After the Storm

Within the eye of a storm things can change so quickly, with skies, black with anger, wreaking havoc. In many parts of the world we’re seeing so much unpredictable weather, overwhelming and fierce in it’s intensity. Mother Nature can be dramatic and unforgiving, but so can human nature. In the depths of a storm positive … More After the Storm

Steel a Look

It was a different sort of bushwalk, even by Australian standards. I thought we might see some wildlife but I wasn’t expecting this. Giant butterflies,  a prehistoric looking dragonfly, a funny looking emu and a kangaroo that looked more like Robocop than Skippy. You meet a lot of characters in the bush but I’ve never … More Steel a Look

The Calm Hour

Most people have heard of  ‘Happy Hour’ but how about the calm hour. That hour, on sunrise or sunset, when light illuminates the beauty around us, when anything seems possible and everything feels right and balanced.  Now, more than ever, we need that calmness and balance in the world. There are so many places where … More The Calm Hour

Fearless at 52

Do you remember when you were young and all your dreams lay before you? When getting a car licence at 18 was thrilling and at 21 you felt ready to take on the world. Being 50 seemed so old. Well, I can tell you it’s not. Welcome to the frisky fifties! Okay, my eyesight and … More Fearless at 52