To the Moon and Back

Are you moon sensitive? Do you think a full moon affects our moods and health? Whilst it’s a known fact that moon cycles affect tides and rhythms-of the earth, can it have that big an impact on our body. I’m starting to think it does.


The sun watches what I do, but the moon knows all my secrets.” J. M Wonderland

Last Wednesday, just days after the Full Moon in Virgo, I was extraordinarily tired, for no reason. My legs felt weak and even though I took Harry for a long walk that morning it was with less gusto than usual.

It was one time I was glad he kept stopping and sniffing at everything. It was like I was moving in slow motion.

My tinnitus was also really loud, an incessant ringing in my ears. That night I had zero energy. I cooked dinner and afterwards fell in a big heap on the couch.

Hub found some SBS travel/cooking shows on the tv and I just lay there, with him rubbing my feet. Have I mentioned how much I love having my feet rubbed? I could have stayed like that all night. Lol.



“I swear, the reason for full moons is so the gods can more clearly see the mischief they create.“

― Michael J. Sullivan, Age of Myth


I went to bed earlyish for me, about 10pm. The curtain was slightly open and through the gap I welcomed the sight of the big, bright, beautiful moon.

Next time I’ll keep them closed.

That night I was unsettled. At 4am I woke up with excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. A trip to the bathroom didn’t help and I practically crawled back to bed but couldn’t get comfortable. The pain was intense, like childbirth contractions, coming in waves. My anxiety was also kicking in and eventually my moans woke my husband.

“What’s wrong” he asked.

“Bad tummy pains” I said plus other words I won’t repeat here. “Do you want me to call an ambulance” he asked, when he saw the pain wasn’t subsiding. “No” I said, hopefully “it’ll pass. It’s probably just anxiety”.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a full blown anxiety/panic attack, years in fact. However the day before, I’d spent over an hour in a dentist chair, having a root canal and I’d had to work hard to keep my nerves under control. Maybe my body was having a delayed response now.

Fast forward to about 5am when hub rang 000 and an ambulance eventually arrived. The two paramedics were fantastic and extremely reassuring, especially when I told them I felt silly as, by then, the pain was starting to ease. “You did the right thing” they said “better to be safe.”

I really didn’t want to go to hospital, not with CoronaVirus and all. But they told me, “either come with us, or go on your own, it’s up to you, but you need to get this checked out. This pain isn’t anxiety related.”

So I went with them. Long story short, everything was okay. Tests found a couple of issues but nothing that can’t be managed. I was out that same day, resting and feeling grateful to be home again.

So, I wonder, as they were unable to find the cause of the pain. Is it silly to think that a full moon can accentuate things in our body? How much are we actually affected and governed by the cosmos?

Can I really blame it on the Full Moon?

What about cyclical mood swings, feelings of intense emotion or feeling low for no reason? Do you ever feel out of sorts and then realise later your erratic moods coincided with a full moon?

As for my extra loud tinnitus, maybe it was the werewolves calling. Seriously though, has anyone else experienced any spikes of symptoms around a Full Moon?

Is there a correlation or is it coincidence? After all, if the moon makes tides rise, why can’t it subtly affect the fluid pressure in our brains, which are mostly water.

I’m curious.

Minor crisis over but I’ve decided, in the future, to journal more mindfully around full moon time. I’m going to note the dates of any aches, pains, woes and/or any persistent symptoms.


Tides and moon moods. Is there a correlation?

Live and learn. Here are a few things you can do if you’re a bit moon sensitive in the lead up to the next full moon.

  • Drink more water, more than you normally do.
  • Soak in a warm bath filled with Epsom salts, always good to soothe weary muscles.
  • Watch your favourite movies, find someone to rub your feet (if that’s your thing) or do whatever makes you feel good.
  • Spend time outside and take a walk in nature.
  • Turn off the volume or disconnect for awhile and get back to basics.
  • Sleep and rest more and pay attention to your body and any symptoms.
  • Be gentle to yourself, both during the full moon and the days before and after. Use the week before as a time to physically slow down.
  • Be kind to yourself. A bit of TLC is the best way to nourish your heart and soul.
  • Journal what you’re grateful for, always a powerful tool at the end of each day. Writing down even the simplest things is incredibly comforting. I’ve had a Journal for the past 8 years.
  • At a time when fear, panic and uncertainty is rampant, focus on healing thoughts and sending love and peace into the world.

We can’t control lunar cycles any more than we can control the tides of the ocean and the current global health crisis. However we can get through it all if we stay calm, use common sense and trust in an optimistic and healed future.

So tonight, let the night sky touch your soul. Go outside and look up, at the moon, the stars and the constellations. We’re a mere speck amongst it all. Though we might all be keeping a ‘social distance’ from each other, on a deeper level it’s a different story.

We’re all in this together.

Stay well everyone, wherever you are.

Sending love to you, to the moon and back.

In moon light and love

silhouette-of-tree-branch-under-white-cloudy-skies-during-155643 (1)

No matter how far away we are from each other in distance, or in time, when we look up into the clear night sky, we will always see the same moon.” Adam Stanley

76 thoughts on “To the Moon and Back

  1. Oh my, Miriam! Thanks for sharing this. Maybe the days I feel off for no reason is because of the moon. I will try to keep track of the days I feel so.
    Good to know you are fine. Stay safe.
    Wonderful quotes, by the way. ❤️

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  2. I’m relieved to hear there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with your health, Miriam. A full moon always disrupt my sleep and leaves me feeling quite foggy headed the next day. I’m a firm believer that journaling can solve many of our problems. Your photos are stunning!

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  3. sorry to hear of your pains and so glad it’s nothing major … could have been delayed reaction to root canal, they’re ugly!

    As you’d know from my moon poems I absolutely believe the moon has a powerful impact 🙂
    I did crisis child protection work for years and only had one full moon without a call and only one call not on full moon … go figure. The police I worked closely with also knew it would be peak time for DV call outs. So there is no doubt it does affect moods and behaviour …

    Keep journalling and take care ❤

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    1. Thanks Kate. Don’t think it was root canal related. I certainly hope not anyway cos I’m going in for my next appointment tomorrow. 😕
      Interesting to read about your child protection work experiences during full moon times. Has to be more than mere coincidence doesn’t it. Take care yourself and hope you have a good week ahead. x

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  4. Yes the moon phases definitely do impact us I believe. Many times in my past employment I’ve laughed off other people’s ‘strange’ behaviour as ‘it must be a full moon’ but it’s surprising how often it’s true. On the other hand it’s probably a weird thing for some people to accept but I believe in the power of crystals and use crystals in jewellery to bring about balance in my world. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Whatever works is a good thing in my mind. Take care.


  5. Miriam, so relieved to know you are OK. Oh yes the moon most definitely has effects on us whose bodies are about 95% water. Strange how your stomach was effected. One afternoon this past week, and I believe it was Weds. or Thursday, I had such horrible cramping pains in my stomach and bladder I was crying. They were sharp and it almost seemed as if my intestines filled up with intense gas. With a few hours they dissipated. I’ve never had this happen before so I sit here stunned you had a similar experience. Now I wonder what this was all about. Take care of yourself. Much love!! xo

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    1. Wow, that is a really strange coincidence Amy. How unusual that we both had similar symptoms on roughly the same day. There’s just so much we don’t understand isn’t there … you take good care of yourself too. xx

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  6. Sorry to hear you weren’t well Miriam and I do believe some people (and animals) are extra sensitive during a full moon. It will be good to keep a journal and see what emerges for you personally. Hope you’ll continue to feel better and better 💜 xxx

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  7. I believe as well we are affected by the moon. You’ve heard it said before how the woman’s menstrual cycle is likely to be in sync with the moon’s phases. (fertility) 🙂 Last week was the super moon, it was a sight to see! The moon illuminated things for us…a time to release the old energy in our body. You are either experiencing an ascension system with the tinnitus or you may have traces of toxic metals in your body. Have you ever detoxed with cilantro, garlic. spirulina and chlorella? Love ya.

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    1. Yes, it sure was a powerful super moon, I could almost feel it. And you’ve given me something to think about Bernice. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve never heard of detoxing with cilantro and chlorella. Might have to look into it. Sending love and hugs back 💕

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  8. I read once in a book, not to sleep with the moon shining on your face. I am someone who does not sleep well in complete darkness, so I welcome a night where the moon is shining bright. I love that bright globe in the sky but have not connected any dots relating to my mood or otherwise, although when I worked in retail for a short while (Spotlight actually) I really did notice that a lot of crazies came out during the full moon cycle – a late shift could be quite enlightening (always work in pairs, hahaha)! All anxiety and stress for me shows up in my stomach, always has so I completely understand you thinking that your pain was associated with stress. I’m glad you went to the hospital to have it checked out and that problems can be dealt with. Stay safe Miriam and stay well. X

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    1. Thanks Barbara. I can tell you that next time there’s a full moon those curtains of mine will be well and truly closed!
      And yeah, better safe than sorry I guess going into the hospital. I imagine working nightshift you’d see a few Spotlight antics during the full moon, there’s always some type of crazies out somewhere isn’t there. Stay safe and have a good week my friend. xx

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      1. Thank you Miriam. By the way we have something in common, I have suffered horrendous tinnitus for many years. I too may keep an awareness journal around full moon time. It will be an interesting study.

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  9. Same moon, Miriam, that’s so true! Sorry about your troubles. I often find the moon a bit spooky and don’t like it beaming full on me when I’m asleep. Keeping a diary seems like a good idea. Take care, hon! 🙂 🙂

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  10. So sorry you weren’t feeling well, Miriam! Glad it all turned out fine. Nice to read your posts again, I’ve been off WP for a bit. Now that I’m home more and life has slowed down because of the coronavirus, I’m hoping to get back to blogging. But life is all so unsettling now and feels like we’re living in a dream/nightmare. Hope you’re doing well! xx

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    1. It’s nice to see you back here Jenny. Yes, I agree with you, it feels like we’re living in some sort of parallel universe, so strange. I just went over and read your latest post. Take care during these very challenging and unsettled times. Sending love. xx

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  11. I’m so glad that you checked out okay at the hospital, Miriam, and that your pain has gone away! I’ve never heard of the moon having that much control over us, but now that I think about it, it does make sense. Doesn’t the moon control the tides? And if it can control something as big and powerful as the ocean, then it could certainly have an influence over us. I’m going to pay more attention to this too.

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    1. Yes, I’ve suspected that for a long time Ann, but last week I really felt some unsettling effects, even before that night. Strange but I know I’ll be more mindful next month. Take care and thanks for your kind words. xx

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  12. Miriam, I’m sorry to hear that you were in so much pain but thankful that it’s something that can be managed! I do think we are affected by the moon. If it’s strong enough to affect the tides, and we are predominately water, it seems that it can affect us as well. It’s known that hospitals are quite busier during a full moon. I’m not very good at journaling so it would be interesting to pay attention to any symptoms occurring at that time. In following moon cycles, one typically plant seeds on a new moon (I journal my intentions on a new moon) and full moons are a time of harvest, but also a time of releasing what is not serving you (I’m not good at carving out time, but I try to take an epsom salt bath on full moons). Perhaps it was bringing up something for you to release. Whatever the case may be, I’m glad that you are feeling better my friend. Stay well in these stressful times. xx

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    1. Thanks so much Amy and yes I’ve read that too, that a full moon can be a time of releasing what doesn’t serve us. It’s certainly all very interesting but not something I’d like to go through again in a hurry that’s for sure! Must admit I haven’t been sleeping well the last two nights but i I don’t think it’s anything to do with the moon, just my over active mind. Take care too my friend, these are strange and unsettled times we’re living in. xx

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  13. What a lovely, inspiring post. A reflection of how we are looking up into the skies and reaching for higher truths, sensing something bigger is unfolding.
    Sending my love and compassion for your stomach problem. I think we are clearing and cleansing our bodies of harmful negative energies so there will be some discomfort for some time. We are all going through something at this time of great change. Looking forward to your next wonderful post. Take care of yourself.🌼
    Life is a timeless journey.💚

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    1. It certainly is Zoey and I absolutely agree with you. We’re all cleansing and clearing ourselves, I feel it on a very real and deep level and you’re right, it’ll probably go on for some time. Such strange, uncertain yet almost wondrous times we’re all going through. Stay well and blessed Zoey. Much love to you from me. 🧡


  14. My yoga teacher always cautions us to take extra care when it is the full moon, and going back to Nursing days, the mentally ill and geriatric patients were always a little crazy if it was the full moon. We always had extra admissions of patients on those nights, so I do believe it influences our minds. If women cycles can synchonize around the full moon, there is little doubt that it affects us. Have you identified any other causes for the tinnitis? Salicylates/water intake for example?

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    1. No, I’m not sure what’s causing the tinnitus. I’ve had my hearing checked with a marked loss in the lower range but they can’t tell me much more.
      And yes, I’m not surprised there’s an increase in mental health patients admitted during Full Moon times. Unsettling that’s for sure. Take care.


      1. Tinnitus is a really mysterious condition. I have it but only in one ear. I discovered the dietary connection with those darn ‘clicking’ noises, some years back when going on a holiday and eating different foods. Certainly it doesn’t cure it, (Nothing can),but it does help me manage the condition.


      2. I am sorry you haven’t been able to identify the cause, but tinnitus can be like that. I was drinking a lot of Lemon and Ginger tea, and when I went overseas for an extended period, noticed the tinnitus slowly faded and then disappeared, only to return. That is when I spoke to a scientific worker friend and discussed high salicylates. Imagine my surprise and relief when I google foods with high salicylate content to find much of my diet was full of them. I do hope you can track down the cause, in time. Have you got any tips for coping with it? White noise on the radio etc?


  15. This is so interesting! I never would have found a link between a full moon and our body. Thank goodness you’re well. I know dentist visits aren’t easy. I thought it was just me. It’s funny because my sis is a dentist. haha…Take care and stay well my friend.

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    1. Ha, I didn’t know your sis was a dentist! Life is so strange. The full moon? Well, I feel like I’m in a constant classroom of learning, especially lately. Take care too my friend. xx

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      1. hahah… most of my dentists laugh whenever I tell them my sister is a dentist because I’m really scared of dentists. 🙂 I love learning too. These days I feel I’ve got a degree in virology! hahah. take care and stay safe my friend.

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  16. I am so glad everything turned out all right in the end! I’m sorry you had to go through that.

    One thing I do know, is that the moon is the keeper of messages. Did you see the note I left for you there? Every time you look at it, you will find the note that tells you how glad I am to know you! ❤

    xoxox *hugs*

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  17. I love this Miriam and think there is a connection between the full moon and our emotions. We have a similarity, a fondness of foot rubs! I ask for nothing finer than having a foot rub which hubby makes a great job of!

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