Lessons from a Lock-up

I have a confession to make. I’m not a very good mum. In fact I’m neglectful, thoughtless and sometimes I wonder how I could possibly deserve the awesomeness in my life. How else can I explain leaving Harry in the car overnight, for thirteen hours?

Lessons from a Lamb

Who would have thought raising such a little lamb would have such a big impact. She came into our life at barely two weeks of age, after being abandoned by her mother. I blogged about her here when she arrived.

Cozzie and chaos

After our beloved Blue passed away we waited almost a year before getting another dog. In that time the kids were introduced to the world of rabbits.  But they weren’t the same. Eventually Cozzie came into our life. A handsome Blue Heeler with a raccoon-like tail but with ‘trouble’ his middle name. We should have seen the signs. He was from a farm … More Cozzie and chaos

Ode to Bluey

We fell in love with him at first sight.  But it was Blue who chose us. He was just a six week old ball of fluff on four legs when we met him, I still remember him running clumsily towards us. All joy and pure innocence, with a huge belly that almost touched the ground and an even … More Ode to Bluey