Feeling Jublilant

Sometimes on our travels we get ourselves into hair raising situations.  Like when we’re crawling up a rocky four wheel drive track and it seems we’re never going to reach the top.  And I wonder whether we’re actually going to make it.  But eventually  we get there.  That’s jubilation.  And relief.


But it’s not just conquering steep four wheel drive tracks.  It’s in the ordinary every day moments of life that can become the extraordinary.  We all have them.

Moments of intense joy.  Excitement,  pride.  Times of satisfaction and triumph.

It's the little things as well as the big that give us a feeling of jubilance

Feelings of accomplishment after working so hard for something over a long period of time.  And then seeing it become a reality.

Like my first piece of published writing in a magazine years ago. That was so exciting.

Jubliant in the water (800x600)

And learning to swim in my early 20s after nearly drowning when I was really young.  It was a big deal for me, conquering my fear.  Now I love being in the water.


Me snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.  So many moments of pure joy at being alive.

Little Sahara

Trekking to Carlo Sandblow in Rainbow Beach, climbing to the top of Little Sahara on Kangaroo Island, reveling in the atmosphere at The Man from Snowy River festival.

When I married my wonderful man!

Jumping at Carlos sandblow (800x600)

When, after 22 hours of excruciating labor, I gave birth to my precious baby girl.  And then three years later to my beautiful son.

Racing (800x600)

Watching my kids grow up to be wonderful human beings.

Sharing in their excitement.  This is my daughter on her first pony Sparky five years ago, when she won her first major ribbon at a Pony Club Gymkhana.  She was ecstatic.

IMG_1149 (800x600)

And now, five years later, here she is doing what she loves best in the High Country.

It’s often the little things in life – as well as the big – that bring us the most joy.  Watching Harry run on the beach.  Living completely in the moment.  Appreciating every day.

IMG_1331 (800x600) Harry and Tash (800x600)

My mind, like some sleeping dragon, appears to have woken up after a long slumber …


Let all your thoughts run wild and remember when you felt jubilant.  It’s liberating.   As is accepting where we are and enjoying each day.

I wish you a joyful week ahead as as we all continue the journey.

This is in response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Jubliant

87 thoughts on “Feeling Jublilant

  1. Loved every bit of this post! 🙂 I agree , its the little things that brings us the most happiness sometimes and we should be grateful for all of them 🙂

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      1. I had kind of a scary anxiety attack yesterday (started while I was driving) and I still don’t feel like it has quite left me. I’ve been doing my best to do the stuff I have to do (kids and dinner and whatever else) but my head is killing me still.

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  2. I needed this tonight – to think of jubilance. I’m letting the ‘little stuff’ as Niki reminded me they are, get to me and chisel away at my happy place. I’m going to revel in the jubilance – every waking moment of it – next week as I watch my family frolic. Thank you for reminding me to stop and embrace it.

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  3. Loved this post, Miriam! All those moments in life when you triumphed the odds. You captured them beautifully. Your posts never fail to inspire. There’s always a silver lining. I need to be looking more carefully! 🙂

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  4. Another beautiful and profound post, dear Miriam 🙂
    I especially liked the first photo. I don’t know why. Maybe because it is made in the middle of nature. It gives me a feeling of tranquility and relief.
    xoxo ❤

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      1. I did as much as I could taking in consideration that I have school in the afternoon. But I have plenty of time in the weekend, right?
        Thanks for your words, Miriam 🙂

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