Manifesting Freedom in February

Where did January go? It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming in the new year and now here we are coasting into Feb.

“Cleanse” is my word and theme of the year. Letting go of the old, washing away negative patterns, beliefs and outdated ideas, making way for a new way of thinking. But it doesn’t happen overnight, does it? Like anything, it’s a process.

We were fortunate enough to get away on three short trips in Jan. We spent the first few days in Bealiba, then in mid Jan we travelled to Tintaldra in the Upper Murray region for a few days of R and R with friends and on the Australia Day long weekend we returned to Lake Tyers.

At Tintaldra, camped at Clark’s Lagoon, we explored, relaxed and swam in the river, we enjoyed good food in good company and star gazed around the fire at night, Simple joys.

It’s the last month of summer here in Australia, and what a strange one it’s been. There are still lockdowns and restrictions in many parts of the world, yet true freedom is always ours, in our mind, and out in nature. Mother Nature can teach us so much.

  1. Remember that time heals

It’s only been a year but seems a lifetime ago that bushfires ravaged the east coast of Australia. The regeneration we saw on our recent trip is proof of the resilience of nature. No matter how much she’s scorched and how much humans harm the earth, time heals. She bounces back as though to teach us. We need to listen.

Nature heals, grows, evolves. And so it is with us.

Our recent return to Lake Tyers was the same but different and it was a reminder to me that whatever memories we have, the future is always a clean slate and ours to make. We can’t recreate the old, we can only make the new. The Waterwheel Tavern had changed, yet remained the same. The lake was there but the water levels were up. Similar views, different experience.

Across the road from the Tavern is the glorious 90 Mile Beach, one of the longest stretches of sand in the world. Mesmerising, soul stirring, the golden sand is paradise on the feet and the ebb and flow of the tides a tonic for the soul. For all its beauty, a cruel reminder of the cycle of life was news of a beached whale further up the coast at Golden Beach.

2. Surrender and receive

Across from the 90 Mile Beach is Lake Tyers, where we could swim in calm and serene waters with the roar of the ocean close by. It was like an infinity pool, within the shallow sandy lake.

Floating in these warm waters was heavenly, all weight and worry gone. The lightness of water, sky and horizon was a powerful force, like the infinite potential that lies in all of us.

We can lighten our spirit away from the beach too. Loose yourself in music and let your inner diva rock, go outside and cloud gaze, dance until you’re dizzy, find lightness in the earth of your garden and connect with whatever makes you feel good.

Be open to receive

Our daily walks along the beach revealed shells and treasures, washed ashore like tiny trinkets from mother nature. I loved collecting them as a little girl. These days I can appreciate them but leave them where they belong.

Receiving blessings isn’t simply the physical, it’s about nourishment of the soul. We’re all worthy of gifts, those unexpected surprises, encounters and moments that rise from the blue and ignite a spark in our days.

3. Accept what is

It wasn’t all idyllic Let me show you where we camped. It was across the road from the beach and the lake and behind the pub, making it a great place to have a drink and a meal on their sun deck outside. BUT we were warned the area was having maintenance done, an easement through the caravan park so it was dusty and full of pot holes.

There was no grass, no view and it resembled a concrete jungle. But we were welcome to stay, if we were happy to put up with the mess. We had free power and water and that was enough. Next year when we return it’ll be different but for now it’s all a work in progress.

Change is inevitable and so is progress

And so it is in our world today. Things might look messy, dirty, even chaotic and confusing on the surface and in the media, if you watch it, but in reality there’s so much going on behind the scenes that few of us are truly aware of. One day soon we will know the truth. We ARE going into a golden age. Have faith. Give the television and the news the flick, sit back and watch as the month, and the show, unfolds.

4. Consciously Create

What sort of world do you want to live in? The time has come to create consciously and with intent.

We often wander aimlessly but maybe it’s time to look at the world differently and feel our consciousness expand. Expect the unexpected and the miraculous. Feel yourself being willing to step away from your rational and logical mind towards a new sense of wonder. Let go, into love and gratitude for what is, opening up to possibilities.

“Freedom is a path you choose every day. “ James Altucher.

Surrender your vision to the Universe so that you’re creating something more loving, more inter connected, more powerful. Remember that we’re always creating the future from the now, so focus on what you really want.

When you’re in nature, whether it’s the ocean, the forest or the desert, surrender to creation. Forget problems and imperfections because nature is pure and in that moment there really is nothing else. She’s teaching us that we’re the same. Tap into that 5D heavenly stream, when you do it’ll feel like a meditation.

Walk in nature and feel how life slows down. Breath deeply, notice the small intricate details wherever you are … the forests are alive with energy, the ocean is alive. We’re all a part of it, all connected. Everything is energy.

5. Be kind to Yourself

When we strip away all the limitations we have about ourselves, all the layers of belief and attachment, all of our past programs we maybe, just maybe, can realise that it was all an illusion. Our past falls away and everything is new.

That’s what freedom is. It’s feeling a sense that unlimited possibilities stand in front of us, just waiting to be created. It’s feeling empowered to make conscious choices every day, choices that come from our heart and our centre.

Be mindful and when those doubts and insecurities threaten to drag you down, remember to be like an observer. Let the waves ebb and flow, you, as an infinite being, are strong enough to ride them. Come back to your core and the strength within. And love yourself. It all starts with that.

Remember that the universe is always listening. Our thoughts and emotions are not separate and they don’t live alone. They’re part of an ocean of energy and when we learn to flow with it, that’s when the magic kicks in.

Focus on what you want. Is it love, kindness and compassion, freedom, abundance and peace? Create consciously and watch the magic appear in your world.

What imprint will you leave in the sands of history?

Sending you an ocean filled with love and light.

Freedom is found when we let go of who we’re supposed to be and embrace who we really are.
Freedom means lots of things, camping in nature, walking on the beach and consciously choosing our thoughts and actions but perhaps the greatest freedom is that of the mind.  How will you find freedom in February?
You are the Universe experiencing itself.
What we put out we get back like an echo

106 thoughts on “Manifesting Freedom in February

  1. Miriam, a wonderfully inspiring post and I love how you unite your love of travel with a philosophy of life! I feel your ocean of love and kindness wishes … and your words and pictures are a real boost to me this grey February morning. The photos of the beach are heavenly and I’m imagining dipping my feet in the cooling water as I head out for a chat with nature walking through the woods! The ability to surrender to creation, the wonder of the natural world has been healing, cleansing, soothing these months especially but always so, I realise! Sending you love & hugs from half way around the world! Enjoy and savour every magical moment at home and out and about! xx❤️

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    1. Annika, thank you for your very thoughtful response. I’m glad you felt my warm ocean vibes as you head out for your morning walk over there. It really doesn’t matter where we are does it, nature everywhere is universally soothing and therapeutic. Enjoy your woodland chat with nature my friend. Sending you big hugs as well, as I head off to bed! xx 😍

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  2. What a beautiful post Miriam. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom and images from your journeys. I agree with you but don’t practice conscious choice consistently. Living in a paradise like you would certainly help me feel open to the beauty of life!

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  3. A great title, Miriam. It conjures up all sorts of possibilities for February. I wholeheartedly agree with you, it is a process. You and I are on the same page about camping – the simple joys. I just now looked up Lake Tyers location and 90 Mile Beach location. We went to a 90 mile beach in New Zealand, also stunning. “Accept” and “Consciously create” resonate with me. Always a good and important reminder. Thank you for sharing exceptionally beautiful photos! Words I will continue to ponder.❤️

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    1. Hi Erica, fellow camper, thank you for this lovely comment. I laughed when you mentioned the title because I changed it so many times until finally it felt right! It really is all about consciously creating and manifesting what we want to see in our life isn’t it. No more succumbing to fears. Wishing you a wonderful and joy filled month ahead. 💛

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  4. Hi Miriam, your words and sentiments are as always clearly expressed and added to your photos make for compelling reading. I love your attitude and your quotes and ideas are spot on. Getting into nature can really help to cleanse us in so many ways. Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom 🙂

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  5. Loving your photos Miriam, they are fabulous! I can’t believe January has passed so quickly either, we are only making tentative plans for some getaways this year but very much going with the flow and will probably stick around in SA mostly.

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  6. What a beautiful post, Miriam! I love the photos are tales of the adventures you share from Australia. It’s so nice to get a glimpse of that side of the world. Thank you for sharing your wise words. Nature truly does show us how to live. Sending you many hugs and much love and light, my friend. xx

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  7. “Be mindful and when those doubts and insecurities threaten to drag you down, remember to be like an observer. Let the waves ebb and flow, you, as an infinite being, are strong enough to ride them. Come back to your core and the strength within. And love yourself. It all starts with that.” I love this! I’ve been enjoying and living your life vicariously through Instagram, Miriam. Your photos are a wonderful escape. This beautiful post serves as a reminder to us all. Thank you for sharing. xo

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    1. Hi Jill, isn’t it wonderful when we can enjoy each other’s worlds through these channels. I love it and am so grateful we’re all connected. Thank you. Hope you have a great Friday. xx

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  8. Just the word “cleanse” gives me a feeling of calmness and refreshes, Miriam! I’m glad you took three trips in January. No photos are better than the ocean and the beaches to accompany your thoughts and reflections. Thank you for sharing. ❤ ❤

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  9. As this pandemic drags on, I’ve learned to guard my emotional health by choosing which blogs I read and which ones I do not read. Thanks for being one of the blogs that always gives me tips on how to move forward, make the best of things and even find gifts in these strange times we live in. You are such a gift to all of your readers, and I suspect also to those who are lucky enough to live near you. Great post!!!

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    1. Aww, hand on heart, thank you Ann for your beautiful comment. I so love being part of this community and having you in it makes it even more special. I’m a bit choosy these days too of what I read but I do feel blessed to be amongst other like minded people, like yourself. Stay well my friend and happy February. xx

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  10. Such a beautiful piece, Miriam! I started off feeling mean and jealous that you’d achieved 3 getaways in a month where we’ve been trapped very near to home. I know that this is a very beautiful place of my entrapment but still, it doesn’t come naturally. I keep looking for the positive, as I think you’ll agree this week’s walk does. I can lose myself in a vista or a daydream and I don’t need to travel the world, but right now soaring to the heights isn’t so easy. Still, little things like my pansies sweet faces can make me smile. Thank you for the beauty 🙂 🙂

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    1. Hey Jo, I’ve just read your walk this week and yep, there could definitely be worse places to spend your “entrapment!” So beautiful. But I do get it. As I said to you on your post, this madness will one day end. In the meantime, I’m happy to share my local beauty just as you share yours. Hugs. xx 😊


  11. Hi Miriam, I see your photos on IG, the places you’ve visited are like paradise, each one more beautiful than the other. Keep sharing, so we can travel in our dreams here, we are in the winter and lockdown, so no much to do except dreaming.

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  12. Yes, freedom is the path we need to choose everyday.That is absolutely a great Mantra. I truly miss the beach Miriam, such wonderful warm memories…thank you for sharing your wonderful warm memories.
    Greetings from cold Germany.

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  13. I do love your energy Miriam and cleanse is a very adapt word for 2021. Beautiful beaches and the photo of you writing in the sand with a sunset is wonderful and playful. Here’s to more beach walks.

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    1. Amen to beach walks Suzanne! It’s my happy place but then so’s the outback and the mountains and rivers … who am I kidding, just get me outside and I’m happy! Have a great weekend. 😊

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  14. Wow. Those photos are stunning! It’s hard to imagine they are real. So strange that your summer is coming to a close, and we are inching closer to Spring. The world truly is a magical place. Your words always affect me and remind me that I need to take a breath, look up, and let go of the things I can’t control. Thank you for that. Your positivity and perspective is inspiring and so very needed at this time. I hope you are scaling a mountain or swimming in a lake full of lilies or something magical like that this weekend! Take good care, Miriam. And keep being your fabulous self. ❤️

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    1. Aww Tanya, I always love hearing from you. Thanks for your wonderful words. And yes, as a matter of fact, I’m sitting by a beautiful glistening river, not long come back from a swim. A last minute getaway just before our snap lockdown was enforced, so we’re making the most of it. I hope you’re well and keeping sane and happy in these crazy times. Big hugs to you my gorgeous friend. 💜

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  15. Thank you for transporting me to a warm and beautiful world. Inspiring words and gorgeous photos. I especially was taken with the regeneration following the fires. Incredible to see nature in action.

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  16. Another beautiful and uplifting blog! Thank you Miriam. You have a way of making me feel free every time I read your words and go on your photographic adventures. Blessed by you!


    “What imprint will you leave in the sands of history?”
    I hope to make angels in the sand (this is what came to mind when you asked this question) in the same way that I make angels in the snow. A small imprint reminding the walkers by, that they are not alone. xoxo

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    1. That’s such a beautiful thought Andrea snd so true, we are never alone. Thank you for adding your kind hearted warm touch to my post. I truly appreciate you. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my friend, and the week ahead. xx

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        1. I’m glad to hear. Me? I’m great. We’ve just been plunged into another snap lock down here in Melbourne but I’m keeping the faith. Good things are coming. I know it!

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  17. So agree with you that times flies and it’s not February. March will be upon us soon enough too. Wonderful that you were able to get away on three trips in January. Summer is perfect in Australia for outdoors trips and getaways. Looks like you had a lot of fun camping. I agree with your sentiments on receiving and accepting what is. We all deserve to be happy. While sometimes things don’t go our way, there is always something to be thankful for in the moment. Beautiful sunset by the beach. Hope you are doing well, Miriam. Happy adventuring 🙂

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    1. Lovely to hear from you Mabel and I agree, there’s always something to be grateful for. Hope you’re having a wonderful February. I wish you all the best and lots of joy and happiness this year. 😊


  18. you have a way with words Miriam and they are stunning shots … so glad you can get out and about again even if the camping ground leaves something to be desired 🙂

    Give my love to the boys!

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  19. So wonderful to join you and yours on your adventures. Beautiful beaches and the water looked so inviting. How I yearn for warmer days now. 🌝This year it’s all about manifesting truth and honoring our divine feminine. Freedom is all within the mind as you say but there are days when I feel trapped. 😆

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    1. I can understand that Bernice. It’s impossible to completely escape the realities of the 3D world. But hold onto those dreams of yours. Warmer days and brighter days are coming. And so is truth, slowly but surely. Thanks for dropping by. 💜

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  20. What a heavenly post, Miriam! I could spend many minutes gazing at your great photos of NATURE. Everything is brown and grey here in New England, USA, although a few hints that spring may arrive are surfacing… Deep breath in. Deep breath out. You articulate these truths/principles/theories very inspiringly. These particular sentences remind me of swimming in ocean waves (which I love to do): “Remember that the universe is always listening. Our thoughts and emotions are not separate and they don’t live alone. They’re part of an ocean of energy and when we learn to flow with it, that’s when the magic kicks in.” Thank you for all the beauty and optimism you share with us.

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words here Will. I’m glad that my photos and words inspired some brightness to your day. Though it sounds as though spring is heading your way. Enjoy each moment my friend. Deep breath in, deep breath out. 🙏


  21. The time has come to create consciously and with intent. ❤️ I’m finding I can take pieces of your inspiring posts and turn them into journal entry themes. You could publish your own journal series Miriam! 😊📝📘

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    1. I must admit I do journal every night, in my Gratitude Diary, and have done for the past eight years. It’s become kinda like a best friend to me so I love that you said that Christine. I sense that we’re so aligned! 🌟💫🙏

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  22. Hi Miriam! Love the beautiful photos and of course the words of wisdom that you attach to each. I can’t believe it was posted in February…and now we are in the middle of March!! Time is flying.
    I hope you are well…and that you are busy traveling and writing. I can’t find out why I don’t receive your posts in my email…Maybe I have to unsubscribe and try again.
    Anyway…sending lots of love and light. Keep moving in your beautiful energy ❤

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    1. Hi Lorrie, great to hear from you and I agree that the weeks and months are flying by. All well here (bar a few minor dramas and family stuff) and happily travelling when we can and writing lots. Hope you’re well too. Big hugs my friend and thanks for your wonderful words. xx 💜 P.S I seem to have dropped off many peoples readers on WP so not sure what’s going on!


      1. It’s crazy how things get gunked up on WP sometimes. In the beginning I didn’t notice many issues, but of late it seems that people go missing…and I don’t like that! I’ve got a little bit of “brain fog” and need the help remembering 😉
        I hope that all the drama has settled down for you. I think it is part an parcel of life…we go through ebbs and flows and what really matters is the way we handle ourselves…both in the highs…and in the lows. I’m certain that you have this covered because your beautiful soul speaks volumes and it can handle anything!!
        Stay well…keep traveling and writing…and loving life 🧡

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        1. Brain fog! Oh, how I can relate to that. But thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful reply. Yes, things are settling but they’re also escalating too if that makes sense, but all will work itself out. My husbands parents are aging and some things can’t be reversed. Lorrie, as you said in an earlier comment, I’m so very happy we’ve connected. Sending big hugs xx 💗


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words here Cris. Your kids are very lucky and have a wonderful role model in you. Keep chasing your dreams my lovely. xxx


  23. #4 is such a great point (consciously create). I myself am trying to consciously create, but that involves wresting some time for solitude, in which Cal Newport defines as time where we’re not bothered by anyone else’s thoughts. It’s from there that I feel I can best create. What a nice blast from the past this post is. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks Stuart. Yes, to consciously create is to place our intention on what it is we truly want. More important than ever these days I think. Solitude is definitely needed to get in touch with our own thoughts. Hope you’re having a great week.


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