Open Minded in March

Would you please tell me, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the cat.
“I don’t much care where … ” said Alice.
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the cat.”
— Lewis Carroll

What a wise cat and how true it is. It really doesn’t matter which way we go. Yes, it’s good to have a plan, however it’s even better to be flexible. Perhaps my gypsy persona is coming out even more, now we’re full time travellers

February Favourites

We did go to some beautiful places last month. We also had a few nerve wracking moments, but that’s life. We camped in the glorious Kangaroo Valley in the Southern Highlands of NSW (after a nail biting descent) and we discovered spectacular waterfalls. We swam in pristine waterholes and walked through inland gorges.

We loved Tenterfield, peaceful Lake Wallace near Lithgow and Mudgee with its divine wine tasting. Another highlight was the Drip Gorge near Mudgee, one of the best short walks in NSW. On a hot day the swimming hole at the end is the ultimate reward.

In Bathurst we had our car serviced and, touch wood, have had no more issues. We caught up with our travel friends Sue and Steve in Katoomba, after not seeing them for ten months. Time is flying, yet sometimes it feels paused, it feels warped and wonky.

It’s been nearly four months since we moved out of our home of 26 years in Hurstbridge, a decision not made lightly and with no regrets.

With no longer any big financial obligations our biggest costs these days are fuel and food, but at the end of the day they’re also our biggest delights. We get up when we want to and the view outside our window changes constantly. We’re literally going with the flow of life.

We have another house and pet minding stay coming up in April. It’s further north, along the Queensland coast and we’re both looking forward to the sea-change.

For now we’re at Mt Larcom, where our daughter has been living for the past year. It’s so good to see her again. We’re here to help her and her boyfriend with a big restoration project on her gooseneck horse float.

It’s been far from boring. The morning after we arrived she was bitten by a snake, one of my biggest fears. I was actually grateful to be with her and not hearing the news from afar. I definitely didn’t expect to be sitting in an ambulance with her, going to Gladstone hospital, the day after we arrived. She was kept in overnight and is fine thankfully.

Mt Larcom in March

It’s hot up here but sunrises and early mornings are beautiful. It’s the time to get things done. By 9am the sun is brutal and the humidity even more so. By late afternoon the air begins to cool again and when the stars come out at night it’s mesmerising.

Life is busy on the property, with horses, chickens, dogs and cattle to look after. We’re helping where we can. It’s nice to be here with her. To be a part of her world for a while. We’re surrounded by big smiling, dopey faces.

Life is full of unexpected things, full of change and challenge. Things never stay the same. Not nature, not creatures, not our emotions. We’re born to evolve. To move with the seasons. To connect, laugh and to love. To learn.

March brings with it an energy of courage, conviction and a few unexpected lessons:

This is what I’m learning this month:

Step out into nature, but be mindful of her residents.

Look up at the sun and the sky but also stay grounded.

Listen to your body. I woke up with extreme vertigo on the day we were going to climb Bald Rock in Tenterfield. I could barely walk to the bathroom, let alone up a rock face.

Be curious and take new paths. Embracing the unknown can be scary but so rewarding.

Focus on what you’re going to do next. Plan but be flexible and let yourself be intuitively guided.

Breath when you’re overwhelmed. When you’re exhausted or stressed, breath. Inhale. Exhale. It’s the natural way to reset.

Believe that anything is possible.

We’ve finally got to meet her new foal, Poppy, who’s now a yearling.

I can’t believe that!” said Alice. “Can’t you?” the Queen said in a pitying tone. “Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.”
Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

When things are scary, don’t back off (unless it’s a snake!) And when you find things that make you happy hold onto them, but not in a clinging way. Along the way don’t be afraid to break a few rules, take some risks, even if you fail. Failing means you’re striving and doing more than just surviving. That’s when you know you’re truly alive.

Whatever comes your way this month, wherever you are in the world, may you embrace all that’s before you, with courage and with an open mind and heart.

Sending love and light

Don’t hold on tightly and beautiful things will always come your way

Cat has adapted to Queensland farm life purrfectly
Tilly “guarding” us whilst we enjoy a relaxing kayak on the property.

63 thoughts on “Open Minded in March

  1. You don’t want to be bitten by snakes, especially snakes in Australia. Good to hear the bite wasn’t serious. Did your daughter have any idea of what the snake was? That’s a beautiful Eclectus Parrot you were holding. We had one we rescued. He was so much fun. He died of liver disease a few years after we rescued him. It probably had a lot to do with the years of neglect he experienced before we got him. Beautiful water features. When I saw the falls I was wondering if you would find a swimming hole. And of course you did. I love seeing and reading about you adventures. Watch out for snakes.

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    1. Hi Tim, we did actually find the snake last week, we’re pretty sure it was a Lesser Whip snake, which are common around these parts, small but still venomous. Very grateful it wasn’t a brown snake which are far nastier. The parrot you rescued, how gorgeous they are. Sad to think of them being neglected. As for looking out for snakes, we will and we do, every single day!

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      1. I looked up the lesser whip snake. It says it’s potentially dangerous. Good thing it’s not lethal. We have coach whip snakes out here, but they are harmless. The coral snakes in the southern part of the state are the most toxic venomous snakes we have in NM. People are rarely bitten by them. The western diamondback rattlesnakes don’t have super toxic venom, but they are large and can deliver a lot of venom in a bite. The prairie rattlesnakes are much more toxic, but they are much smaller. None of the rattlesnakes we have in the state are nearly as toxic as your brown snakes. The Mojave rattlesnake common in southern Arizona is very toxic and so are the eastern diamondback rattlesnakes in the southeastern USA. Eastern Diamondbacks rattlesnakes are large snakes, also. Few people die of snakebites out here.

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        1. Yep, sounds like you know a thing or two about snakes. Up north where we are now there are loads more venomous things and not just snakes. The trick is to be aware and mindful without becoming paranoid. But not where I’d choose to live, personally.

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        2. I’ve been into snakes all my life. I know a bit about them. Australia has all kinds of venomous critters. You do have to be mindful.


  2. It seems you’re thriving in the gypsy life Miriam. I remember my gypsy days fondly and may try it again. I hope your daughter is OK after the snake bite. I was just bitten by a brown recluse spider and they can be pretty serious. I’m watching for further symptoms.

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  3. so glad your daughter is ok and that you were there to share that horrid experience! Does sounds you and Doug have completely adapted to going with the flow. Qld is a great state, enjoy 🙂

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    1. Thanks Kate, and yes we’ve adapted well to the flow, not so much the heat however. It’s pretty intense up here. You’re right though, it’s a great state and we’re looking forward to exploring more. 😊

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        1. We will, but I have to say, the roads are shocking all over the country now. I think WA roads were in the best condition, at least they were last year.


  4. Firstly Miriam, I am so relieved that your daughters snake bite wasn’t any worse… And it must be really nice to be able to spend some quality time together again..
    I can only imagine what that feels like to have the temperatures Hot by 9 am.. lol… but worth the perspiration lol when you wake up to views like that.

    Loved your ” Step, Look, Listen, Be, Focus, Breath, Believe!… Paragraphs..
    And what a wonderful philosophy to live by… To be in the FLOW and Follow your inner guidance to take you where you are meant to be.

    And I have to say Miriam.. you are both journeying among some beautiful countryside… Love those falls and that must have been so refreshing to bathe in those waters..

    Loving being part of your adventures and living authentically, in a life that was always meant to be free to be enjoying Sun, Sea, Sky and land.. Made all the richer by those you share it with… Be it family or the animal kingdom…
    Love and Hugs dear Miriam…. This post made me smile ever wider, as you embrace March with an ever more open mind, as you create your reality around you… The Impossible never has you beat!

    Much love Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. So true Sue, we’re all creating our own reality aren’t we, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. Thank you for your wonderful words and warm wishes. I do feel so grateful to be where I am, even as hot as it is, making the most of every day and Mother Nature’s gifts. You’re right, “the impossible never has you beat” for it’s all in our attitude. Have a wonderful month my friend. Sending you lots of love and hugs. xx ❤️


  5. ” Along the way don’t be afraid to break a few rules, take some risks, even if you fail. Failing means you’re striving and doing more than just surviving. ” Sage advice, my friend.

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  6. It sounds as if you’re having a good February, aside from the scary snake incident. (I’m so glad your daughter is okay!!) How fun to have such a long visit with her and to have so many horses around…sounds like heaven to me! Your advice is spot on, as usual. You have a way of making the most out of life and that’s a wonderful example to set. Thanks for sharing your photos and stories, I find them fascinating!

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    1. You’re so kind! Thanks Ann and how right you are, it’s been so good spending so much time with Tash amongst all her horses. We talk often on the phone but it’s not quite the same. Have a wonderful month ahead.

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  7. It’s always wonderful to read about your travels Miriam! What beautiful places you take me! So IAM just breathing with you, standing in my courage to move with the flow! Sorry to hear about the snake bite, glad it turned out ok! Will be nice to see photos of their finished home you all make! It sounds quite exotic! Love the quotes and as I find time speeding up quite chaotically I have to focus on new possibilities coming in to serve me… to keep me sane and flowing in my blossoming! So much is changing now, you have to let go in order to keep up with the rapids. Finally I’m writing my next post… so you’ll read more of what I mean! Take care and enjoy it all❤️ much love🥰

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    1. I agree with you Barbara how time is speeding up so fast. Most days I can’t even remember what day of the week it is, let alone the month, yet it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. Yes, we need to let go to keep up with the rapids. Focusing on new possibilities is always exciting. I’ll look forward with anticipation to reading your next post my friend. Sending big hugs and much love. xx ❤️

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  8. Gosh, you are getting around. Kangaroo Valley has been on my bucket list for so long and your pics show that it’s worthy of being on the list. Phew, too close for comfort with the snake and the grass up that way is so tall. If you’re still in the area, there’s a good butcher in Barney Point! Safe travels!

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    1. Thanks L. Kangaroo Valley is absolutely gorgeous and so worthy of a visit. We stayed at Bendeela Reserve by the river which was amazing. Lots to enjoy in the area. And yes, we’re still in Mt Larcom so thanks for the tip. 😊


  9. Oh thank heavens your daughter is all right, Miriam. What a scare. There are times when we face our deepest fears that is when we learn to transcend them and create something in that fear’s place. Hmmmmm ….. extremely interesting journey we all are on these days!

    Wonderful pictures that had me sighing with pleasure. That waterfall!!! That’s about as wild as it gets. You and hubby have courage with a capital C!! I cannot even imagine what you went through to get there. Oh my!!! Are we having fun yet?

    I LOVE your stories, Miriam. Just love them. Makes me really really envision me in Australia exploring this amazing continent. OH are you fortunate turning into a gypsy!!!

    Sending you so much love!! xo

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    1. Hi Amy, I’ve been thinking about that snake bite too, how it’s the one thing I was really fearful of and it happened the day after we arrived. It has been, and continues to be, such an interesting time, in so many ways. I think all of us are on an ever changeable miraculous journey and every day brings manifestations of something new. Glad you enjoyed my pictures, stories and adventures. Doug and I are certainly enjoying living them. Sending you lots of love and big hugs my friend. xx 💗

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  10. It’s so good to read your update Miriam and you sure are seeing some great country. I’m just back from seeing my daughter in Brisbane for a week to help out and do what I could, as mothers do and it was lovely! I can’t imagine the feelings of being in an ambulance after a snake bit your daughter though. Going with the flow is working for you!

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    1. Sometimes that’s the only way to go Deb. But yes, it was all a bit surreal what happened, just grateful it wasn’t worse and she was ok. Glad you had a lovely time with your daughter. Family time is always special.

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  11. Miriam, life sounds wonderful, filled with adventures and wonder. Glad your daughter is ok and that you happened to be with her. One question… what do you mean by renovating a gooseneck horse float?

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    1. Hi Jeni, yes you’re right, life is wonderful. Except for the snake bite of course but she’s fine and it’s just something we have to be mindful of up here. In answer to your question, a gooseneck horse float is like a large caravan. Half of it has living quarters (bed, kitchen, shower etc) and the other half transports horses. It had a few issues when they bought it so we’re helping renovate it.

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  12. Enjoyed reading  this post, and your list of things you are learning. I too am learning some of those things in 2023.  I love this line  “Failing means you’re striving and doing more than just surviving. That’s when you know you’re truly alive.  Travel well.

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  13. Thank goodness your daughter was okay! Whew!

    So happy that you are getting to experience one of those life goals that so many people have – living life on your own terms as beautifully as possible. You are truly blessed my lovely friend and I couldn’t be happier for you! ❤ ❤ xoxox

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    1. Thank you so much lovely Ness. The best thing about all of this is that we’re meeting more and more people who are doing exactly what we are. It’s so amazing to see so many reassessing their priorities. Hope life is treating you well my beautiful friend. Sending lots of love and hugs xxx ❤️


  14. I love your perspective on life and the lessons you’re learning this month. It’s so true that life is full of unexpected things and change, but it’s important to embrace it all with an open mind and heart. I particularly resonate with the idea of being curious and taking new paths, even if it’s scary. And taking the time to breathe and reset when things get overwhelming is so crucial. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, it’s a great reminder to stay present and live life to the fullest.

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    1. Hi Stuart, yes I feel like my life lately is full of uncertainty, of twists, turns and unexpected plots. However it’s also exciting and somehow empowering when we trust and surrender to the unknown. Thanks so much for dropping by and your thoughtful comment. Here’s to living life fully!


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