A Fiery Ambience

My house is full of candles. I love creating a calm mood and my home reflects that. Or at least I think it does.  It doesn’t always work but that’s my aim, at least at dinner time. Call me a bit kooky but even when we’re camping I still love my candles.

Finding some Peace and Quiet 

I’m such an over-thinker. I worry incessantly about things. But I’m realising, as I get older (and hopefully wiser) that it doesn’t have to control me. Even though life is busy and, like most people I have family commitments, bills and busy routines, there are things I can do to try and slow it down.

Soulful Sunday #12: Slow Down

Originally posted on Dear Dad:
Welcome to my twelfth instalment of ‘Soulful Sundays’. A weekly share where I post a roundup of soulful reflections, each including recipes, songs, quotes, blogs I have read and/or any other inspirational discoveries to sooth the soul. For me, Sunday’s have become a day of quiet contemplation and simple pleasures. A time…

Ripper Aussie Names

“I’ve been everywhere, man … I’ve been to Wollongong, Geelong, Kurrajong, Mullumbimby, Mittagong, Molong, Grong Grong, Goondiwindi … Cabramatta, Parramatta, Wangaratta, Coolangatta; what’s it matter?”

Finding our own path 

One of my great loves is walking. Whether it’s an easy rainforest walk, an invigorating hike into the mountains or an early morning stroll along a deserted beach, nothing makes me feel calmer than treading Mother Earth’s bounty.

Forbidden Pleasures

Paths not meant to be trodden roads never meant to be taken trails not open to any one still we can’t resist partaking. Mountains not meant to be scaled waterfalls off limits but who can resist an adventure wander lusting and wishing. Views too close to be seen often teetering on a ledge signs warning … More Forbidden Pleasures