Light my fire

I love the magic of a campfire. There’s something infinitely special about disconnecting from a cluttered modern life and into the flickering flames of a fire. The warmth, the crackle of the logs, the hypnotic flames never fails to feed my soul. As ancient as the ritual is, cooking over glowing coals and gazing at … More Light my fire

Love and Rememberance

Yesterday, on one of the saddest days of my life, I found a world of beauty. Yesterday winter disappeared for the day and the sun shone brighter and warmer than it has in months. The flowers on the trees appeared in full bloom, the birds seemed to sing brighter and the floral sweet scents of imminent spring filled the air.… More Love and Rememberance

Morning Glory

One of the absolute joys of camping is waking up to the sights and sounds of a new day. Waking up to birds chirping, the wind in the trees, the sound of light rain and sunshine filtering through as a new day dawns. It’s awakening to all our senses. Like a sensuous lover awakening to… More Morning Glory

Travel theme: Pastel

I love photographing bright colors.  Nature has an array of mind blowing ones: dazzling red orange sunsets, turquoise seas and mountains so intensely green you feel you’re part of the easel. But sometimes we can feel blinded by the brightness and the intensity and that’s where a bit of softness and balance is good.

A Limerick: Friendship

This is the first time I’ve taken part in Rashmi’s limerick challenge at Mind and Life Matters. I thought her prompt on ‘friendship’ this week was particularly apt to dedicate to my growing number of blogger buddies. Of course there are many of you I call my friends, who I’ve truly connected with, but this is only a short limerick!… More A Limerick: Friendship

A Great Ocean Walk

To me being near the ocean is food for the soul and nourishment for the senses.  A day of coastal walking, going to sleep after a big dose of sea air and ocean views and waking up to the sound of crashing waves is like heaven on earth.  But let’s back track. We started our walk late in… More A Great Ocean Walk