Whimsical Walkabout Wednesday

It’s humpday Wednesday and I woke today with an overwhelming urge to go wandering.

Maybe it was the thought of my new job at Bushwalking Victoria, which I start in just over a week.

Or maybe it was stepping outside and being greeted with this fiery canvas in the sky.

Regardless it didn’t take long before Harry and I were out enjoying our usual early morning walk around the wetlands.

On the weekend we walked slightly further afield, through the historic and gourmet Piper Street of Kyneton, a town not far from where Doug’s parents live.

There’s an array of gorgeous galleries, cafes and produce stores where you can tempt your taste buds and purse strings.

Like here at Emelia’s. What a great place, full of condiments and opportunities to taste sauces, marinades, churneys … this Aussie gal was in her element.

After trying their much acclaimed Umami sauce, hailed as the fifth taste sensation, I couldn’t resist buying a bottle.

The sauce was sweet, sour, bitter, soft and salty, all in one tiny mouthful. It was a mouth watering explosive combination.

Further down Piper Street near the museum I couldn’t resist sticking my head in this cut out of a lady from a bygone era.

I’m not sure how ‘authentic’ I look. Maybe if I’d put on a more solemn face.

Who knows what really went on behind those unsmiling serious poses in that long ago era.

Life’s a bit of an illusion at times. We all put on ‘hats’ and different faces to suit situations.

Most of the time I like to think that ‘what you see is what you get’ with me’ but different moods, people and situations often bring out a different version of me.

Sometimes I’m serious, thoughtful and intense, other times I’m flirty, fun loving and even, dare I say, wicked.

We’re all a mix of contradictions aren’t we?  It makes us uniquely us.

At the end of our day in Kyneton we ended up here, a short but steep walk to the bottom of Turtin Falls beside a refreshing natural pool of water.

This is yet another side of me, immersed in what I love best. Nature, the outdoors, breathing in fresh air and surrounded by peace and tranquility.

Amongst all my contradictions I like to think that I’m finding my true self.

That’s what I wish for you all. That we can embrace every part of ourselves, even those parts that are bittersweet and less than perfect.

Because, at the end of the day, acceptance of all these parts will bring us peace.

Combined together, just like the sauce I tasted on the weekend, we’re actually perfect just the way we are.

Here’s to discovering, loving and being true to ourselves.

Wishing you all light and love (and a wickedly whimsical Wednedsay) as we continue the journey.

126 thoughts on “Whimsical Walkabout Wednesday

      1. I lived in Australia with my boyfriend for a year and 7 months. We rarely stayed in one place as it’s such a huge, diverse country. From the tropics of Cairns, the cosmopolitan yet quirky vibe of Brissy, the relaxed and beautiful NSW beaches, the green fields of Wagga, the rugged cliffs of Victoria, everywhere was just so amazing! I miss it and love it! You’re very lucky to live in such a country 🙂

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        1. How wonderful. Sounds like you got a great taste for Australia, no wonder you miss it. And yes, I do consider myself lucky to live here. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be back … 🙂

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  1. This sounds like a fun day… a little outside-ing, a little cultured exploring in that cute town, some movement, some good food, some good company… all in all a winderful way to mark an exciting (and perhaps scary) transition into a new job. Good luck!

    [Ok… this is going to sound super shallow, but that orange T and black and white skirt make a super cute outfit! You really glow in it.]

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  2. Love Piper Street! Good food, lovely old buildings and gardens but above all it’s the well worn footpaths trying to tell us what they’ve seen. Hey this new job is sounding very interesting. Sounds like a perfect fit for you.

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  3. What a wonderful and relaxing day and a great chance to find yourself..Piper Street sounds like fun and I would’ve chosen the same stores to visit; that umami sauce is something I will have to try sometime:) What a way to to wind down the day by stopping by to enjoy nature and the falls. Such beautiful photos too. And congrats on your new job! How very exciting!

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    1. Thanks so much Karen. It’s so nice to occasionally have a spontaneous day of just exploring and enjoying, without planning it too much. Hope you’re having a lovely week.

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  4. It looks like your basics are very clear in life as to what you want…and this is what I love here! The first and last pics speak everything about you, and those will always be more close to me as well.

    Contradictions are what makes our life interesting, else how would we challenge ourselves!

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  5. Great post Miriam. Can’t wait to hear how the new job goes, it sounds like it is right up your nature lined street! We are all different at various stages and your quotes and thoughts are very insightful. Love the pics too, you look very happy 🙂

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  6. Hello Miriam!
    Thank you for another lovely journey with you and your thoughts in your post.
    I agree… with all the talk about being authentic, I wasn’t sure which ‘me’ was the authentic version. We are different in different situations, as you outlined. What I’ve discovered is the essence of us that we carry from one situation to another that holds the key. Great food for thought from you again. And your new job sounds amazing… may even come across you as a guide one day 💜🌟💜

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  7. Every moment our ‘self’ changes. Like you I am a what you see is what you get, but if you get me on a tired day, don’t be upset that I’m not what you expected. Lol!! However, get me on a good day when I am 100% ‘on’ ……watch out and buckle up.
    Enjoy your last few days before the reality of work kicks back in.

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  8. Congrats on your new job, will you be writing or walking or both? Sounds great, my friends of many years were very active in the Maroondah Bushwalking Club. I lived in Deni – Deniliquin – for years and they used to come up for a wild weekend of orienteering amongst our river gums and a bush dance in the wool shed.

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    1. Thanks Ginger. A wild weekend of orienteering like so much fun.
      As for my job, it’ll be largely admin/marketing/writing but I’m sure I’ll be doing some bushwalking as well, especially in my lunch break as the office is located in a beautiful riverside park. 🌿

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  9. That sunrise is gorgeous! And I agree that we are all a mass of contradictions, and each different aspect is all a part of our true self. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to recognize, and affirm, all the different parts of who I really am, rather than just concentrating on the parts that I think others will like best. I’m not saying this well, but I hope you know what I mean. I think that’s one of the many reasons I like your blog so much: you are so honest about yourself, and that invites the rest of us to be that way too. Thanks!

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    1. You said it perfectly Ann and I know exactly what you mean. Being true to myself is a continual work in progress I’m finding as I explore new avenues. Hard to believe sometimes that, at 51, I’m still discovering myself. Thank you, as always, for your kind words. Hope you’re well. x

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      1. I am doing pretty well, thanks! And if it helps you to know, I’m 58 and still figuring out some things about myself. I guess it is an ongoing process? Maybe as we age and find ourselves in new situations, we start responding to them out of our own “instincts” (for want of a better word) rather than taking our cues from others. And in the process, we see that much more of who we really are.

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  10. A lovely post, Miriam and enjoyable to read about your Whimsical Walkabout! Interesting to see you out and about in the town and I must say I’m tempted by the sound of the Umami sauce…hmmm…I don’t think our local shops stocks that, alas. Acceptance of ourselves is so important to our inner happiness and your post carries across this message superbly. The photograph by the Falls looks so peaceful, full of tranquility and acceptance. Warmest wishes to you😀❤️

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    1. Hi Annika, the sauce is completely Australian made, but if I could send you a bottle I would! Thank you, as always, for your very thoughtful comment. It was definitely a great day out. I hope you’re keeping well. xo

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      1. Well have fun while being busy Miriam.. I’ll be getting ready for my ‘public speaking’ course which starts next Thursday (travelling to London on Wednesday)… Yikes! xx

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        1. Ooh, that sounds intense but so motivating. I bet you’re going to get so much out of it.
          Yes, some fun is definitely factored in this weekend. Hugs 🙂 Is your kitchen all finished now? xo

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        2. Yes I suspect it’s going to be a pretty intense week.. and very inspiring too I’m sure..
          I’m so glad you’re in for some fun this week before starting your new job which I suspect means we’re both heading for an intense week one way or another..
          My kitchen is really coming together now.. the units are in, the doors are on and cooker and sink both working. It’s all the finishing touches like plynths, end panels and handles etc. that need to be put on now. I’m getting someone in to do some of the cutting and he can’t come for a couple of weeks but it needs specialist tools.. I’d rather wait than rush now the kitchen is ‘workable’.. I’m really pleased with it and photo’s will follow on completion! How’s your daughter – I hope she’s feeling much better.. xx

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        3. Glad to hear the kitchen’s all coming together, it must be wonderful to have everything working again. And yeah, I’m with you, I’d rather wait and have those finishing touches done properly than rush it. Can’t wait to see your photos!
          My daughter’s still barking like a brolga, as is Doug, who’s also not been well this week and is off to the doctors this morning.

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        4. It is lovely Miriam-I am appreciating it SO So much!! Oh dear… I bet your nursing patience is wearing thin!! haha … poor Doug – I’m imagining a few digs for disturbing your beauty sleep… xx

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        5. I hadn’t actually finishing writing my message to you this morning Wendy, my big fingers on the phone, and then I raced out of the house! Yes, the patient is lying low now and nurse Miri is now on dinner duty so it’s full on here. Such is life! Hope you have a fab Saturday. xo

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        6. Haha, oh he’d love to hear that! But it’s not a bad idea, I have to keep clear of those germs. 😷Thanks, it’s a big roast pork dinner tonight with the whole family plus my daughter’s boyfriend so a full house. Hope your Saturday’s off to a flying start. xo

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        7. Ohh sounds delicious and fun – what could be better! Yep – better not tell Doug I encouraged you to smother him.. he may withdraw his invite! hehe .. I’m sat in bed searching for a mobile phone deal now mine has gone back to ‘ex work’.. then busy day catching up on all the jobs I need a car for and then ‘chillax’… Have a brilliant night! x

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        8. Good luck finding a mobile phone deal. My daughter’s just smashed her phone screen, aagh.
          Dinner’s now over, sitting back and relaxing … enjoy your day Wendy. xo

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  11. Light hearted but uplifting, this stroll with you, Miriam. I found myself grinning away like an idiot too 🙂
    Good luck with the new job! Is it writing/editorial? Happy for you! Have a great weekend 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jo, I actually meant to link this to your Monday walks but silly me forgot amidst everything here. Anyway yes, it’s a bit of writing, marketing and admin combined. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend too.


  12. Hi Miriam! It’s been such a long time! I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA for what must have been months. I’m glad that you didn’t put on a more solemn face for your cut-out photo. Your smile makes the shot come alive! You are so right – people are such a mix of contradictions. (I’m glad it’s not just me). Congratulations on your new job! I hope it is another step on your path of discovery.

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    1. Thanks Lulu and no need to apologise, I’m guilty of the same thing. Life has a tendency to get in the way. Thanks for popping by and your good wishes. I hope that you’re keeping well. xo

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  13. I think your comparison of the sauce to us is perfection. We are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and the list goes on. What a lovely day spent. You have so many beautiful places to adventure to, that in itself is a treat!! Even if you did live back then, wearing a corset, I don’t think you’d ever have a solemn face…you’d be cheering everyone up with your wicked ways!! 😉 xo

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  14. I was re-reading this post again today and am trying to channel your lively, adventurous, playful spirit! It was about -4C yesterday when I was out walking about Boston, which was enough to take a bit of the fun out of my stride. You know how to find a bright side to so many different situations. Thank you for sharing always sharing your reflections! Have a beautiful end of your week and a lovely weekend!

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    1. Brrr, that’s so cold Lulu. Even I would have trouble channeling a playful spirit in those freezing temps. But always happy to try and inspire. Thanks for your kind words and wishes here Lulu and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm. xo

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