Travel Theme – Dazzling Skies

There are so many uncertainties in life but at the end of the day, no matter how happy or difficult, the sun always sets.  And in the morning it rises again.  New hopes and new possibilities arise.  More opportunities for new beginnings. On our many travels the sky above often puts on a show of dazzling performances which often begins right here at home in our own backyard.

Like on this brisk cold morning …


When the morning light was so bright it nearly dazzled me.

mungo holiday photos kodak 049 - Copy

And in the skies of the vast outback at Mungo National Park.

mungo holiday photos kodak 040

when the sky and earth seemed to stretch on forever.

DSCN5748 (800x600)

As did the mountains underneath burnt summer skies in the wilds of Arkaroola

P1010846 (800x533)

Sometimes the road ahead can be so dazzling it can blind us.

P1160721 (800x600)

But when we focus we always get to our destination.  Like here, overlooking Lake Colac relaxing with a drink at the end of a day on the road.

Every where we go there’s hope in light, the magic that comes from up above …

P1030099 (800x600)

Back at home after all our travels there are still constants. And every so often when the full moon shows its face I feel an energy shift.  Sometimes looking up at night makes me believe anything is possible.  And then sometimes it’s obscured and the dazzle is gone.

20151227_205906 (800x600)

But whatever happens I know I have one constant.  And, dazzling in its intensity, the one that hasn’t waned in the past year is my love for this man.  Despite dark times and a sometimes gloomy road he’s been my light when my inner demons have threatened to overwhelm me.

As we go about our lives I hope that we can feel brightened by whatever comes our way.  To give us hope in whatever challenges we might be facing.

Where ever you are, I hope you can embrace life and be dazzled by all the beauty in it.     May it brighten your way and enjoy the journey.

This is in response to Travel Theme – Dazzling

74 thoughts on “Travel Theme – Dazzling Skies

  1. Love this post, for everything: the words, the pictures, the spirit….it releases good vibes, energy and positivity…thank you for sharing, definitely pleasant to read:)

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  2. Miriam, I NEEDED to read these words this morning. My life has always been uncertain, but lately, a spotlight was aimed directly at just how unsteady it is, and my coping mechanisms are floundering as a result. Thank you so much for your true and poetic reflection and the beautiful photographs that illustrate your message so well.

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  3. Beautiful words and even more beautiful photos of sunrises and sunsets. I had to Google Arkaroola to see where it was and my instincts were correct, it is near the Flinders Ranges. I have a very similar photo taken of the sun rising over the Flinders Ranges from our trip in 2014. Spectacular!

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        1. I can’t wait actually. We had planned to go mid year, 2016, but it looks like we might have to shelve our plans till next year unfortunately. But we’ll get there …

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    1. Aw Jenny, you’re very kind. It’s true isn’t it. We often lose our focus and that’s my aim this month, to shift the focus from worry to what’s happening right now. Cheers to you my friend. 🙂

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