Shine a Light

Lighthouses have always fascinated me … there’s something so dramatic about them.  I remember as a little girl thinking how cool it would be to live in one. They always evoked images of a rugged and romantic existence but in reality it was probably a hard life. Lonely, tedious, solitary and dangerous. But also undoubtedly … More Shine a Light

Travel theme: Playing

Life’s been serious lately.  Too serious. So when I saw Ailsa’s travel theme on Playing this week I knew it was a great chance to lighten up. It seems like only yesterday that my two munchkins were playing in our back paddock, chasing the chickens and making daisy chains in the long grass. Ah, those … More Travel theme: Playing


Overthinking tossing and turning wheels of life engage. Lying still, breathing fast like a sparrow in a cage. Trapped tight and wired mind prepares to fall.

Think Pink

Don’t you love those sunsets that make the sky look like a palette of ever changing colors?  Like Mother Nature hasn’t quite made up her mind yet whether her brush-strokes should be orange, golden or pink. I love this time of the year. It’s spring here in Melbourne, the days are getting longer and it’s … More Think Pink

Local Love

A tenderness that starts slow dreams and visions rising high and hopes of love soar into an early morning sky. Flames of passion take hold a kiss, one question, nothing less. When their feet touch the ground again will her answer be yes? As a follow up to my local post in my little patch … More Local Love

Living Local

Home is definitely where the heart is. And my heart’s been in this place a long time now. But am I truly local? I’ve lived in my little patch on the edge of the Yarra Valley for more than twenty years. When we were looking for our house (with the intention of starting a family) … More Living Local

Feeling Grateful

I’ve had so many gremlins on my blog lately. Broken pages and ping backs, comments disappearing into spam folders and for a while (I’ve since found out) my posts were taken off the Reader. I can tell you that this little cookie hasn’t been a very happy vegemite.

The Artist Within

I’m in awe of artists.  Of photographers, painters, sculptors who can create something out of nothing.  I guess as bloggers we all do that, every time we press publish. But there’s something about visual art that is so raw and appealing. So living where I do, in such a creative part of outer Melbourne is … More The Artist Within

Turn me on

You turn me on I come to life  and give you all you need. Turn me off the spark is gone nothing left to recede. The last few days we’ve been hit with power outages.  Strong winds have brought down trees and knocked out cables in many areas close to where I live.