A Breath of Fresh Eyre

I’ve just returned from ten days on the Eyre Peninsula. It was an epic road trip covering over three thousand kilometres but it nearly didn’t happen.  On Christmas Eve my mum had two seizures and we spent most of the day with her in hospital. Fortunately she was home for Christmas Day but the worry didn’t pass and I left Melbourne with a heavy heart. But also with a sense of anticipation knowing our holiday was planned and we still had to live life.

At Dutton Bay on the Eyre Peninsula Mother Nature put on a show of 
colours for us every night.

I’m learning to live life in the present and these past ten days have been incredibly therapeutic for me.  Enjoying each day with those I love and living in the ‘now’ is so important but it’s not always easy.  In this beautiful setting, however, I learned to still my thoughts.

A typical light night show on the Dutton Bay jetty.
The jetty at Dutton Bay became our favourite place at night
And also during the day.


Our days were spent relaxing, exploring and swimming in the beaches near our camp site.  After all, when the temperature hits 40 degrees celsius the best place to be is by the sea.



Of course an essential part of successful camping is good food and wine. This place has both. And whilst Coffin Bay may not have the best name it has some of the best oysters in Australia.


Not to mention the most amazing beaches that you can drive onto and turquoise waters that do wonders for the body and soul.



Fun times with family and lots of laughter (plus the occasional squabbles with the kids) – set in spectacular surroundings. I think they’re ingredients that add up to enjoying life in the now.



In fact the entire area gives a whole new meaning to a breath of fresh air.


I hope everyone’s year has got off to a sparkling start. May life be an adventure this year and whatever track it leads you on I trust it’s a happy and healthy one.


40 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Eyre

  1. So sorry about your mom. I hope she’s doing better. The pictures are gorgeous. Looks like a fabulous time with good food and wine. 🍷
    Cheers to a great 2016.

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    1. Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, the Eyre Peninsula is definitely worth visiting, especially the area around Port Lincoln (see my other post on Loving Lincoln). A very special place.

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