“Price Check on Register One”

Have you ever come back from the grocery store and realised you’d been overcharged? And not just for one, but two, maybe even three items? Do you check your receipts to see that the items that you bought on special, you actually paid the special price? Or, are you one of these shoppers who don’t bother looking at the receipts?


I used to be but now I check. All the time. Sometimes, I don’t even wait ’till I get home. If I’m not in a rush, I check the price of the items as they go through the register. Call me pedantic if you will. Milk, check. Eggs, check. Bananas, scanning as Cauliflower.  What the?  Hold on. And I’m in the 10 Items or Less Lane. I haven’t even got a full trolley. What’s going on?

10 items or less

Today it happened again.  As the check out girl put my items through I noticed the packet of shredded cheese that was supposed to be half price was full price. An extra $4. Mushrooms on special were not so special at the price of $4.50. When I queried the discrepancies and she called for a price check, sure enough the prices were off.  A cute little “don’t know why that didn’t scan right” was all I got. Total, nearly $10 I would have been short changed if I hadn’t been watching.

I’ve spoken to the Store Manager in the past and even suggested that he retrain his staff on how to scan and check the specials. He told me, sure, it would be done, but it keeps happening. Every couple of weeks at least.  Go figure! What’s a shopper to do?

chicken pic

Is it too much to ask that the check out operators do their job properly?  I admit, no-one’s perfect and mistakes happen, but really, should I have to hover and check every time?

Anyone had similar experiences?  Or am I the only one?

4 thoughts on ““Price Check on Register One”

  1. Shredded cheese can be anywhere up to $8 here! It’s highway robbery! Food prices in Australia are extraordinarily high. And yes, I generally shop at Coles which is bigger (and better) but sometimes for convenience I drop into the smaller IGA store … hardly worth it though when I keep getting ripped off!


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