Four Seasons in One Day

We have crazy weather in Melbourne.  Some days are totally unpredictable.  We can wake to cold thick fog and by lunch time the sun is out and the temperature has soared.  By mid afternoon it can be blowing a gale.  And by night fall the air’s cooled and I don’t know whether I should be putting on the heater or an extra item of clothing.  On other nights it’s balmy and almost spring like.

Welcome to my patch of life in Melbourne.  It’s often joked we have “four seasons in one day”.  At the moment it’s distinctly Autumn, with vibrant colors showing their faces.

Wattle (800x600)

I look out in my back yard and we have a large oak tree that stands just beyond our gate.  My sister gave it to me when it was in a pot, barely a metre high.  Now it stands ten times that height and depending on the season looks lush, colorful or barren.


This was today.

WinterWoollies_mumsbday 005 (800x600)

This was at the end of last Autumn as the leaves changed color and fell to the ground. Close by kangaroos frequently roam and and graze on the grass beyond our back gate.

March2013YarrambatAnimalsetc 064 (800x600)

When the season is warmer the oak tree provides shade and a cool respite for the kangaroos who return to graze.

Daniels Confirmation_Aug2013 012 (800x600)

Not far away on her horse, my daughter enjoys a cross country course before the rains come.  Up above the skies often reflect the seasons as we go about our daily lives.

Changeable, so much like our moods.

Lately I’ve been feeling upbeat and hopeful only to hit a slump mid afternoon.  And other days this week I’ve felt down and lacked motivation only to be inspired by something that happens during the day and propels me to action.

Bad weather (800x600)

As obvious as it sounds, sunshine really does pack a powerful punch, in lifting our moods and making us feel happier. But even when the clouds come it’s still worth searching for that patch of blue. The optimism that can lift those rays to new heights.

20150815_140028 (600x800)

My wish is for more predictable and calm weather as we continue our journey.

However, as it’s something we can’t control, let’s just accept and enjoy whatever season we’re in, whether it’s rainy or cold, sunny or warm.

May you be happy and safe and always remember that beyond a storm lies new beginnings.

This post was inspired by a post by Dennis Wagoner at A Trivial Mind at Work

In response to  Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 23 – Season. hosted by Ronovan this week.

83 thoughts on “Four Seasons in One Day

  1. I can totally relate to 4 seasons in 1 day. It’s crazy April here in the UK. We had warm sunshine yesterday, and then last night I drove through a snowy Christmas card scene to visit friends which was only about 30 miles away. Driving home at 10.30pm it was thick fog and freezing temperatures. This morning we have opened the windows to let the warm spring breeze blow through the house. Crazy Mother Nature!! And I’m grateful for all of her foibles.

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    1. Sounds like the weather’s a bit crazy all over the world. Enjoy the warm spring breeze Suzy, I think ours is coming to an end here. Seems that rain is on the way this weekend, which would be welcome except my daughter’s supposed to be having a big sleep out for her birthday! 😦


  2. Stunning! What a great entry to Hugh’s theme this week. I love how you’ve tied seasons to the ups and downs of life; it’s all a part of the journey. That photo of the yellow flowers, by the way, is so uplifting! 😊

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  3. For some reason, the pictures with the kangaroos made me smile. Probably because I’m an American and if I want to see a kangaroo, I have to go to the zoo. But you’ve got them right there! I just get tons of squirrels… And deer. And ducks. And geese. 🙂

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  4. I definitely love the first photo, combination of my two favorites-flower and the color yellow. Seasons does an effect on our mood. I always hope that most would be positive, great post!

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  5. This adventure with life is that mood changers lie around every corner. So now we just have to venture there, jump on the wagon, and let it take you for a ride, and enjoy the experience. Thank you for your words. You are visited by kangaroos, we here in Ontario by deer. The other day some were out in the field jumping and bounding about. It must be Spring!

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  6. No Miriam you got it Melbourne weather is particularly crazy, I’ ll vouch for that. I say it has 5 seasons in one day. Don’t know the fifth one is called but we’ve got it.

    The yellow flowers do look lovely. Are the ‘roos standing in a reserve or Crown Land or is that private property?

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  7. In Maine we say, “If you want the weather to change, wait a minute!” We are indeed on opposite sides of the world and the seasons. Your fall, our spring! Although, it’s supposed to be 25 degrees tonight, New England is a great place to live.

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        1. Great. We’re just about to head out for the morning. Then a big night and weekend planned, weather’s looking a bit dodgy but we’ll make the most of it! xo

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  8. 4 seasons in one day ? Haha. Thats quite something 🙂 I have experienced three 🙂 You guys are so lucky you do not have the hassle of snow :\ We all feel uplifted when the sun smiles down upon us but I love rains also 🙂 I think its romantic 😀 The perfect climate to snuggle with your loved one or listen to your fav songs looking at those water drops forming patterns over the windows or get that fav book and coffee and go on a reading marathon 🙂
    Awesome pics as usual Miriam and beautiful messages conveyed 🙂 Every post of yours reminds me why I became a BIG fan of your blog from the first day! And between your daughter rides a horse ?! Woaah! I remember me trying to once years back and it was so difficult! Even with a guy to help.

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    1. Hey, thanks for your great comment Minaxi. I agree that rain is great to snuggle indoors to and we desperately need it here. Just hope it eases tomorrow for my daughter’s big 18th birthday sleep out. Otherwise we’ll have to resort to Plan B. 🙂

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  9. It’s a very nice post with the amazing photos and beautiful descriptions. Enjoyed the post as well as the autumn in Australia.

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  10. We get days like that too. Chicago has a saying that “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.”

    I love your tree. I love that you have that history and connection with where you are. That kind of constancy is a beautiful thing. 🙂

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      1. For us, this Spring can’t seem to make up its mind. I never know what season it’s going to be when I step outside. Yesterday was kind of Summer, and today was a bit late Autumn. I can’t keep up! lol

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  11. CAN relatye to da weather thingy, it snowed yesterday,,, an was melted an sunny an warm today, an concerning the animals, lol, u gots da RooS an i gotz da Bear an dear an elk lol…..those roos are very kewl aminalZ, never seen one in person live,,,only at the zoo….

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