A Magical Sky

Have you ever had such an urge to write that it just flows out of you?
That’s how I feel right now. I’ve never posted anything while camping, completely unedited and from my phone, so this is a first for me.

Tonight I’m camping on the banks of the Campaspie River in Victoria. A place called Aysons Reserve near Rochester. We’re about two hours from home but I feel like I’m a world away.

Our day has been lovely. We arrived, set up camp, had some lunch, relaxed and went for a walk along the river. Nice but nothing extraordinary.

Later we went for a short drive, came back, lit our camp fire, settled back with more drinks then prepared dinner. And so the night went.

You get the drift, our camping weekends are generally pretty cruisy and relaxed.

It was during dinner that the magic began. As we were enjoying our char grilled steak (cooked to perfection I might add) the sky behind us began to change.

From moody grey clouds it intensified to pink and orange to a golden red that looked as though the sky was on fire.

I was in awe and had to jump up from dinner to snap a photo of the blazing sunset sky before it disappeared.

Eventually it faded and the sky darkened but still the night was not black.

Later as we sat round the fire the conversation turned deep and meaningful.

I looked up and noticed the band of white light in the sky. It was like a long wide band of cloud that went right over our head.

Even hubby commented on how unusual it was. It seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Then it changed and seemed to dissipate. But the night was still young and the show had barely begun.

It was around 9pm when we saw the first lights. At first I thought it was lightning but there was no storm in the air. Then I thought perhaps it was strobe lights, perhaps from an air field, but there’s nothing that I know of nearby.

We didn’t have THAT many drinks.

I still don’t know what the streaks of light in the sky were but I know the feelings they inspired in me. They inspired a sense of awe, a sense of wonder, of openness and expansion. A sense that wonderful things lie ahead.

There’s probably a logical explanation but right now all I feel is an overwhelming sense of wonder.

There are few stars that I can see in the sky tonight, there’s far too much cloud cover, but still I feel the magic in the air.

There’s so much mystery in the world. So much we don’t understand but perhaps we don’t need to. Maybe we just need to keep our minds open to new possibilities and opportunities  that awaits us.

Keep your eyes open to the magic of the sky, in nature and the universe. Who knows what it could be saying to you?

As I sit here by a warm fire the air is still, the sky above me is vast and I can now see part of the moon. She’s finally poked out from behind the clouds.

And every so often, though I think it’s fading, I see the occasional streak of light.

I think I’ve worked it out.

Perhaps the universe is winking at me!

Wishing you all light and love as we continue the journey together. 💫✨

Sharing for Frank’s Tuesday Challenge: Sky

P.S.  Since coming home, speaking to some people and doing a bit of googling I think the streaks and the lights may have been part of the Orionid meteorite shower. Apparently it’s still possible to see some fragments of the meteor right up until the beginning of November 2017, both in Australia and across the world.  

No wonder I felt so excited … it really was an out of this world experience … and maybe a wink (or two) from the Universe!

Keep looking up. Maybe she’ll wink at you too. 

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