New Horizon

What an apt theme for The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week.  As the year draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on how long and difficult a year it’s been. It reminds me of the photo below with stormy clouds and a tumultuous sky. A horizon that felt like it was going on forever, at times threatening to overwhelm me.


But now a new year beckons and I’m thinking ahead.

I gave up making new year resolutions a long time ago. If there’s one certainty in my life it’ll be that I break them.

However the other certainty is that life will continue, with or without us and our plans. There are new roads to travel so we may as well have an idea where we’re going.


For me 2017 will be about new directions. Finding myself again after a year in limbo. Taking chances, putting myself out there, maybe taking up a course and pursuing a passion.  It will be about seeing my kids settled, hopefully enjoying a big road trip mid year and, of course, more writing.

My daughter has finished school and is setting off on her own new journey. Just as all of us, in our own way, are embarking on new horizons


New directions, new hopes and possibilities are all waiting for us.

For me it’s about being positive and staying focused,  writing down my dreams and goals, maybe even creating a vision board. It’s always a good thing to map out how we’d like our future to look.


Of course we all know that life has a way of disrupting our plans, however if we have a course of action we at least know the direction we’re sailing.


As the saying goes:  You can’t discover new land without first losing sight of the shore.

Here’s to following our dreams,  pursuing new horizons and exciting new adventures in 2017.


Wishing all of you a bright and golden future.

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

78 thoughts on “New Horizon

  1. A gorgeous series of images Miriam. I like the idea of following passions and dreams….something I am wrestling with at the moment. To go or not to go to a town in France where my Grandfather served in WW I. Hope all your dreams and desires come to fruition in 2017.

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  2. Cheers cheers to that ! I loved the last quote ; You can’t discover new land without losing sight of the shore first. That must be what my year was about ! Those photos are splendid too 🙂

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  3. God, Miriam, I love this. There’s something really reassuring about how you wrote this. Thank you for that, and for your lovely presence!! Sending so many blessings on all your hopes and dreams and new directions for 2017. You are a blessed gift in my life. Peace — Debbie
    ps – I’m going on a spiritual retreat in a few minutes so will be offline this week. Back up again next Monday!


  4. Beautifully written Miriam– hopeful that your year ahead will be full of blessing and strength in harder times. We don’t know all that is ahead– but I’m trusting God to walk through it all with me. Thanks for a chance to stop and reflect… Christmas hugs from here!!

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  5. That’s a very sensible way to look at things! Something about a new years brings us hope for new things. Of course all of our plans will not come to be, but still…it’s setting off in a new and positive direction, and that’s always a good thing. And I loved your photos…so beautiful and illustrated the post perfectly!

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  6. Good luck to your daughter in her new adventure out in life and also warm thoughts to you, Miriam – joy and pride tinged with feelings of missing her. New roads, new horizons for you all. 😀 I can’t wait to read about your road trip next year. This year has been one of rollercoaster events for me, mostly negative, sad…hoping for whatever counts as normal next year! Thank you for this beautiful thought-provoking post, I relish looking at the photos and especially the one driving on the beach…warmest wishes to you. Hugs, ♥️

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    1. Hi Annika, I’m so sorry to hear that your year has been sad and a negative one, trust me I can relate to that with the passing of my mum. I hope that with a new year you’ll have the blessings of more positive times and new starts. Life is certainly a test isn’t it, yes, let’s hope that 2017 brings about more normal and peaceful times, as you said “whatever counts as normal”. Take care. Sending warm hugs to you too. xo

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  7. Wonderful post, Miriam, and just the kind of thing I needed to read as the year drew to a close. I love that quote: “You can’t discover new land without first losing sight of the shore.” Really explains the necessity of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones from time to time, travelling a path less trodden. Hope you have a lovely 2017!

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  8. Just a beautiful post. So inspiring too… I bet everyone relates to this. Your pictures were gorgeous and accompanied what you were saying so well. I hope this next year brings only the best for you, Miriam!

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  9. Your post reminds me of another saying I often hear, “Ships were made for sailing.” Losing sight of the shore can be rather frightening but here’s hoping the new year will bring us the courage to head for many unknown horizons.

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  10. Great mix of images and words! Have to agree about making resolutions and then breaking them…
    It’s enough to have something of a plan and a direction to head in with your partner, but try and go with the flow when the unexpected happens, and it always happens!

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  11. A vision board sounds like a lovely idea! You can fill it with pictures of all the sights you’d like to see.

    Your pictures are stunning, by the way! As usual! My gosh they are so much eye candy! 😀

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    1. Glad you enjoyed my pictures dear friend. Just today I was talking to someone about a vision board, definitely something I think I’d like to do in the new year (when I have a bit of time!) Hope you’re going well Ness, I’m so behind in my reading. Must pop over and visit you soon! Big hugs to you xo


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