Ode to a Trunk 

limbs raised to the sky

in a permanent guise.



are vulnerable too.
A bolt can take them down

by nature or Man


is forever
but everything has a purpose.

We’ve explored some gorgeous forests on our travels. Not long ago I blogged about a couple of spectacular Californian Redwood forests close to home. But right here, on my doorstep, I have my own backyard beauties. Though sadly they all have their time.

Earlier this year the tree next door was cut back.  It was old, infested and eventually succumbed to its fate. And so it was eventually pruned to make it safe, though the trunk remains.

20160719_082812 (600x800)

I wrote about it. And still it stands today, perhaps an eye sore and no longer the beauty it once was, but it remains a haven for wildlife.


Every night cockatoos and galahs flock there and occasionally a family of kookaburras will land, sit and laugh from its bare limbs. It reminds me that everything has a purpose.

And so today I went out and hugged another tree, my favorite lemon scented gum. My son thought it was hilarious … and that I’d gone crazy.

But it felt good.  In fact, it was just the outdoor tonic I needed.

If you’re feeling down and in the doldrums shake yourself off and go hug a tree. Or better still, go hug someone you love.

I send hugs to all my wonderful blogging friends. Be like a tree trunk and stay strong and beautiful and have a great weekend.

In response to Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Trunk

85 thoughts on “Ode to a Trunk 

  1. A great BIG HUG back to you Miriam! 😊 I remember your post about that tree that was pruned. Good to know it still serves a purpose… hugging a tree would be new to me (or perhaps I’d done it as a kid!) But it definitely looks fun and invigorating! Worth a try 😊

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        1. Right now it’s -18 and feels like -28. I’m wrapped in a blanket. My usual winter attire. I live in a small community where our favorite thing to complain about is the long, cold winters.😊

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        2. I live in Labrador City, Canada. The winters are too long and freezing. We live under a blanket of snow for at least six months every year. It is a beautiful place though. A photographer’s dream. 🙂

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        3. Yes it would be. On my end, I would love to visit Australia. An equally beautiful place, and much warmer. 🙂 I sometimes talk to my husband about your posts and the differences between our two countries as highlighted by your blog. 🙂

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        4. That’s so great. I just love the way that blogging opens up the world to all of us. How else could we experience so much and in so much detail. Love it. Stay warm Brenda 😊 xo

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        5. It’s one of the things that I love about blogging as well. There’s a whole world waiting for us to discover. 🙂 It’s freezing here this morning, so I’ll be heeding your advice. 🙂 Take care!

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  2. Now I’m smiling.. and off to find the nearest tree! We did a ‘tree hug’ on a beautiful tree in the summer with my daughter in law and 2 granddaughters on a tree that is literally hundreds of years old and so it took 3 sets of arms to hug it! Keeping spreading those hugs and I will too! x

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  3. How magical Miriam to have such amazing trees! Have you ever read the children’s book The Giving Tree? One of my all time favorites.

    It has gotten very very cold here. Winter is tough but I dress in my many layers and get out there and embrace it despite the fact my nose is freezing together!

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  4. Nothing wrong with hugging a tree! They are calming and grounding, and grabbing onto one every once in a while helps calm and ground us as well. But I especially loved your quote about “nothing is forever, but everything has a purpose.” Just like the pruned tree that is no longer beautiful, but home to wildlife…..

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    1. Thanks Ann, I look out onto that tree every day and never fail to be amazed by the amount of birds that flock there. Everything does have a purpose. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. xo

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  5. Dear Miriam, I love to hug trees too! Such wonderful energy we receive from them. I know, my kids think that I’m crazy when I stop and hug a tree. We have lovely trees close to you there. Here we have many gorgeous ones too. But now it’s too cold to hug them. Have a lovely week my dear and hug more trees for me.

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