Backyard Buddies

I looked out tonight in my bedraggled backyard and there they were.  Harry, Lamborghini and the chickens all happily munching away and doing their own thing. If you look closely enough you can also see a magpie and a rabbit beyond the gate.

Lost in the Forest

I don’t think I’d mind being lost in a forest If it meant being immersed in towering giants of the earth that connect me to stillness and strength. I don’t think I’d mind being lost in a forest if it meant being encased underneath a canopy that glitters with jewelled hope and beauty. I don’t think I’d … More Lost in the Forest

Spanish Flavours

I’ve made this cake so many times I know it off by heart. Last week I baked it for my sister’s birthday. It’s a recipe I stumbled upon years ago and one that became mum’s “go to” cake whenever her Italian friends visited. It’s light and moist, has the most amazing crust and best of all is super easy to … More Spanish Flavours

An Unopened Window

When we first walked in our house the view had me entranced a window to the world outside we both knew at a glance. It was the place for us not just the view but the vibe this was a calming space where the outside world came inside. To see the hills and the sky alive we could feel … More An Unopened Window

Fresh Air

Nothing gets me out of the doldrums more than stepping outside into fresh air. There’s something about being outdoors that calms me. And makes me realise that we’re more than our problems. The simple pleasure of drinking fresh water from a flowing mineral pool makes me grateful for what we often take for granted. A … More Fresh Air

Camping Emergency 000

The scream pierced the air. I’d been immersed in my magazine with the only sounds being the noisy croaking frogs coming from the river below. I thought someone had seen a snake. But the second scream was blood curdling. I jumped up, jolted out of my lazy afternoon.


Last night, just before midnight, I watched the last of the full moon. I’ve had a flat, grey couple of days, a bit like the last post I wrote about, and I felt a need to be recharged. And there was no better time than underneath this beautiful moon.