April Awareness

What you focus on grows? We all know that, right? Our thoughts are so powerful, why then do we often let them plummet and scatter into piles of pessimism instead of guarding them like seeds of hope. I look back at March and (thanks to my journal) remember many highlights. The month started with a … More April Awareness

Racing Thoughts

I’m the one that gets your heart racing, I’m the one that makes your body tingle, I’m the one that consumes you at night, I’m the one that gets inside your head, I’m the one constantly beside you in bed. A love affair or a battle with my over active racing thoughts? In my quest … More Racing Thoughts

Mindful in May

This time last year I took part in Mindful in May, a month long global online mindfulness and meditation campaign.  It raised more than $287,000 for much needed clean water to communities throughout third world countries. This year the founder is taking a “mindful sabbatical” due to motherhood so it’s been put on hold until … More Mindful in May