lose that as we get older. Or do we?

Our imagination is powerful and can take us to where we want to be. It can lead us to our dreams.

A stark but beautiful winter sunset

However right now, with winter having a firm hold here in Melbourne, the gray has permeated and I’m hankering for heat.

Maybe that’s why this grizzly bear’s felt a desire to hibernate.

Yet every so often a burst of blue reminds me that winter will pass and the warmth will be back.

For two mornings in a row I’ve woken to golden sunrises, a sky so blazing with color it appeared on fire.

As fleeting as it was, it reminds me that with every day we wake to brightness and hope.

It reminds me that even in the cold and the dreary and those days when words fail us, there’s colour around us, optimism and a new possibility.

Yeah, this grizzly bear will find her way back out of the gloom.

On the other side of the world I know many of you have been sweltering.

It doesn’t matter where we are, nature and life plays with us. She challenges us to be resilient and to tackle every day with gusto, regardless of the weather.

Today it’s cloudy again but I’m shaking them off. Won’t be long before we’re off on another road trip. A girl has to do her research after all.

Let’s never forget the blessings we have, those small things that bring us joy and the ordinary moments that remind us we’re alive.

Whether those clouds linger or not, the sun is going to rise. If it decides to hide I’ll just go make my own sunshine.

I hope you do too.

Have a brilliant July.

The sky this Wednesday morning

Sharing for Pic and a word challenge: Clouds

When you feel stuck look up at the sky. Clouds and colours remind us that everything always changes. Nothing ever stays the same forever.

In light and love as we continue the journey.

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122 thoughts on “Clouds and colored linings

  1. I was just about to click off the distraction that is WP when your post popped up, so here I am. 🙂 🙂 Never can resist a beautiful sky (and a beautiful person 🙂 ). I feel I need to tuck myself away and write but here it’s tended to be blue skies (and travel) that’s kept me from it. I found myself feeling a little grateful for the grey overcast day we have today. Hugs, darlin!

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    1. Hey Jo, it’s always great to see you here. Enjoy those blue skies and travel that keeps you outdoors. And the greyness too, it’s amazing how we just need that balance isn’t it? Hugs back lovely 🙂


  2. Wow! The sun rises are stunning and thank you for sharing with us – even in the midst of winter your morning greeting of the sun is breathtaking. I like the idea of nature and the weather playing with us – realising this makes it easier to cope with its temperamental changes. Like Jo I’m enjoying the slightly cooler morning and odd cloud.

    A beautifu post, Miriam and glad you came out of your writing hibernation to share your words of wisdom, reminding us to see the potential of each day afresh. Happy Writing, my friend! 🤗

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  3. Beautiful photos. Sometimes nature truly leaves you spellbound by its beauty! Loved your take on the prompt. It’s often difficult to see through the dark clouds in one’s life. But the apparent darkness shall pass too. I’m in the process of breaking through a rather dry spell of blogging myself too. This was just what I needed to hear! Thanks, Miriam. Hope you have a great July! 😀

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  4. Miriam, I just love your photos and each one is poetry in its own. I feel it tickling inside.
    Don’t worry about being introspective for a while, it is probably good for us and later you
    will find many things have come clear and matured.

    I quote one paragraph of yours : ” Just being. Imagining how things could be, visualising a life beyond the ordinary. We lose that as we get older. Or do we? ”

    My personal answer to you is, No, we do not lose the vision of things beyond the ordinary, whatever ordinary might be. If we want to keep it it will grow even stronger. So just go on, make cotton balls.
    All the best 🦋💕


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    1. Hi Miriam, as always you understand me and get right to the crux of what matters. I’m with you, we certainly don’t lose our vision of an extraordinary life, at least I don’t. And I think you’re exactly the same.
      Thank you for a lovely comment. Have an extraordinary week. x 💕

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    1. What a wonderful comment Brad! This bear is getting some rest and soaring at the same time (well, she’s trying to anyway!) Have a great week from one cloud watcher to another. 🙂

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  5. It’s good to hear you’re getting ahead with the column writing. Just remember, you can’t do everything all at once. You put so much effort into producing beautiful blog posts and they will happen at the times you’re ready. And we’ll be here to read and enjoy them. Happy day to you, Miriam.

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  6. I used to lay on my back in the grass as a child and look up, seeing the white stream of a jet flying over and the bubbles of the clouds enveloping it! I would pretend I was on one of those planes going somewhere vitally important!!! (My favorite memory as a child.) Thank you for that. And to you, dear Miriam, growl back at that grizzly and find your silver linings… breathtaking shots! ~Kim ❤

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    1. What a wonderful comment Kim. I can just picture you lying back looking at that jet vapour and fantasising about being on a plane. I think we’ve all done that at one stage or another. Have a great week. x ❤️

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  7. Miriam, I admire your willingness to be okay with the hibernation. Somewhere I read, probably in a parenting book, that chaos precedes organization at a higher level. Love to you as you once again “level up.” ❤️
    Sending warm thoughts your way. I, too, am a woman of the heat and summer 🌊 🌞

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    1. Thanks Tiffany. I do feel as though I’m slowly but surely ‘levelling up’.
      Receiving your love and warm thoughts with thanks and magnifying them back to you my friend. x ❤️

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  8. Beautiful, beautiful photos! And … yes, I think hibernation is a form of pacing and should be respected (even if it not overindulged) — so yeah to going out to gaze at puffy cotton in the sky and to snap a visual memory of the sun burning another edge of day or night. Creativity comes in waves, and it takes quiet time and ‘resistant time’ (which I don’t see as resistance as much as incubation) and all the times in between. May it be the best possible July! Na’ama

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  9. You are a wonderful writer Miriam. When I read you articles I always find they are the words I needed to hear. They always lift me and encourage me.
    Your photos are absolutely stunning as well. Sunrises are always my favourite.
    Thank you for sharing this with the world

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    1. Aww Cath you’ve made my morning, you really have. Thank you and I’m glad that my words resonate with you.
      Have a wonderful day. x 🙂


  10. In Light and love, indeed Miriam! I love this post. 💜🎶🎺

    It is so beautiful to watch you get in touch with that little girl who looked up at the sky and dreamed. In my experience, I bet she is so alive inside of you! Give her a hug for me ok?

    I also love your graphic on living in the moment. It’s perfect!

    You know, my mom used to day 3, Good morning sunshine. 😁 I bought her a colorful mirror with that very saying.

    You are wonderful. I’d like to share this for #forgivingfridays, is that ok? If so, you’re welcome to link back to my last post – or to write a different blog if you want to instead.

    Much love to you Miriam! Big smiles from across the pond.

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    1. Of course you can share this Debbie, I’d be honoured. And yes, that little girl is still alive inside of me, I’m sure of it. Thanks for the love, blessings and kind words. Smiles back to you beautiful lady. xx 💜

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  11. Happy July Miriam…i am hapy to read this..this gives so much hope to all of us who follows your blog..this also solidifies my belief about how powerful our imagination can (so long as you usher it with actions)…
    I’ve always been a dreamer; and everything that i have dreamed of has came true….

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  12. It’s marvelous how an everyday occurrence like a sunrise can still lift our spirits. The writing life really is such a roller coaster of emotions and I too know how turns in weather have forceful impacts on our psyches. I’m glad those purple-pink-and-golden skies you captured helped remind you there are still wonders in wintertime. As you wisely stated, the cold and grey shall pass as well and then your spring will be around the corner.

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    1. So very true. It’s the little (and often fleeting) things that have the power to remind us how fortunate we are and indeed, also, that everything passes. Thank you for a lovely comment. 💜

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  13. Love the sky on fire shots! A little introspection is ok, but you’re right about stopping and looking up, not becoming too blah…Bears are fine creatures, especially the grizzlies, so don’t worry about that! Seen a few bears this past week or two, but black bears and mostly from a distance so all is well.
    Hope your writing is going well!

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    1. Thanks PC. Yep, writing is going well, though it’s slowing down a little. Good to know that you’re fine with bears. I think this one over here is finally coming out of hibernation. Have a great rest of the week. 🙂


  14. Lovely poetry and beautiful photos. It’s amazing how a stunning sunrise can lift your spirits. It’s been so cold and normally I prefer winter but I’ll admit to not enjoying the cold and grey this year. I’m grateful for a recent week on the Gold Coast for a bit of weather respite. Love your attitude to life, Miriam. Enjoy the next road trip. 🙂

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  15. I originally missed this Miriam but so pleased I found your post. A beautiful poem and thoughts to start my Saturday. I love clouds and as always your photographs are inspiring. Have a beautiful day and enjoy the moment 🙂

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  16. That photo of the sunset was just breathtaking! And yes, sometimes life does get us down a bit and we find we’re in no mood to be creative. But as you said, the clouds lift eventually, especially when we’re intentionally looking for good things in our world. They’re always there, just sometimes harder to see than others. I know it’s cold where you are, but I hope you get some bright, sunny days to warm your heart and soul! Meanwhile, know how many of us enjoy your blog and how it touches us and cheers us up. Sometimes, in helping others we also help ourselves!

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    1. Thank you so much Ann, your words really have warmed my heart this morning. I’ll be honest, the last few days I really have struggled but I keep shifting my focus and reminding myself that it’s temporary and that, like all things, it’ll pass. Thanks again for reminding me of how lucky I am to be part of this blogging family. Have a great weekend. x

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  17. You are so talented in so many ways. What a JOY to read this post. Thank you for sharing your Heart, Miriam. This “season” for many has been tough … we all will get through it and sunshine (inner) will be a given. Hang in there. Thank your lucky stars you don’t have SNOW in Melbourne. LOL Keep on writing ….. this may be the very means to get you out of grizzly. 😘😘😘

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    1. I think you’re quite right Amy, writing has been a godsend, even though it often makes me hanker even more for far off warmer places. But you’re right, this ‘season’ will pass, for all of us, so I guess we just have to make the best of it. Thanks again for being you and enjoy your weekend. xx 🌹❤️

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  18. Hi Miriam. I found you on Patrick’s Pix to Word. Very inspiring post. Love your cloud photos and especially the words that say we need to go make our sunshine sometimes. 🙂

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  19. Wow what gorgeous skies!! Sorry to hear of your grizzly bear moments…winter does have that affect, doesn’t it? Yes we have been sweltering here…hot hot hot…but I wouldn’t trade it for a minute! I love looking at the sky, day or night! I bought some new oracle cards and I LOVE them!! One deck is called Flowers of the Night, it has both flowers and animals on each card, and the other is called Rumi Oracle cards…don’t you love Rumi. Well I’ve done readings for myself with both decks…amazing!! I also did a daily card and the Rumi deck gave me the same card 2 days in a row now…it’s called “Enter the Garden of Delights”, there are books that come with both decks that go into greater discussion about each card…I really love them. I’ve also been listening to “Your Youniverse” on YouTube..Ohhhh you’d love them…listen to some they are awesome. One of the things they say to help you manifest and to get your subconscious to align and manifest is to pose What if questions to yourself…so I have been. Last night I when I was going to bed I said…What if I slept through the entire night and never woke up until the alarm went off. Now that NEVER happens…well guess what it did last night. No water noises woke me up, no going the bathroom, and my alarm was actually going off for 2 minutes before I finally heard it!! So I’ve been “what if”ing all day long!!! Try it…try something small like I did and let me know if it worked for you too!! Love your poem, and so happy you’ve been a writing machine. Hey you could say What if I wrote the best article to date, that everyone loved!! Oh there are all kinds of what if’s, aren’t there!? Well great big “what if” hugs….hope you are having a terrific Tuesday! Lotsa love xo ❤

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    1. Oh Deb, your weather sounds absolutely beautiful. I love the heat so lap it all up for me okay. As for those cards, whoah, they sound awesome. I’m so into all of that, even though I’ve never bought a set for myself. What if I did? Ha! Yep, love the fact that you manifested a good night sleep by posing the What if Question. I have heard of that before and you proved that it really does work. Love it! Well, keep posing those questions and see what happens. I’m busy at this end. So much has happened and so much of it has to do with money, not necessarily all great, but challenging, so I’m working through a lot of stuff at the moment. Can’t wait to talk to you again soon. We’ll have heaps to catch up on. In the meantime, stay well and sending you a big hug from here. Lots of love xo 🙂

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      1. Oh if I must soak up all that glorious sunshine and heat for you I will!! 😉
        You should buy yourself a deck or two…they are sooo fun. I was in the store for a 1/2 hour just looking at all the choices and waiting to see which ones spoke to me…these two sets certainly did!! Ohh sorry to hear of your money situation…wait let me pull a card for you and see what Rumi’s message is for you…
        Ok first of all the Card is number 11!!!! It’s called Sacred Convergence…it says quite a lot and I will tell you more when we talk but it says it comes to you because you are part of a greater sacred convergence happening now. You are being asked to drop defences and barriers towards groups of people that feel good to you, However, those that dampen your spirits or drag you down are to be dispensed with – no matter what games of blame or manipulation they may play to keep you coming back for more! No that shall not do for your soul growth now. Just step away!
        And it goes on, doesn’t really answer your money issues…unless it does and you understand it better. I must go to bed and sleep straight thru the night again!! Until we talk again…you stay well and happy my lovely lady!! Lots of love & hugs xo ❤

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        1. Wow, that’s an interesting card and meaning and yes it does make some sense to me. Look forward to talking more to you next time. For now my lovely, you sleep well, all through the night and dream of beautiful things. Big manifesting hugs xx ❤️


  20. Gorgeous photos, as always – those sunrises! *swoon*

    I loved the poem, too. It really captured something for me, I’ve been feeling similarly lately.

    Sending you a few bags of heat! lol Just tonight my husband said, “Who’s ready for winter?” If you knew how much he (we!) hate the snow and cold, you’d know how big a statement that was, hahaha!

    Love and hugs! <3<3

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    1. Thanks for the heat bags Ness. Gratefully accepted. It’s so cold here at the moment and obviously you’re sweltering over there. What a crazy world we live in. Stay cool my friend. Big hugs back xx 💙


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