Innes National Park

It was the phone call that changed the course of our holiday. I rang the caravan park a week before Christmas, by chance someone had just cancelled their camp site. It was for the exact five days we wanted. Otherwise we would have gone back to Corryong in the High Country, one of many fire … More Innes National Park

Elka on the Murray

Has anyone heard of an air-boat?  Or been on one? I hadn’t until we boarded Elka a fortnight ago. We were camped along the Murray River in Renmark and decided we’d had enough of watching the water skiers and jet boat riders. It was time for some action of our own, for some serious fun … More Elka on the Murray

Bridging differences

There’s something about bridges that fascinate me. Especially ones that open to let vessels through.  I guess they’re just not the norm. Hundreds of cars and trucks drive across this bridge daily but when a request for river passage comes through it takes priority. Road traffic stops. The control mechanism is switched on and the … More Bridging differences

Loving Lincoln

I’d go back to Lincoln National Park tomorrow, if I could. It’s a bit far though. About 1400kms too far!   It was one of my favourite places on our recent trip to the Eyre Peninsula. It’s rugged, unspoilt and has a bit of everything. Here’s a snapshot of our time there and why I … More Loving Lincoln