Toolangi Trails

Sometimes the best travel is right on our doorstep … even when things don’t go as planned.

Last Sunday hubby and I decided to go on a spur of the moment drive into the Toolangi State Forest, just over an hour from home.

I downloaded a map of the area, packed a thermos of coffee, donned my hiking boots and off we went.

Despite the grey skies I was looking forward to the drive and some easy bushwalking.

Our first stop was at the bottom of a track leading to the St Leonard’s Lookout tower.

The air was cold, it was cloudy and foggy and I wondered how much we’d see at the top.

Sure enough, reaching the summit we were rewarded with more of the same … cloud, fog and a white horizon of nothingness.

We could hardly see but it didn’t matter. It was invigorating.

Coming back down the fog started to lift. Next stop was WirraWilla Rainforest Walk that felt like something out of a fairy tale.

So mystical and eerie and so peaceful.

It’s hard to believe this magical place is just an hour from home.

Who else loves discovering local  places? Just a few weeks ago we enjoyed the Rainforest Gallery near Mount Donna Buang, also not too far away from Toolangi.

The elevated boardwalks take you high above the treetops, immersing you in nature.


Out on the tracks things can change in an instant. Like last Sunday at Toolangi.

There we were, happily driving out of the forest, when the next minute we were stopped in our tracks. 

A massive log had fallen across the road, completely blocking our way through. 

Doug, as optimistic as always, thought he could drive over it but a loud thump put an end to that. 

Suddenly the car was hung up on the fallen log. 

There was mud everywhere, we couldn’t go forwards, we couldn’t go backwards, the tyre was churning up the mud, spinning and going nowhere fast.

There was not a car in sight and it was getting dark.

I had visions of eating my Mothers Day dinner stuck in a dark forest, just us, a museli bar and coffee, waiting for help (though I suppose there could be worse things in life.)

However, my intrepid husband is prepared. To the point that inside his “man box” in the back of the ute is a chainsaw. 

Does that say something about our  off road adventures?

After much effort, he was able to cut through the log, dislodged it and, hooray, we got through.

No emergency rescue was needed and we were back home in time to enjoy a civilised dinner.

So there you have it … proof that you can have fun, drama and adventurous travel close to home. You just need to be prepared!

As you go about this week, look around and find the beauty, it’s there. There’s always something new to be discovered when you look at the world with appreciative eyes.

Every day is a trip into the unknown and a world of wonder and fun can unfold if we take a step away from our usual routine. 

It doesn’t have to be major stuff either.

Be a tourist in your own city for the day. It can be cheap and lots of fun exploring new places.

Break out of old patterns if you’re bored. Change the way you go to work, check out a new cafΓ©, pack something new for lunch or walk a new route with the dog.

Smile and strike up a conversation with a stranger, who knows where it might lead. Maybe to a new friendship or maybe just a fleeting feeling of connection.

Wishing you bright skies ahead, a clear path and the peace (and imagination) to always find your way forward.

In response to: Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Travel
and also sharing for Jo’s Monday walks

121 thoughts on “Toolangi Trails

  1. “Every day is a trip into the unknown and a world of wonder and fun can unfold if we take a step away from our usual routine.” Thank you! I needed that reminder. No one should sit behind a computer day after day! I’m out of here πŸ™‚

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  2. Breaking out of the routine is always invigorating. There was a time when me and wife used to go out every weekend, not so long ago. Things have changed, but we still go out frequently.

    The trees look quite tall. I don’t think they are Sequoia though?

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  3. A chainsaw??? What a man! He’s a keeper, Miriam, but you knew that. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for thinking of me. I love it when it starts out grey and the sun peeps through. It’s always there, isn’t it? Sometimes we have to look harder than others.

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  4. Isn’t it amazing to have an innovative and prepared spouse! Turns those adventures that could otherwise become disappointments into memorable moments. And loved that several of the photos of showed you moving forward happily and with so much confidence Miriam. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  5. Amazing adventure Miriam!! You have a resourceful husband there!! And loved the forested photos– being in the woods is my favorite. thanks Miriam!! Hope your week is running a little more smoothly!! hugs!

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  6. Miriam, I enjoy your posts so very much. What a great adventure not far from your home. The fern-like trees in the forest photos are fantastic. Your message to enjoy the day I have right in front of me shines through the fog. Keep shining your light my friend.

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  7. Hello dear Miriam,
    A beautiful post and with more detail about your off road adventure! What a well prepared hubby you have. I’m sure it’s bringing you many laughs… now!

    Thank you for the reminder about exploring and keeping our hearts and minds open to new experiences. Some really are right under our nose, as you suggested. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  8. Wow, your husband really does come prepared! But what a great example of just dealing with whatever comes our way. And that forest trail looks just beautiful, different from the forests where I live. Keep moving forward, Miriam, and keep enjoying the journey! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day, too!

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    1. Thanks Ann, yes Doug is often prepared and tends to pretty much take things in his stride anyway. As another weekend beckons I hope it’s a wonderful one for you. Hugs

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  9. Lovely photos, Miriam. As I read through your post, I began imagining what would have happened had your husband not had the chain saw in the car. Hmmmm…could have lead to a night with your hubby in the car, in the woods, under the stars, all alone….yet another adventure. πŸ™‚

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  10. what a delightful adventure and photos Miriam … you tell the story well! Guess your hubby was a boy scout? πŸ™‚
    My favourite local adventure is the fascinating characters I meet thru my voluntary work … people always have an interesting story to tell!

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    1. They absolutely do. And what a fantastic way to connect with others by sharing their stories. Have a fabulous weekend Kate. And yes, many years ago, very briefly, Doug was a Boy Scout. πŸ™‚

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  11. Miriam, good idea to have an “all eventualities box” in your car, although a chainsaw would probably not be on most people’s car boot hahaha. It does make for a great story though… Great blog you have here πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks so much Gilda. And yes, you’re quite right, a chain saw is definitely not in most people’s car boots, haha. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  12. Wow! That’s some adventure! I’d have freaked out and thought of all the worst case scenarios. lol! We’ve got so much to learn from the two of you. I’m inspired! These days, we’re spending lazy days binge watching movies and shows. Hope your dental treatment is going well. Hugs!

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    1. Lazy days and watching movies sounds pretty good to me Cheryl. Unlike that dental treatment which continues tomorrow. A necessary evil 😏 Thanks for asking. Hugs back

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  13. We used to live in Kinglake in the late 80s early 90s. One warmish Winter we visited Mt St Leonard. The second tower had only just been built; the one you climbed was still being used as a fire tower. The gate to the new tower was locked with a chain but the chain was long! We slipped through quite easily and straight up the stairs to that wonderful view. I think one of my blog posts has a photo from up there. We were above a sea of flog. It was absolutely spectacular. We used to camp regularly on Murrindini River and would often come home to Kinglake that way. Thanks for the memories.

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    1. So did you climb the first tower that’s now off limits? How awesome, but it’s huge! No way would I go up there now, I’ve become a bit of a chicken and a scaredy cat when it comes to heights in my old age.
      Glad it brought back some happy memories Mick, it’s a great area (camped at Murrindindi fairly recently). Cheers.


      1. No the tower we climbed was quite safe with stairs all the way except for the last bit. Maybe its the tower you climbed. Maybe the pulled down the old tower. Who knows. I’m a scaredy cat with ladder type towers too.

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  14. Phew…glad you’re both safe! I just had to laugh at how, of course, your husband has a chainsaw in the car!! I have an umbrella! I love the sound of your adventure, the ferns are magical and yes, it’s like a fairytale setting. Here’s to new adventures…nearby and far! πŸ˜€β€οΈ

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  15. I love this post… started out with Thermos of coffee on a gray day to the beautiful rainforest walk and best of all the chainsaw escape! Lovely Miriam! You live in such a beautiful place. Is pinch myself! 😌Great post!

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  16. A good reminder that we can discover new things just on the doorstep. My post for Frank’s challenge last week was on Thailand but I’ve decided this year that I want to travel more in the UK (which is where I live) as it has lots of magical places too. Have a lovely week. πŸ™‚

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  17. This is the second post of yours I read. I liked and enjoyed how slowly and easily you bring up a beautiful message by living through it.
    It’s very persuasive and make the feet or mind to believe and act.
    It’s very awakening …I must say.

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  18. Wow that Rainforest was amazing. What a fun, exciting day. I bet you were never so happy to see a chainsaw!! I love how you are always going some place I need to start doing that more. So happy you made it back home safe and sound, and had a civilized dinner…although…Hugs xo


  19. What a great read! Very descriptive πŸ™‚ we are hoping to get onto this trail one day soon πŸ™‚ any tips? Check out the trails we done so far to if your interested, appreciate your advice and support.

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  20. More proof that I need a truck. Our Wrangler is really fabulous when it comes to off-road obstacles, downed trees included, but there have been times where a chainsaw really would have made the difference. I’ll have to see what Niecie thinks of adding one to our kit!

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