Bogged out Back

Last week there were kangaroos in the back paddock. Yesterday there was a bogged car. What the … “You might want to bring your phone out the back ” said my hubby.

Driving Miss Patsy

Two days ago my daughter sat for her Hazards test which, for those who don’t know, is the preliminary exam needed before you can apply for a drivers licence in Australia. Well, at least in Victoria.  Step one is complete and she’s now on the way to getting her full licence. Here in Australia you … More Driving Miss Patsy

A sandy highway

I love driving on the beach. There’s something totally invigorating about being in a car with the window down, the wind whipping through your hair and the sound of the waves close by.  Makes you feel totally alive, so long as you don’t get swamped! We’ve driven on some amazing beaches in Australia, like Fraser … More A sandy highway

Loving Lincoln

I’d go back to Lincoln National Park tomorrow, if I could. It’s a bit far though. About 1400kms too far!   It was one of my favourite places on our recent trip to the Eyre Peninsula. It’s rugged, unspoilt and has a bit of everything. Here’s a snapshot of our time there and why I … More Loving Lincoln

Get Lost!

A few months ago my car was broken into during the night. Actually I forgot to lock it and some brazen good-for-nothing thieves seized the opportunity. In hindsight I’m lucky my car was still there. I only realised because when I hopped into it the next morning the GPS was missing from the dash. Gone. It took me a … More Get Lost!