Survivor Bush Camp 

“One of the best parts of the camp was that I didn’t think about tomorrow or yesterday. I was never in any moment but the present”. These were the words of my 15yo son Daniel, who came back from a five day survival camp in Anglesea a few weeks ago. He was exhausted

Clip Clop Meditate

Have you ever gone on a trip that leaves such an impression on your mind that it feels indelibly etched?  We had one of these adventures years ago and it was like something from a bygone gypsy era. At the time it was simply a birthday weekend for our 13 year old daughter.  But little … More Clip Clop Meditate

Bridging differences

There’s something about bridges that fascinate me. Especially ones that open to let vessels through.  I guess they’re just not the norm. Hundreds of cars and trucks drive across this bridge daily but when a request for river passage comes through it takes priority. Road traffic stops. The control mechanism is switched on and the … More Bridging differences

Loving Lincoln

I’d go back to Lincoln National Park tomorrow, if I could. It’s a bit far though. About 1400kms too far!   It was one of my favourite places on our recent trip to the Eyre Peninsula. It’s rugged, unspoilt and has a bit of everything. Here’s a snapshot of our time there and why I … More Loving Lincoln

Reflecting on Hattah

One of the most peaceful places we’ve camped at this year was Hattah Lakes. This was an overnight stop, our last coming back from our epic road trip to the Flinders Ranges and Arkaroola. But who says you have to stay somewhere a long time to have a good time? When we visited Hattah Lakes … More Reflecting on Hattah

A taste of Tasmania

I’ve been to Tasmania at least five times. I’ve camped, hiked, cycled, sailed, eaten and drunk my way from one end of this island state to the other. But I still haven’t seen it all. This holiday season I’d contemplated a family camping trip along the east coast but it didn’t eventuate. However, it got me thinking, about … More A taste of Tasmania

Keeping it Simple

I think one of the main reasons I love camping so much is its simplicity. Whenever I travel away from home I’m reminded of how little I need to get by on. Last weekend, as we set up camp at 12 Mile Reserve, by the Goulburn River near Jamieson, I was reminded of this yet again. … More Keeping it Simple