Loving Lincoln

I’d go back to Lincoln National Park tomorrow, if I could. It’s a bit far though. About 1400kms too far!   It was one of my favourite places on our recent trip to the Eyre Peninsula. It’s rugged, unspoilt and has a bit of everything. Here’s a snapshot of our time there and why I loved it so much.

Pristine beaches with the most amazing aqua waters.



I’ve always loved the beach, and this one is truly magical. This is Memory Cove, a secluded bay – a very special spot with pure white sands and the most amazing waters.  A special place to find and a hard place to leave.



Wildlife of all shapes and sizes

These guys have no road sense, yet they made their presence felt – usually right in the middle of the road!



As did this fella, sunning himself in the middle of the road, before we ushered him off.


Lincoln National Park is one of those places that gets under your skin with its raw beauty and rugged coastline.

The area to the very tip of the Peninsula – Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area – is restricted to just 15 vehicles per day. And just five camp spots.


You need to book to camp in Memory Cove and a key is needed even just to visit for the day.  We were lucky enough to secure the last key to the gate the day before, which thrilled us no end.




Exploring the tracks

Outside of the Wilderness Protection Area the sand dunes are a four wheel driver’s paradise, in fact the area has some of the best dune driving in South Australia.


It was like driving through the Sahara. Spectacular wind sculpted sand dunes dominated the landscape.

Shame it was late in the day when we found them, shame we were on our own and we had no compressor.  Got bogged, then got out. Still, we had loads of fun driving the small amount we did. Ah, the joys of sand driving!



Australia is just so vast, with so much to see. With a new year ahead and so many places to visit I think the travel bug has well and truly bit me.



30 thoughts on “Loving Lincoln

  1. Looks stunning, great photos! Some years ago I was lucky enough to visit Oz and part of that trip included visiting the sand dunes at Cervantes a couple of hours north of Perth. I’ve never seen such white sand, my photos look like snow covered Alps instead of sand. The beaches were beautiful and the colour of the ocean jewel like. You live on an amazing continent 🙂


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