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Camping under the stars might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for me it’s like a full frothy cappuccino, pure heaven.

In the early days, when my man and I were just a couple of DINKS (double income no kids) we got away nearly every weekend.  We stayed in hotels and resorts, bed and breakfasts, studios, chalets …

Roughing it

Once the kids came along we scaled it down.  We used a tent and eventually bought a camper trailer.  It was a great set up and we enjoyed it for about seven years, going from top to bottom of Australia, camping by the sea, the mountains and along rivers.

Pixie & Wagon holiday (April 2010) 075

We even camped with a Clydesdale and slept in a wagon in probably our quirkiest and most memorable outback adventure.

November2008 PI 4 (800x599)

This was our first getaway in the camper trailer right by the ocean at Phillip Island.


Last year we upgraded to a camper van which has made life infinitely easier.  No more zips and lengthy set ups.  We have all we need, including comfy beds and a kitchen.

Flinders (800x533)

Our first trip was a mere 3000kms to the wilds of Flinders Rangers and Arkaroola.  Nothing like christening in a new van gently.

So why do we love camping so much?

Mt Cole 4 (800x600)

Life is simple and hassle free when you get back to basics.

There’s no boring jobs to be done.  Once the dishes are done, the night is young.

Go to be at 9pm (800x600)

But then again it’s perfectly acceptable to go to bed at 9pm.

P1040963 (800x600)

You wake up to something new each day.


And food tastes so much better outside.  Who says you can’t have breakfast in bed?

Food and drink (800x600)

You need only one set of cutlery, one set of crockery and red wine, of course.

P1010663 (800x533)

And nothing beats a blazing camp fire to warm your toes at the end of the day.

P1050168 (800x600)

But you know what they say about campfires …



Camping gives you time to disconnect from stress and reconnect with nature.


Time to slow down and relax.  And you can take your best friends.

So, until the next camping adventure just remember:

Safe traveling and wishing you all a happy and fun journey, where ever it leads you.

See you out on the tracks sometime.  If not, enjoy where ever you lay your head.

Camp fire at Frys Flat (800x600)

“When a man is a Traveler, the world is his house and the sky is his roof, where he hangs his hat is his home, and all the people are his family”  Drew Bundini Brown

This is in response to Where’s my Backpack  Travel Theme: Camping

112 thoughts on “Travel theme: Camping

  1. Your Soooo right about the food! A simple can of baked beans and a sausage or two tastes like a 5 star meal when combined with the beauty of the outdoors. I can’t wait to try it anchored beside an island off the Maine coast!

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  2. Beautiful post, Miriam 🙂 I’ve never been in a such a beautiful trip, but I think I’d like very much. I love how you combined the photos with their explanations. It’s super.

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  3. Speechless I’m because for a person who has never done camping or even gone out in the wild, just to be with nature, this is really something out-of-this world.

    Thank you for showing me the highlights of your amazing camping adventures 🙂

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  4. We bought a campervan when our girls were little and had many great holidays with it. After the girls grew up, we sold the campervan and bought a two person caravan. It’s great.

    Once, when we were camping at the beach with the girls I made a true camping dinner – tinned spaghetti with sausages, bacon and onion. I called it Spaghetti Surprise. The girls were not impressed, but it’s gone down in the family history as one of those unforgettable moments.

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    1. Haha Everyone has to experience those sorts of camping dinners once in a while, we’ve had a few in our time! As for the two person caravan, that will probably be next for us once the kids are off on their own (one already has her own swag). Happy camping Carol!


  5. You make a very persuasive case for camping. I’ve almost never done it in my life up to now, but the few times I have, I’ve always really enjoyed it. My favourite bit was walking up very early to the sound of singing birds in the trees around me. 🙂


  6. Love this Miriam! Makes me want to go camping! Just lovely 🙂 I love your descriptions, especially the one at the beginning, that camping is like a frothy cappuccino to you. Love it!

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  7. Beautiful pictures, as always! I couldnt agree with you more. We always liked camping. Before we became perpetual campers, we found a huge tent on clearance at Target and bought it. We would put it in our backyard (we were in a duplex and had a back yard area) and camp out for the night about once a month. Our son was probably 7 or 8 at the time and thought it was just the greatest thing ever! Its a little different now that we are living in our camper – but it is still fun and a big ole adventure.

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  8. Hi Miriam! Oh gosh I love camping! Even before we had Miss 2 it was our holiday of choice. And you are right everything tastes better outdoors, especially if it’s cooked on the fire! My favourite trip was up to Cameron’s Corner on the border of QLD, NSW and SA. Highly recommend it!

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  9. Basil and I love camping, although we aren’t regulars. We first camped in Iceland. Haven’t done much since then. Your post perfectly sums up the joys of camping. Back to nature, time to think, and spend quality time with family and friends! 🙂

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      1. All the more reason to consider a trip! 🙂 Your kids will love it! Would love to hear your account. We were totally inexperienced and were shivering by early morning. But, loved every bit of it.

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  10. A lovely post which stirred lots of memories of the wonderful times we have had camping. I like your saying “A bad day camping is better than a good day at work.”!

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  11. My family has gone camping for years. In both an RV and in a Trailer. It’s one thing that can give you some independence and freedom to be away from it all completely. It looks like you had a blast.

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  12. It looks so much fun! For a while, my husband and I thought we might become campers, but circumstances just didn’t allow it, and neither of us do very well in the heat or the cold. That’s why I love your pictures – I can camp vicariously with you! ❤

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  13. I grew up in a family that didn’t camp, so I had to settle for camping trips with the Girl Scouts, which I loved. My husband and I tried it a few times before we had kids, but it didn’t work out so well. But now that I am following your blog, I’m definitely beginning to see the attraction again. Who knows? Maybe we will see if we can rent a camper van and give it a try!

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  14. I love camping. Although I don’t go nearly often enough. One of my favouritest vacations ever was when I was about 8 years old. I remember my parents talking about how they used to go camp before they got married and had kids. Next thing I knew, my dad was in the basement digging out the camping equipment (he had a HUGE old canvas tent with a screened in kitchen area), we all piled into the car, and drove to the campground my parents used to go to. The owner was the same man and he remembered my parents. He found us a site, helped us get set up, and we spent 3 glorious weeks there (my dad spent the first week, and then commuted into the city for work the last 2). And it rained pretty much the entire time. It was AWESOME!

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    1. What an awesome memory Kathleen. And how fantastic that the same owner was there after all that time, your parents must have been thrilled. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks! My daughter and her friend went camping last weekend in the high country. They slept in swags and it snowed. Now that’s brave … and something I just wouldn’t do, even with a campfire! 🙂


  15. Oh how we can relate to your article and the “so why do we like camping so much”. We too went from the tent to a class b camper van which allowed us to experience soooo much more variety in our travels. Life for us is meant to be experienced by being in it rather then watching it. Keep on keepin on and sharing it through your words and pictures.

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  16. I’ve never been one for camping, but you certainly seem to have enjoyable camping adventures!

    The acronym DINKS cracked me up; I hadn’t heard that term before, and I wouldn’t likely have been able to accurately guess what it meant, either. 😜

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  17. Fab post – I’m there in mind and spirit and the body will follow in due course. DINKS – love it! Some great photo insights into camping in Aussie – wonderful and you’re right – what’s said at the campfire stays at the campfire!! xx

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