A wish to Grow and Bloom

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

Lamby has eaten (almost) everything. She’s sucked the sage, devoured the mint, deflowered the lemon tree and stripped my yard barren.

Not only has she devoured the herbs (minus the rosemary) she’s mowed better than any grass cuter ever could and become a master pruner of trees.

I knew it would happen. What I hadn’t counted on was how much I would fall in love with her, despite her appetite for my backyard.

Those big eyes, the bleat of recognition when she sees me, the way she dances round in the morning when I go out to give her pellets. The way she sits outside the kitchen door, like she thinks she’s a dog.

She’ll  be leaving us today. We have a home lined up for her, a small hobby farm near Myrtleford where she’ll live amongst a few of her own.

It’ll be sad to see her go, but it’s time. My garden will have a chance to rejuvenate again.
The plants and trees that she’s pruned will come back stronger. Herbs that she devoured, will sprout again and if they don’t I’ll plant new ones.

Everything has a season. A reason for being.

There’s still life underneath the dry earth. With some rain the roots will take hold and flourish. It’ll be about putting in some extra effort and having patience.

It’s a bit like us.

Sometimes in our messy lives there are things that need to be cut back in order for us to grow stronger. It might be sacrifices we make, toxic friendships that need to be severed, bad jobs exchanged for new horizons. A new mindset.

Sometimes we have to go through these rough patches before we can find ourselves and truly thrive.

The sky outside my front door this morning. New hope in a new day.

We often go through dark nights before appreciating the light.

Sometimes all we need are some encouraging words, a friend calling at the right time, or a blogger on the other side of the world who understands us to make us realise we’re not alone. Sometimes it’s a nudge from the Universe.

Mostly though, it’s our own inner work and self belief that moves us forward.

Outside in my garden the other day I looked up and saw them, bright orange lantern flowers that Lamby hadn’t been able to reach.

It was a reminder that, no matter how messed up things seem around us, there’s always beauty to be found.

The blooms always return. The tulips will come back in spring. In a few months the daffodils will show their faces and abundance will return to my garden.

Rain will fall and the bulbs hiding underneath the earth will sprout upwards.

Just like our gardens, none of us ever stop growing. Despite hard knocks, seasons of drought, neglect (and hungry lambs) we grow tougher.


Amongst my tall lemon scented gum trees in my yard I’m reminded of what we’re capable of.

We all have inner strength, even if we sometimes doubt it.


I got a job yesterday, one that feels so ‘right’ for me.

After hitting rock bottom with my confidence this time last year, and feeling ‘stuck’ and overwhelmed, I’ve gradually been able to shift my mindset to a positive place. Things are definitely looking up.

I wish the same for you too. My wish is for hope and the belief that no matter what you’re going through, persevere and you will bloom.

Just like my garden will rejuvenate itself once a certain loveable lamb heads for greener pastures.

My wish is that we all become the best version of ourselves we can be.

In response to Franks’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Bloom  and sharing also for Nurturing Thurs: Messy Life  and The Daily post Photo Challenge: Wish.

Three challenges that I see as being closely related. So dream on, stand strong and bloom brightly.



201 thoughts on “A wish to Grow and Bloom

  1. I had responded to your last blog post about Lamby. And naturally my laptop decided to freeze, so I lost everything that I had written. Here I go again..

    Wonderful post, Miriam! Sad that you had to let Lamby go (but at least you sent her off to a place where she will thrive). But awesome that you got a new job, so to that I say congrats and best of luck to you! Hope you enjoy it, and that it provides much satisfaction to you as well! Just goes to show us how there really is a silver lining to every cloud!

    Your garden looks so lovely, and I can’t even imagine how amazing that must be to wake up to each and every day! How amazing!!

    I work in a toxic work environment, and so I know all too well how difficult it can be when we’re being browbeaten day in, day out. Sometimes all it takes is one small gesture of kindness to make everything seem worthwhile again.

    Bravo to you again on the new job, and thank you for the uplifting post!!

    I look forward to the next one!!

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    1. Hi Cynthia, thanks so much for your lovely comment (I know what it’s like to lose lengthy comments, so frustrating!) Sorry to hear that you work in a toxic environment, it’s hard isn’t it. I hope that things improve and in the meantime you find moments of kindness as well as being kind to yourself. Thanks again for dropping by and your comment. I really appreciate it.


  2. I love knowing the good stuff emerging in your life! It all comes from within us, and I believe our interactions, great and small, play roles in our stories and those whose lives we touch. I’m glad you and I have connected.

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  3. Congratulations on the new job Miriam. I love your writing. I haven’t stopped by in a while being caught up on my own internal struggles and daily grind. This was a really uplifting post and Lamby is adorable!! 😍 I bet it will be sad to see her go but hope she will enjoy her new home, Jam xx

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    1. Hey Jam, it’s great to see you here. Sorry you’re having a hard time of it but always happy to know that my words might, in even just a small way, help. Yes, Lamby has gone but is, as far as I know, settled. Thanks for your kind words. xo

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  4. I am happy to read that things are shifting in the right direction for you. Wise words about what moves us forward, whether encouraging words, friends, bloggers or a nudge from the Universe. But I also think you are right, that mostly it’s own inner work and self belief. Keep moving forward. 🙂


  5. Oh your little lamb is leaving. But sounds like the move will be good. So now you’ve got to tell us all about the new job! What will you be doing Miriam and when do you start? So excited for you! And when I read your comment about those blogger friends half way around the world that relate to you I thought of myself! Two peas in a pod… do you know that saying? 😌

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    1. Oh yes, I know that saying well Nicole. Yes, Lamby has left and from all accounts is very happy and settled in her new patch of land, which I’m thankful for.
      As for my new job, well I’m very excited. I start on Mon 26 March and, whilst initially it’ll be full time training, it will be ongoing three days a week so a nice work/life balance. It’s an admin/marketing role for, wait for it, Bushwalking Victoria! So it’s right up my alley. 😊🌿


  6. Miriam, you are SO INSPIRATIONAL! Congratulations on this new job and stepping into something beautiful. You have so much loving to share. And many blessings as you let go of Lamby into his (or her?) new life. Right now, I am experiencing letting go of the old to truly open to the blessings of what’s present for me. I appreciate this post very much…. dearly soothed me. Much love and big hugs, Debbie ps – know that I am sending you blessings!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Debbie. I’m nervous but mostly so excited at this step forward. Feeling very positive about this job and what lies ahead. I know how hard it is to let go of something and I wish nothing but the best for you Debbie and lots of love and peace as you move forward and open up to all sorts of blessings in your own life. Big hugs xo

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  7. Our farm has a flock of 30! They are ewes and which were pets plus their lambs, wethers which were pets and one ram. Every time my eldest son hears that a lamb has been brought home, he says, “Another sheep which will never be sold.”

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  8. Ah Miriam, so the time has come for dear Lamby to be moved on. I had wondered about your decision for him/her. I hope it works out well for both of you, I know you will miss that sweet dear face around the place. Congratulations on your new job, that’s always a big step but I’m glad your confidence has returned and I know they will be lucky to have you.

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    1. That’s such a nice thing to say, thanks Barbara. Yes Lamby has gone and whilst I do miss her, from all accounts she’s settled into her new patch nicely. I hope to do a follow up post on her sometime soon. Thanks again.


  9. Huge congratulations, Miriam. Things do have a way of falling in the right place at the right time and getting that job you know is just right for you is a blessing. Your post is beautiful as usual. Lamby will be missed but he’ll also be in a happy place. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, thoughts and inspiration with us.

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  10. Hi Miriam– Love the sweet photo of the lamb looking around the corner–pretty portrait! And so glad to hear about your new job!! so exciting! Be sure to let us know how it is going… Hoping and praying you’ll find yourself in a good place working with wonderful people. Blessings. xo

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    1. Thanks so much Rhonda, I’ll definitely post updates down the track. I start next Monday so I’m both excited and nervous. Thanks again for your kind wishes. I hope you’re well. xo


  11. I am so happy that you are blooming as bright as you are, and encouraging us all to remain hopeful and reach for our dreams. What a blessing to know you Miriam, I can’t wait to catch up on the rest of your posts when I wake – sweet dreams my friend xx

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    1. Thanks Hayley. 😴 You’re probably asleep as I write this and tomorrow I’ll be up and at it, day three in the new job.
      It’s lovely to know you too Hayley, I really am looking forward to meeting you one of these days. Hope you sleep/slept well. Hugs xo

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      1. Oh – a new job?! How wonderful, I hope it is going well for you Miriam 🙂 I too look forward to meeting you some time in the near future 🙂 And baby steps is all we can do. I am trying to remember to be kind to myself too…I’m my own worst enemy at times xx

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        1. Hi Hayley, yes, I’ve been in my new job just a week now. Early days and lots to learn. As you said, baby steps. Hope you have a wonderful week Hayley. Be kind to yourself my dear friend, you’re worth it. 💕🙂 xo

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  12. I know how you will miss Lamby. I think the first thing she “nommed” was your heart, lol. You’ve given her a wonderful start. 🙂

    Congratulations on the new job! By now you’ve probably done some settling in, and I hope it’s everything you hoped and needed it to be! Some re-adjusting, sure (just like Lamby!) but you can do this thing. I know you can. 🙂

    Love you! *hugs* ❤

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    1. Definitely lots of readjusting in this new job Ness. It’s testing my resilience and inner strength that’s for sure. A hard beginning. Thank you for your kind wishes. Hope all’s well with you my lovely friend. xo ❤️

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