Making Memories

When I started my blog I never thought much beyond my writing. I never thought that I’d make the connections that I have and that those connections would become friends. And I never dreamed thst I’d meet them in real life. But that’s what’s happened. Last week I met two bloggers and I feel like … More Making Memories

Loving the Connection

It’s Valentine’s Day and my husband’s gone again. Left in a taxi two days ago, bags and all. For the next two weeks he’s working interstate. It’s the longest we’ve spent apart. He was away at the same time last year as well, when I wrote Loving my World. What’s with the timing?  I mean, doesn’t his … More Loving the Connection

Solitude in Nature

There is staggering power in leaving the world and heading out into some solitude, for at least an hour every day. Robin Sharma. Do you ever just want to get away from it all?  Not because you’re upset, sad or angry but because you just want to be alone.

My Land down under

It’s so easy to take everyday things for granted. But after our recent five days camping in the King Valley region, leading up to the Australia Day long weekend, I’m reminded again of why I love my country so much.

Melbourne Mayhem 

Yesterday (Friday) my son turned 16. It was a busy day and my focus was on him and trying to make his day special. So I was unaware of what unfolded in the centre of Melbourne.