Stepping into the Unknown

In the world which I travel I am endlessly creating myself“. Franz Fanon

Ain’t that the truth!

We become so much more through our experiences and through all we discover about ourselves along the way.

Through all the journeys I’ve travelled this year I’ve discovered something about myself and it’s been more than simply tackling a sand dune in the 4WD!

I’ve discovered resilience when things tumbled around me, both in a financial sense and emotionally.

I discovered I’m stronger than I thought I was and capable of picking myself up when setbacks hit.

I’ve discovered who my true friends are and that when times are tough the person I most need to trust in is myself.

I’ve discovered that change is a constant and if we don’t move with it we’re often left behind.

I’ve discovered that sticking to something worthwhile can be bloody hard work. My daily meditation faltered but I’m determined to make it more of a priority in 2019.

However I’ve also discovered that if we want something badly enough and we take steps to make it happen, then let it go, magic happens. That’s when my column presented itself.

Then there were the physical journeys that nourished my soul.

Walking in the mountains, camping alongside rivers and waking up to the sun rising over the ocean reminds me of nature’s healing power and how much I love being outdoors.

Last weekend, for our 26th wedding anniversary, we went away to somewhere new and extraordinary.

The historic Fyansford Paper Mills, which sits on the edge of the Barwon River, just minutes from Geelong, is like stepping into another world, a hidden heritage and cultural treasure.

The precinct is filled with historic buildings, huge and magnificent, and an ambience reminiscent of medieval England. Most buildings are now artists studios, there’s the Provenance winery on site, the Door Gallery Cafe and our very own miners studio to stay in.

The Fyansford pub down the road serves great meals and there’s even a courtesy bus to get you there. Oh, and the riverside walks are simply gorgeous.

What really stood out for me were the artists we met. The majority of them, well into the prime of their life, were truly embracing their passion.

They were proof that it’s never too late to become what you love … photographers, mosaic artists, story book illustrators, painters, cafe owners.

They were all inspiring and proof that we’re never too old to go after our dreams, to find a new love, pursue a passion, to take up a hobby, study a course and reinvent ourselves.

They had discovered the artist within, just like we all can.

Like these artists, I guess the biggest journey I’m on is the one that continues within, the one I’m currently travelling and constantly creating.

Life is far from perfect but half the challenge is learning from our falls and forging ahead. As a new year beckons with lots of new possibilities I feel a sense of anticipation.

With that in mind I’m looking forward to stepping into the unknown and opening lots of new doors next year.

May they open for you as well as you aim high and make your visions a reality and your dreams come true.

Are you ready to step into the unknown and create a new you?

Happy new year everyone.

In light and love

Today is the perfect day for opening a new door

105 thoughts on “Stepping into the Unknown

  1. Happy New Year! I’m so glad that you had such a fabulous anniversary trip.
    With every new blog post you write, I can see such a wonderful future for you. You are cresting into a beautiful new future. I’m so happy for you.

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  2. Miriam I just made a note to put down some of reflections from this past year and what I look fwd to next year and there you were! Summing it up – beautiful and inspiring!
    We’re off to corner country in Feb with its stark beauty and solitude. Happy travels to you and yours in both your inner world and out about. Keep these gems coming, I love them.

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    1. Thanks so much Heather, I’m so happy to know you enjoy my posts. Happy new year to you, may 2019 bring you all you wish for. Enjoy the Corner Country trip, that beauty and solitude sounds fabulous.


  3. lol lovely post and congrats on the anniversary, great break … a bit more relaxing than your usual treks and so inspiring.

    Heard artist Digby Moran talk the other day …. he only started painting about twenty years ago and look where he is now! Door will always open but we have to choose to walk through them 🙂

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    1. Thanks Kate, we had a fabulous, very decadent time away. 🙂 And yes, Digby Moran is a great example of being successful late in life. Here’s to opening and walking through those doors. xx

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  4. As always Miriam you fill me with a sense of purpose for whatever is around the corner. Fyansford is a wonderful place to spend a weekend and I haven’t been there for many years. Perhaps 2019 is the year to pop it on the list of things to do. Wishing you all the very best for the coming year and more wonderful places for my armchair/computer chair travels. xox

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    1. Thanks so much Barbara. I’m glad my post rekindled some memories for you. Fyansford is such a special place. Wishing you and yours a very happy new year too. 🙂


  5. What a wonderful blog post! I didn’t know how much you went through this year but it seems like you‘re leaving 2018 much stronger than you entered it. Very inspiring post!

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  6. I love this post Miriam and feel a great affinity with your discoveries both for yourself
    and via people who taken courage to create new and live fully.

    I quote some of your words : ” I discovered I’m stronger than I thought I was and capable of picking myself up when setbacks hit. ”
    We always have a choice in situations like these and to use the strength makes
    you freer and enables you.

    Meeting the artists you say: ” What really stood out for me were the artists we met. The majority of them, well into the prime of their life, were truly embracing their passion. ”

    These nuggets of wisdom is what life is about. It is never to late as long as we are alive. 🤗.

    Miriam ( the Northern one )

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    1. So very true Miriam. It’s never ever too late to create ourselves, so long as we’re alive. I’m glad this resonated with you.
      Thank you for your kind words. Warmest wishes from M in the south. x 🙂

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  7. Dear Miriam.. such a beautiful post, Sometimes its not until we are tested we find out just how strong we are.. Or who are friends really are…
    You said you admired the artists.. Well you are also an artist.. You are a composer, a poet, a writer, a mother a wife and a dreamer…

    Never let go of those dreams… Put them into action, We may step into the unknown, but until we take those first steps, we will never know where they could have led us…

    Sending Love and Blessings for ALL you do in 2019… May you and your family keep dreaming…
    Hugs and much love.. Sue ❤

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    1. Hi Sue and firstly a happy new year to you. I nearly missed your comment. Thank you for your wonderful words here, you’re always so supportive and I truly appreciate it. You’re right, we’re all artists, somehow it seems easier to acknowledge it in others.
      And I certainly won’t let go of those dreams. Who knows what lies ahead this year, what I do know is that I want to live with purpose and passion.
      Once again happy new year to you Sue. May 2019 bring you much happiness and peace. xx ❤️

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  8. I’m finding that along with the opening of new doors one must close some others, end a sad or poorly written chapter of our lives in order to fully appreciate what lies past the threshold of tomorrow. You post is similar to what has been brewing in the back of my mind for some time now and I think I can put the pieces together now. Thanks!

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  9. Hi Miriam,
    I love this quote from you, “They were all inspiring and proof that we’re never too old to go after our dreams, to find a new love, pursue a passion, to take up a hobby, study a course and reinvent ourselves.” I hope and believe that this is true, and as you say we are constantly reinventing ourselves. We act and react according to our experiences and they shape our lives.
    Happy New Year…best wishes for 2019’s reinventions.

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    1. Thanks so much Nancy, and yes, I truly believe that we can reinvent ourselves. I think sometimes though we get stuck in our old ways of thinking. Here’s to spreading our wings in 2019. A very happy new year to you. xx


    2. By the way Nancy, I just read your post Sailing into a New Year and wanted to let you know how much I loved it. My comments keep disappearing so perhaps check your spam mail. It’s a brilliant post! Cheers xx

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  10. I am looking forward to trying to open many new doors in 2019. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a magical year!! I hope that it’s amazing for you as well!! Happy New Year Miriam!! xx

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    1. Oh, I love that sense of anticipation that you’re feeling Amy. I feel it too. Here’s to going after those dreams and stepping through those doors. Happy new year my friend 🙂 xx

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  11. A beautiful inspiring post, Miriam! 😀 How true that any journey has to begin with a real journey within us, the courage to brave new ventures, to make adjustments in our lives starts there. I’m so happy your journey is going so well and it’s been a joy to read about your adventures, both internal and all your travels. I can’t agree more with you that we are always a lot stronger than we think we are … this has been my mantra to my son (and myself) over the years … resilience helps so much in life.

    Miriam, I’m so taken with Fyansford Paper Mills … what a wonderful place and one can sense the creative energy and joy from the photos. Anything is possible!!

    Wishing you and your family a fabulous 2019, my friend! May it be filled with many more exciting adventures, insights and lots of creativity! Hugs ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Annika. Yes, 2018 was filled with ups and downs that will no doubt continue this year but, like you said, resilience is so important (I tell that to my son too).
      I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the year. Wishing you lots of love, happiness, and fulfilment as you travel life’s journey this year. Hugs back xx ❤️

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  12. Great post Miriam with some lovely photos. Your weekend away sounded great, congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Love the feel of this post, life is about learning and accepting those challenges that it throws at you. Have a wonderful New Year and I look forward to following your blog.

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    1. Thanks so much Jonno. You’re right, life’s all about the challenges we face and learning from our ups and downs. Here’s to a steady year ahead and navigating all those rocky patches. Happy new year to you. Hope you have a fabulous 2019. xx

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  13. I can totally relate to this feeling! Travel is like a journey of self discovery. I’m so glad 2018 helped you discover a side you didn’t know that existed. I loved every picture of your adventures in your home country. You have been a wonderful tour guide and I think you should consider signing up with local tourism. You’d excel! Here’s to 2019 and all the new adventures it has to offer. Warm hugs from sunny Seoul. xoxo

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    1. I’m not surprised you can relate to this feeling Cheryl. Both of us have travel and wonderlust running through our veins I think. Thank you so much for your kind words. Tour guide hey? Love that. I actually did work in local tourism marketing and admin for five years. It was my ideal job till the contract ended.
      Yes, here’s to more adventures for both of us this year. Warm hugs back my friend from a very hot Melbourne. xx

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  14. Hello dear Miriam, such a beautiful message in your post. I’m glad that you are able to see the goodness that has emerged from your challenges. You sound like you have learnt a little more about your resilience. I love the folks who are there following their dreams no matter what age. I heard over here, of a lady who went to college in creative writing and has just written her first book in her 80’s…
    A wonderful post, thank you my friend 🙏🏼💞🌸

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    1. Isn’t that wonderful! And you’re right Di, we’re never too old to pursue our dreams. I love hearing stories about people like this who go after what they want, no matter their age. So inspiring. Have a lovely week my dear friend. xx 💕

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