The Power of Yes

Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man. I watched it again last Friday night after many years and, maybe it was the timing, but it struck a chord with me.

In the movie Jim Carey plays a man who’s stuck in a rut. He gets involved in a self help seminar which leads him to making a decision where he has to say Yes to everything in life that’s offered to him for a year.

What follows is a series of synchronicities and serendipitous moments, each one wilder than the other and, as you’d expect, all of them have a flow on affect in his life.

It turns his ordinary routine life into a series of topsy turvy, adventures and in the process he changes dramatically. In the end we hardly recognise him, his life is vastly different and he’s fulfilled beyond his wildest dreams.

It’s a fun, thought provoking movie, that made me think about sliding doors, choices I’ve made and doors I’ve closed.

Wandering through Walhalla last weekend. New doors, new places, new experiences.

Over the last few years I’ve let a number of opportunities slide and I sometimes wonder how my life would have been if I’d made a different decision. We often make excuses: the timing, cost, circumstances aren’t right and so we hold ourselves back.

Yet there are sliding doors. Everything happens for a reason, I believe. Through all our choices we are where we’re meant to be. There’s no point in regrets. Still, I want to be open to it all now and I don’t want to miss out on things that may not come again.

Take last Friday for example. I’d received an invitation from my sister that I originally turned down. However, I changed my mind and I’m so glad I did, as we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together cooking. I think mum would have been beaming knowing we were recreating her much loved ‘pasta al forno’ recipe.

We made trays of lasagne, from scratch. And just like the process, with all of its kneading of the dough, the intricacies and timing, the layering and cutting of the pasta, the rich sauce and toppings, I’m reminded that life is a series of steps. It’s also what we make of it

What if we were open to everything? What if we let the uncertainties and fears go and embraced all the chances and offerings that life presented.

Imagine how our life might be different if we grabbed every opportunity that came our way. With conviction and excitement.

Once we put ourselves in the flow of life it’s amazing how the Universe conspires to align us with all that’s rich and abundant.

Life can be delicious … and fun.

If you haven’t watched Yes Man I’d recommend it. It’s light, funny, and it’ll make you believe in the power of possibility. And the magic that happens when we say yes. Plus Jim Carey always makes me laugh!

Say yes to more this week. Take a chance. Put aside any second guessing and let life take you on a wild ride of adventure and delicious surprise. Who knows what’s waiting for you when you say yes to the Universe.

Say yes today and it might affect your tomorrow … which could hugely transform your future.

At the very least it will give you a new experience and adventure. And isn’t that what life’s about.

I wonder what would happen if we said yes to everything for a year!

Have a great week.

In love and light

Going with the flow and saying yes to adventure. Here we are crossing a river over the weekend

Stepping out of the shadows and into the light last week.

92 thoughts on “The Power of Yes

  1. I haven’t watched this one! I’ll check Netflix. Glad you said yes, and had a great time. Making lasagna from scratch is a lot of work, but in good company is another thing. Thanks for the YES message and have a lovely week!

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  2. ”Yes Man” is a movie that has made me reflect about Life too. I think Jim Carrey is one of these few actors who has succeeded in bringing shallow-looking comedies to another level.

    Saying yes to every opportunity Life puts on our way would almost be impossible to most of us, but I think that we could all live a richer and more exciting life if we learnt to stop, aknowledge and accept some of them, on a more regular basis. I know I am rarely disappointed in doing so, when I get the chance, as it takes me on adventures I would never have experienced, when I do.

    Saying ”yes” can be as little as having a conversation with a stranger, instead of pretending not to hear them while listening to some music on a bus. But sometimes, a mere, out of nowhere conversation can be very lightening.

    I think it is both incredibly easy and very complicated to train ourselves to be more of a Yes Man or Yes Woman… But it is really worth it, if you ask me! Thank you for the thought provoking post, encouraging me to keep working on that 🙂


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    1. Hi C, you’re right about Jim Carey, I think he’s incredibly versatile and brings a certain spark to every role he plays. I loved this movie but I agree that saying ‘yes’ to everything in life is somewhat unrealistic. Still, I think if we’re willing to embrace new things and opportunities as they arise life definitely opens up to us. It’s an interesting concept isn’t it?
      Thanks for your wonderfully insightful comment. Hugs back 😊

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      1. I absolutely agree! A little ”yes” here and there goes a long way, and we’d all benefit from doing it more often!

        I think the easiest way to try the Yes Man(Woman) way is to do it during your time off from your daily routine. I know I go into a Yes marathon when I am on vacation, and crazy things start happening…. I meet incredible people, do amazing things, discover wonderful places, just because I stay open to alternative doors Life opens for me.

        I definately recommend saying ”yes” more often 🙂

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        1. So true. When we step out of our usual routine we’re more likely to be adventurous and try new things. It’s more of a challenge saying yes when we’re in our comfort zone. But worth trying anyway. 🙂


  3. I am not a fan of Jim Carrey at all. I’ll take your word on the movie though. I work really hard to take life by the horns and follow where it leads me. Saying yes to new opportunities, even when they present an unknown is a beautiful thing.

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    1. Fair enough. I think he’s the type of actor you either love or hate. But good on you for taking life by the horns and saying yes to opportunities. 🙂


  4. don’t know the movie and as a Jim C fan I will put it on my list … that lasagna looks real delicious and what a nice bonding family time! Love that last shot and I say yes to most things 🙂

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  5. Thank you for sharing! I can definitely see instances when I hesitate, but saying “yes” more may assist in a life better – or last more fully – lived. And we took your advice. We watched Yes Man this afternoon. I don’t know how I’d missed a Jim Carey movie, but it was great! Thank you, again! ❤

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  6. Saying “Yes” is a powerful thing. As is, for some, saying to say “No.” Both are valuable lessons in flexibility and boundaries. And the balance between the two tells many stories and opens (and/or closes) many doors. Not always in the way one thought … 😉
    Yummy lasagna! 🙂

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    1. You’re very right Na’ama, it’s all a question of boundaries of course, because sometimes saying no can be the best thing as well. Thanks for your insightful comment and yes, the lasagne was delicious! 😊

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  7. Love the Yes Man and love Sliding Doors, both wonderful films. We have been trying to live our lives by that mantra, always say Yes to everything we are asked and see where it takes us. We’ve had so many amazing experiences because of it. No idea where our lives are leading and where we might end up but as far as we are concerned that is part of life’s adventure.

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    1. Oh, I love your comment Jonno. That’s exactly what life’s all about isn’t it, grabbing those opportunities even when we don’t know where they’ll lead us. Keep on saying yes, adventuring and enjoying. 😊


  8. I am sure my life will change in major ways if I start saying yes to everything! LOL, of late I have been saying NO too many times! Maybe, I should change that and say yes to a few good things!
    P.S: That lasagna looks yummm!

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  9. Ahh yes!!! This movie totally changed my perspective!! I have tried to say “yes” more to things than I used to. It definitely has brought way more opportunities & great memories into my life than if I just stayed in my comfort zone by saying no. Thanks for this reminder, Miriam! I am entering a really stressful season of life, so this was a great reminder to keep everything in perspective.

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    1. Hi Mack, good to hear that you’re embracing life and saying yes to opportunities. It really does open up doors doesn’t it. Having said that however I’m sorry to hear you’re entering a stressful season. Whatever it is (sorry, I’m so behind on reading) I hope you come through it with peace of mind and clarity. Hugs and warmest wishes to you xx

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  10. Thank you Miriam for your thought provoking post. To say yes to everything might not be a
    good idea 😊 but I know what you mean.
    We are often to hesitant or frightened to say yes to new events and experiences. Within reason
    I do try and be open to new experiences and people I meet.
    You say that everything happens for a reason and I have come to believe this to. Some reasons
    might be difficult to discern.


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    1. I know what you mean Miriam. As I was writing this post I thought of all the ways that saying no can be the right thing too. It depends on the circumstances. But the whole point of this premise is that we’re open to more, willing to try new things and less inclined to back away from experiences from fear of failure. Thanks so much for your insightful comment. 🙂

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  11. How true, I love this! Our lives would be so different if we let go of the fear and excuses that hold us back. I am working on this very thing. Thank you for sharing. I’m not a Jim carey fan but I will check out the movie.

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  12. I agree with Carol’s comment, that last photo is special. Making that lasagne from scratch looked like a lot of work, but clearly worth it by the looks of the end result, not to mention the time spent with your sister. I haven’t seen the movie, but will make sure I do after reading this. You mentioned another movie, Sliding Doors, which is one I loved and one that has caused much reflection at times since. I think I wrote a post called just that a couple of years ago when a momentous Sliding Doors event happened in my life. Great post Miriam.

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    1. Thanks so much Chris. I love that last photo too. It was on one of my walks last week and the light was simply magical. And yes I agree, Sliding Doors was another movie that left an impression on me too, long after I watched it. I’ll have to find and read your post when I get a chance. 🙂


  13. The ingredients for a good life are all around us, we just need a recipe to follow. That recipe is different for each of us just like our personalities and tastes, yet the outcome is the same. A satisfying meal or a satisfying life are not determined by the “ingredients “ around us but rather by our considered use of them.

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  14. Hi Miriam, I haven’t seen that movie but with Jim Carey and the concept I’m sure I’d enjoy it. I agree with what you’re saying – I think I do this more as I get older. I’m always saying you’ve got to take opportunities as they present themselves. You never know if it’s going be there later and you just don’t how what’s going to happen in your life. Life is short! Do it now!

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  15. Miriam, Your inspiration is so uplifting. I am saying YES to all kinds of new adventures this year, big and small. I don’t know how it will work out but I do know that it will be a year worth remembering. Keep shining your light.


  16. Hi Miriam,
    Saying yes – to life, eh? Keep the doors open and see where they lead you. This is not my strong suit…I don’t tend to be spontaneous, and am more comfortable having my paths mapped out for me. But opportunities do arise, and we have to be flexible and open to new plans and new paths.
    Lovely post…and food for thought for me!


  17. Love this post! I saw that movie, seems like a long time ago. I’ll have to rewatch. That lasagna looks incredible! Mmm! I’m going to think positive about saying yes to the next thing that comes up 🙂

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  18. I remember watching Yes Man a couple of years ago. And for the next few weeks I tried to say yes to everything. 🙂 Didn’t last for long though, but the experience was fun. I loved your cooking day with your sister. Looks so yum and it’s a nice way to bond with a sibling. I loved that forest picture. It’s an amazing capture! Hope you’re staying warm my friend. Sending your warmth from sunny Seoul. xo

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    1. Haha, yeah I think that saying yes to absolutely everything would be a bit unrealistic after a while but it’s a fun concept isn’t if. Thanks for all your lovely comments my friend and for the warmth! Big hugs back to you from a cool and grey Melbourne. xx 😊

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  19. Ooh, this post is definitely a Yes, yes, yes for me. Yes to Jim Carey and the film, which I have not seen yet but will add to my To-See list. Yes to adventure and yes for grabbing every opportunity that come our way. Thanks for being so inspiring.

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  20. I love this post. I think I should add it to my daily thoughts/prayer. I’m trying to be open to possibility. But it’s not just about being open but embracing it and saying yes to the opportunity’s. Thanks for sharing this and making me think.
    Love, light and glitter

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    1. Thanks Eliza. You’re right, it’s about embracing it all, all the opportunities that come our way. And not being afraid of what we don’t know. Love and light back to you too xx

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  21. I love the pic of the sun through the trees! Very Sydney Long ‘Fantasy’.
    I have always been an ‘act now and think later’, ‘build your wings on the way down’ type but am beginning to temper my head strong overly romantic nature just a tad. Just a tad mind! because you can actually cause yourself to stall if you think too long, but yes embrace things that float by you. However remember that if you miss one op there will be another if you are open to life.

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