The Magic of May

An ode to Autumn, the season of change and the three M’s. Read on to find out what they are. … More The Magic of May


Winter Wine Time

Age and glasses of wine should never be counted. Italian proverb. It’s winter here in Melbourne but, far from hibernating, things seem to be warming up, at least on the wine calendar. With over 600 cellar doors scattered across 20 wine regions in Victoria, there’s a lot on offer this month. Barely ten minutes away … More Winter Wine Time

Loving my World

It’s Valentines Day and hubbs is half way across the country on a work trip but that’s okay. It’s given me time to reflect on all that I have and love in my life and how much I’m grateful for. So that’s what I dedicate this post to. Firstly, of course, I love my man.  … More Loving my World

Sink or Swim

I nearly drowned when I was a little girl. One minute I was wading knee deep in a river, the next I’d stepped into a hole and was over my head. I still remember the panic. Yesterday, as I watched my son swim his last lesson of the year, I realised he doesn’t need them anymore. … More Sink or Swim

Massage anyone?

Who doesn’t love a good massage?  I, for one, am a sucker for a long luxurious back rub. Actually any sort of body rub is good. Foot massage, head rub.  Ask anyone who knows me well. Even a two minute one. Hey, who am I kidding, even a 60 second one! Call me weird if you will, … More Massage anyone?

Get Lost!

A few months ago my car was broken into during the night. Actually I forgot to lock it and some brazen good-for-nothing thieves seized the opportunity. In hindsight I’m lucky my car was still there. I only realised because when I hopped into it the next morning the GPS was missing from the dash. Gone. It took me a … More Get Lost!