Human Impact

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then when we free camp I’m disgusted. To find a beautiful place in the mountains or the bush marred by the thoughtless and senseless actions of others really upsets me.

The Path

Wandering along a well worn path feelings and passions sway like branches moving in the breeze as we try and find our way. Obstacles are hurdles to overcome trials that test our will persevering and persisting finding strength to climb that hill. Vision is sometimes blurred and often so unclear yet with faith and strength … More The Path

Living on the Edge

Feeling on the brink on the edge of something new tossing around different thoughts to clarity from once confused. In my dreams I’m lost walking alone within streets feeling out of control and somehow incomplete. Feeling on the brink on the edge of something new now awake I contemplate what it is I have to … More Living on the Edge

Travel theme: Transport

They say that getting there’s half the fun, that the joy’s in the journey, not the destination. Can’t say I disagree. And whilst flying is definitely the fastest way of getting somewhere our tight finances are grounding us at the moment.

An Unusual Perspective

Life on the road is not always exciting. In fact, I’ll be honest, sometimes on those long never ending stretches of outback highway, it can be downright boring.  So when we see something out of the ordinary, it’s a jump to attention. Like this car on a pole in a paddock.

Looking Up

Today in Melbourne was one of those glorious days when the sun was shining and the perfumed spring blossoms made the world feel alive and full of promise. Yet despite all that my well felt dry. How can the world feel so gray when all around the sky is blue? Then out of the blue … More Looking Up

Mirrored Truths

They say a mirror speaks the truth but when I look at it why does it feel like an illusion. Like the face that stares back at me that wears a smile but hides pain and confusion.