I had an extra passenger in my car yesterday. A totally unexpected  one. I was driving to work when he made his presence felt. There he was, on my half wound down window, inside, a big fat hairy Huntsman, the size of my hand, looking me straight in the eye.

Travel theme: Cooking

“Food always tastes better in the great outdoors”. That’s what my mum always said, and you have to admit, mums are rarely wrong. Mum was a great cook but, as with most things in life, it was only after I moved out of home that I truly appreciated her.

Morning Moods

She is tantalising mesmerising fleeting and breath takingly scary in the same moment. She is changeable moody uncompromising in the unknown dawn of possibility. She is light and hopeful opportunity of what’s yet to pass.

Learning to Fly

Remember when you crawled and walked when you babbled and began to talk. Remember learning to ride and falling from your bike, scraped knees and cries, there was both fear and delight. Remember escaping into books, so excited to read wanting to grow as you strived to succeed. Remember falling in love and your first … More Learning to Fly

Forward Thinking Friday

We walked straight into the storm. It wasn’t a particularly long walk yet our mid-season saunter along a stretch of the Great Ocean Walk was invigorating and memorable. When we got out of the car the sky was ominous and we knew Mother Nature was about to unleash her fury.

Out and About by Miriam

Originally posted on Meet the Bloggers:
Miriam’s natural warmth and friendliness appealed to me on glancing through her posts but the one that really caught my attention was her post about meeting up with a couple of other bloggers in Melbourne. She is a published travel writer and photographer whose posts often have a ‘moral’…

Lessons from a Lamb

Who would have thought raising such a little lamb would have such a big impact. She came into our life at barely two weeks of age, after being abandoned by her mother. I blogged about her here when she arrived.