Steel a Look

It was a different sort of bushwalk, even by Australian standards. I thought we might see some wildlife but I wasn’t expecting this. Giant butterflies,  a prehistoric looking dragonfly, a funny looking emu and a kangaroo that looked more like Robocop than Skippy. You meet a lot of characters in the bush but I’ve never … More Steel a Look

Music in the Air

I’ve done this walk with Harry many times before. Yet this morning there seemed to be something special in the air. Around the misty wetlands the birds were especially loud. Black and white cockatoos, galahs, magpies, lorikeets, they all seemed to be singing in unison. It sounded like a chorus, a concert of nature with … More Music in the Air

The Artist Within

I’m in awe of artists.  Of photographers, painters, sculptors who can create something out of nothing.  I guess as bloggers we all do that, every time we press publish. But there’s something about visual art that is so raw and appealing. So living where I do, in such a creative part of outer Melbourne is … More The Artist Within

Human Impact

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then when we free camp I’m disgusted. To find a beautiful place in the mountains or the bush marred by the thoughtless and senseless actions of others really upsets me.