Toolangi Trails

Sometimes the best travel is right on our doorstep … even when things don’t go as planned. Last Sunday hubby and I decided to go on a spur of the moment drive into the Toolangi State Forest, just over an hour from home. I downloaded a map of the area, packed a thermos of coffee, donned … More Toolangi Trails

Remembering Mum

You taught me love is everywhere you taught me not to judge you taught me to be true to myself and never to begrudge.   You taught me to be honest to always look for good to accept other people beyond our neighborhood.   You taught me responsibility and to always do my best that … More Remembering Mum

Beware of Snakes

“Watch out for snakes” three people told me on the first day of my new job. “Be careful where you walk” okay, fair enough. “We think there’s a big tiger snake that lives underneath the building near the pathway” said a third person. Okay, now, I was starting to get really nervous.

Wonderlusting Around Australia 

Since I started my blog, two years ago, I’ve become so much more mindful.  Little things often take on a new light and big things can take on a whole new world. In my somewhat ordinary (though contented) life I’ve always sought out the extraordinary. One constant has been my sense of wonder.


I had an extra passenger in my car yesterday. A totally unexpected  one. I was driving to work when he made his presence felt. There he was, on my half wound down window, inside, a big fat hairy Huntsman, the size of my hand, looking me straight in the eye.

Travel theme: Cooking

“Food always tastes better in the great outdoors”. That’s what my mum always said, and you have to admit, mums are rarely wrong. Mum was a great cook but, as with most things in life, it was only after I moved out of home that I truly appreciated her.