Highlights of Yeppoon

From the country to the coast.

We left Mount Larcom after three hot, humid but happy weeks of catching up with our daughter. Our next stop is Yeppoon, though not before more dramas with the car fridge.

A reliable car fridge is a must when you’re on the road full time, especially in the hotter parts of Australia. Now we’re onto our 5th! Five fridges in two years has to be some sort of record. Fortunately the warranty is for three years, but how ridiculous. Best just to laugh about it!

Yippee for Yeppoon

Where the hell is Yeppoon? Right next to Ya fork! Okay, I know that’s corny but hubby thought his joke was hilarious.

Yeppoon is the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Nestled on the Capricorn Coast about an hour and a half from Mt Larcom the sea breezes are a welcome respite from the inland heat. With so many caravan parks to choose from we end up at Coolwaters, a great value Gday park nestled between Causeway Lake and the ocean.

Yeppoon is actually derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “meeting of the waters”. So yes, water is a focal point here.

Foreshore Fun at the Yeppoon Lagoon

Blissful. Cooling. Calm. Free. And so pretty. Oh how I loved this infinity pool that, like it’s name, seemed to merge with the horizon and go on forever. It was particularly stunning in the late afternoon and so very relaxing.

Yeppoon’s Main Street and foreshore area is fantastic for families with lots of free water play areas for both little kids and big kids.

“My childhood might be over but that doesn’t mean playtime is.” Ron Olson

Yes, I know, our two kids have grown up but that doesn’t mean we parents can’t still play. After all, we’re only as old as we feel.


Our first day in Yeppoon was so windy I thought I’d be blown off the coastline. At Wreck Point Scenic lookout I nearly lost my cap while checking out the spectacular views of the Capricorn Coast and Keppell Bay.

Bluff Point Turtle lookout near Kemp Beach is popular for spotting turtles, a place we actually missed, but on our last day we ended up with an even better “up close and personal” experience with these creatures.

Beach Menu

There are so many beaches to enjoy here: the main swimming beach of Yeppoon or Farnborough Beach for fishing. How about Lammermoor Beach, Coo-Eee beach, Rosslyn Bay (where the charters leave for Great Keppell Island), Kemp Beach, Mulambin Beach or Kinka Beach.

Not far away there’s Emu Park Main Beach, Fishermen’s Beach and the great expanse of Keppel Sands. You have a proverbial smorgasbord of beaches to choose from.

If you cruise to Keppel Island there’s 17 beaches all waiting to be explored along with an underwater wonderland to snorkel. Fancy a big swim? In July there’s a 20km open water swim off Keppel, Australia’s only tropical island swimming marathon.

Street Art

More and more street art is popping up all over Australia and Yeppoon is no exception. There’s fabulous art along the foreshore, there’s Cockatoos, Crabby Art, a Beach Party painted alongside the amenities at Emu Park and all sorts of creative masterpieces.

We didn’t see even half of the art but it gives us an excuse to go back. I’ve heard of people visiting Yeppoon for a few days, extending their stay for a week and then moving here.

Emu Park and the Singing Ship

When the wind blows the ship sings! And it was blowing a gale when we visited, High above the ocean, along the boardwalk at Emu Park it’s so atmospheric and the music truly cones to life through the sails. The structure commemorates the area’s legacy of James Cook’s explorations.

Nearby the amazing War Memorial provides a fabulous commemoration of those fallen as well as a buffer from the wind and protection to eat our fish and chips.

Emu Park has loads of character. This pretty seaside village is only 15 minutes from Yeppoon and well worth a visit.

Stony Creek and Byfield – swimming with tortoises

Just 30kms away is the inland adventure mecca of Byfield National Park. There’s loads of four wheel driving here, massive sand dunes and rugged pinnacles. With more time we’d have ventured out further but for this visit we kept our adventures tame.

A highlight was a picnic barbeque and a relaxing afternoon swim at Stoney Creek waterhole, a tranquil rainforest creek. It was here we spotted and swam with the tortoises which was so, so special. I could have stayed there all day.

Sometimes it’s the little things that take our breath away. The sight of life swimming below the surface, unfazed by our presence, floating calmly around us. Those moments when we’re mesmerised, captivated and when time seems to stand still. When we focus on the awe around us, no matter how small, any bigger distractions disappear. Don’t you just love those times?

I could have stayed sitting on that rock for hours but the Universe obviously had other ideas. A sudden burning sting on my rear end made me jump up, off the rock and into the water. It really hurt. Talk about being kept on my toes.

Each and every day, wherever we go there are surprises. Often they’re good, sometimes not so great, but overwhelmingly I’m feeling more and more disconnected from the dramas of the outer world and far more connected to my inner world, nature and all her lessons and blessings.

As we farewell Yeppoon and slowly head up towards our homestay in Bowen we’re discovering parts of Queensland and indeed Australia that we’ve never seen before.

Wherever you are, let your heart guide you to what feels good. May you be filled with love, peace, joy and laughter as we continue this journey.

So grateful to be where we are

35 thoughts on “Highlights of Yeppoon

  1. I’ve heard wonderful stories of your Great Barrier Reef… one of the treasures of the world! Are you continuing to explore it? Yeppon looks like a beautiful gateway! What a life you have… sorry about life’s drawbacks though! Keeping smiling and enjoying and sharing your magnificent journey into the unknown❤️🌈 much love from a sunny Spain, thank goodness the cooler weather is behind us now and I can wear my summer clothes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay for summer clothes! I know how you feel Barbara. Seems only months ago we were in the cold and now even in Autumn we’re enjoying this summer heat thanks to where we are. You’re right too, the Great Barrier Reef is indeed a treasure. We snorkelled it many years ago. Happy now just to be travelling. Thanks for the love and I’m sending you lots of love and hugs back. Enjoy the warmth. xx 💙

      Liked by 1 person

  2. lovely article as usual Miriam, great shots … and Doug’s joke tickled me 🙂 I love Yeppoon, I call it the place where rain forest meets the beach, I’ve spent hours walking along that foreshore 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All those beaches!! It looks like a lovely area, and I can see why so many people simply choose to stay. And how much fun would it be to swim with the turtles? I hope you’re okay and that whatever bit you didn’t cause too much pain. Thanks, as always, for sharing your adventures through your blog. I really love reading about them, and the photos are an added bonus!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Once again you leave me struggling to find the words to write on such a glorious post!! Oh, Miriam, how so very fortunate you are for having the life you are!! What Beauty you showed us here which had me sighing (again) and wowing out loud. You look fantastic by the way!! You are absolutely glowing with life and health! I LOVE your hubby’s joke …. please tell him I did. LOL Oh thank heavens for laughter, right?

    Thank you thank you thank you for this sharing of the magical land in which you frolic and play in. Goodness knows those portals can’t be known fast enough for me so I can pop on over whenever I want to. LOL Oh yes, this too IS.

    Sending you so much LOVE and laughter!! xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m smiling as I read your words Amy and I I did indeed pass on your message to hub, who’s sitting right beside me as I type these words, looking out at my view of a lake with mountains behind. I am indeed fortunate and give thanks every day for the life we’re living and this beautiful land we’re exploring. Thank you for the wonderful compliment too. Feeling the love from over here and sending heaps back to you my dear friend. Here’s to you popping over one day and sharing in the beauty and the laughter. Big big hugs xxx 💗

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I agree with you about Yeppoon, it’s beautiful and relatively under developed and hopefully stays that way. Loved Byfield too, next time we’ll explore even further.

      Liked by 1 person

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