Forbidden Pleasures

Paths not meant to be trodden roads never meant to be taken trails not open to any one still we can’t resist partaking. Mountains not meant to be scaled waterfalls off limits but who can resist an adventure wander lusting and wishing. Views too close to be seen often teetering on a ledge signs warning … More Forbidden Pleasures

An Unopened Window

When we first walked in our house the view had me entranced a window to the world outside we both knew at a glance. It was the place for us not just the view but the vibe this was a calming space where the outside world came inside. To see the hills and the sky alive we could feel … More An Unopened Window

A Grey Challenge

The sky’s not always blue clouds often obscure greyness seeps in mixing tones and moods in an ever changing view. There’s a stillness in grey and calm to be found when sunshine is hidden and brightness has gone light is still around. Grey doesn’t mean ruin when things are falling apart it’s a chance for … More A Grey Challenge