Signs by the Sea

Happy new year everyone.

As I write this we’re camped at Yanakie, one of my favourite seaside spots. It’s been an unexpected mini summer break. Barely three days ago I rang and was told there was a vacancy, on the exact days I wanted.

I took this as a good sign.

On the way to Yanakie we stopped at our favourite bakery in Meeniyan. Inside I couldn’t resist photographing this sign.

The last line particularly resonated “When you get right down to it, the essential thing is to do what you do with your whole heart”.

So here I am heralding in the new year in the same place that I ended the last year in. It feels apt.

The Caravan Park has changed since our last visit. The huge Cyprus Pine trees that provided so much shade are gone. In a way it’s made the park look a bit like every other caravan park by the sea. Yet, there’s still something special here.

Perhaps it’s the big skies, the endless ever-changing horizon over the water, the mountains of Wilsons Prom in the background or maybe it’s simply that when I’m here everything pales into insignificance amid the peaceful backdrop.

This morning I woke early to catch the first sunrise of 2018.

Everything was calm and most campers were still cocooned inside their vans and tents. Except for me and the early morning chorus of cockatoos in the distance.

It was a perfect way to start 2018.

The day before we’d climbed rocks and waded through shallow warm waters.

Then an unexpected, exciting encounter.

Schools of banjo sharks appeared, hundreds of them, swimming around us.

It was thrilling and awe inspiring and, to be honest, also a bit freaky.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Maybe I need to learn to expect the unexpected.

Back at camp, later that day, we spoke to an elderly couple that we met on our last visit. He was playing the clarinet in the camp laundry so I stopped in to chat and listen to him play a classical Bach rendition.

We spoke about our respective love of music and when we parted he told me to keep playing the guitar and to enjoy my singing. Why did his words seem to speak right to my heart?

Tonight, the first day of January, is the first Super Full Moon of the year. It feels like a time of energy, expansion and alignment all rolled into one luminous night.

Does anyone else feel it?

Signs are all around me and my mind feels wide open to all sorts of opportunities.

As the new year begins I invite you to dream big, love deeply and dare to believe that anything is possible.

Make 2018 the year you do what you love.

Follow your heart.

Just like the tide that ebbs in and out with the flow and pull of nature, the moments we’re gifted with change and never pass again, so cherish every single moment.

I hope that wherever you are, you feel the positive energy of the new year.

Wishing you all an abundance of joy, peace and happiness as we step with purpose into 2018.

In light and love as we continue the journey.

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139 thoughts on “Signs by the Sea

  1. Your pictures are amazing! The stingray is so cool and pretty! I remember once at the beach in Australia here and we saw a massive one gliding in the ocean! Very cool
    Ellie x 🌴💕✨

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