Love is in the Air

There are so many love songs around but some really stand the test of time. I dare you to read these words and listen to the song below and not feel a teeny bit affected. Or is it only me?

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around
Love is everywhere, very sight and every sound
And I don’t know if I’m being foolish, don’t know if I’m feeling wise
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when I look in your eyes.

Love is in the air, in the whisper of a tree
Love is in the air, in the thunder of the sea
And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming, don’t know if I’m feeling safe
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when you call out my name.

Love is in the air
Love is in the air

Oh, love is in the air, in the rising of the sun
Love is in the air, when the day is nearly done
But I don’t know if you’re an illusion, don’t know if I see the truth
But there’s something that I must believe in
And you’re there when I reach out for you.

Forty years on and a very young looking John Paul Young’s words are still corny but oh so catchy. And today, in my life, on Valentines Day in Melbourne, they’ve somehow lifted me when I need it most.

Lake Hart (800x600)

I look around at my world and I feel incredibly blessed.

The sparks might not be as strong but the fire is still burning.

Tonight, after a specialist medical appointment that I’d been especially worried about I arrived home late and found a full on seafood spread for dinner that hubby had prepared, the table was set outside on our decking, the wine was chilled and I felt grateful beyond belief.

This is the spread that hubby prepared on Valentines Day

I realise that it’s in the little things that matter the most. Those meals lovingly prepared, the cups of tea made without asking, the back rubs offered and those phone calls that lift us when we’re feeling down.

Sometimes it’s just a shared joke that takes us to another place.

Life is unexpected, it’s not always exotic and it doesn’t always go as planned but I’m grateful for everything.

I’ve travelled and intend to continue travelling, I have a wonderful home, a loving family, good friends and I’m surrounded by beauty. I have goals I’m working towards and dreams that are becoming real.

Still, there are days I get pulled down into a pit of worry that, unless I catch myself, could see me sliding down that cliff edge. Today was one of those days, emotional and teary.

But it’s all an illusion isn’t it? Everything is an illusion.

me hanging onto Dan (800x600)

I’ve not really fallen down that cliff edge and I’m not likely to. I’m standing on a ledge. I’m coping, just as we do.

We pull ourselves up and we get on with life.

Ups and downs, highs and lows, we all have them and we move and change with them.

Everything is a big cycle.

The tides of change are powerful. I can feel them.

I feel as though this year is going to be BIG. I feel a huge sense of expansion and anticipation and at times it feels so overwhelming that it takes my breath away.

Yet, I’m focusing on what I have, what I can do and the next steps in front of me.

I’m choosing to look around, recognise the lessons and see the possibilities. It’s there … the possibilities, the miracles and new beginnings.

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around …

It’s in me, it’s in you, it IS you. Look in a mirror and see what’s reflected.

Is it self love and compassion and kindness or is it something less than that?

We’re all a fragment of pieces aren’t we, made up of parts, just like my mosaic mirror here.

Let’s embrace all parts of ourselves all and see the potential within.

I realised before that I hadn’t done my morning practice today and I wondered if it was the reason I was feeling off kilter today.

Try this when you wake up, before the sunrise greets the day and your feet hit the floor.

This is what I usually do and I forgot today.

Take two minutes to pause.

Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and think about all the abundance you already have in your life. There is always something to be thankful for.

Be grateful and start the day with affirmations that are empowering.

I am whole

I am grateful

I am blessed and in harmony with myself

I am perfect in my imperfections

I am love

Harry knows. It’s never too late to shift our thinking and to get into a better position.

With that thought, I’m off to give the hub a cuddle, put on the kettle and treat myself to some dark chocolate.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Be kind to yourself and remember, the greatest love of all is the love we have for ourself.

Love yourself first, the world will follow.

In light and love

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131 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. Well said Miriam I do love that song, who doesn’t? So many days I second guess and wonder if I’m on the right track to where I want to go (and I don’t mean when we’re travelling!). But I’m just trusting in putting heart and soul into what and who I love and walking away from the people who sap your life and bring you down. Best wishes to you. 😊

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  2. Strong and inspirational message Miriam. Thank you.

    I hate to spoil the moment, but I have to admit that when I first heard this song on the radio I thought it was something to do with being attracted to an air hostess as I thought he was singing “Lovers in the Air”!

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  3. Wonderful message here dear Miriam.. What a wonderful welcome home after a tiring tense day… And yes its all in the little things.. Often those little things we overlook.. And you continue to inspire us with your wisdom.. I also love that Song.. And the Love it shares like the Love that is true, will stand the test of Time.. So no wonder it is a favourite of ours..
    Have a beautiful week.. Much love..
    Sue ❤

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  4. JPY memories, he hit the winning formula with that song for sure. As for you falling into the pit recently, you are not alone in there Miriam, but climbing out is what makes the difference. I lost my old dad (96) a few days ago and sleeping is not going well, so some quiet meditation time would be lovely. Your hubs is a real star and I hope all is well with you. X

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  5. Miriam, you really do have a way with putting it all together, an easy flow from one thought to the next that all leads inevitably to your positive message at the end. I really look forward to reading your posts, and feel blessed to have found your blog. Much love.

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  6. Oh Miriam, I think I’m going to cry – I am so touched! The song lyrics are amazing and so true. Love is in the air and and is everywhere —- including inside of each one of us. ❤ I am constantly learning so much about that with forgiveness, with healing the places inside and touching them with love.

    There is such beauty in everything you share. For example: "I realise that it’s in the little things that matter the most."
    I LOVE that your husband made you dinner.

    And what you wrote about life being an illusion….and to embrace ourselves and our potential….AND your suggested morning practice of breathing, gratitude, and affirmations… are all so wonderful. Thank you, thank you Miriam. I do see once again how connected we are in our conscious awareness of our hearts. ❤

    I love you! Thank you for sharing this for #ForgivingFridays – I'll include it in tomorrow's post!

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    1. Hi Debbie, I’m so glad that my post touched you, I thought it seemed so right to include it in your beautiful Forgiving Friday’s, our thoughts often feel so aligned. Thank you for your very kind words here. Wishing you a beautiful end of the week. Hugs and love to you xo 💜

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  7. Boy Doug missed his calling, he should be a Chef…he’s quite the cook. That looked delicious…and having the wine chilled, eating out on the deck…a wonderful ending to a shaky start! I love that photo of the waves crashing in the inlet…it’s spectacular and just seems so powerful. If you look at the pic of the fire and look at the clouds over to the right they almost make a heart shape. I love your affirmations…I will say them before I put my feet on the floor tomorrow morning!! You are so right about ups and downs and how we all have them…when the downs get really down you just have to chill and back off from them, they will eventually pass…even when it seems like it’s taking forever…all things must and will pass. Ask Harry if he would mind moving over a tad, I’m going to join him!! Big Valentine hugs, Deb xo ❤

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    1. You’re right Deb and I often say the same thing to Doug, he’s a great cook, especially when it comes to Thai or Asian. I’m very lucky! Oh and he cooks a mean steak too! It was so nice to come home to that after my emotional day. Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better. I’ve had a big day in the city today with Doug, finances and stuff, and now we’re on our way back home. And when you wake it’ll be your Friday too. Hope you have a great day my lovely friend. Big hugs xo ❤️

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      1. I love steak…so have him at the ready for when I come to visit! I hope you were successful with all the finances and stuff. It’s now Friday night and I’m finally relaxing…ahhh! Big hugs xo ❤

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        1. One day soon I’ll tell you what transpired from our day long meeting.
          And yes, Doug’s always ready to cook a steak … so glad to hear you’re relaxing. Enjoy Deb, you deserve it. Big hugs xo ❤️

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        2. I hope it was a positive outcome!
          That’s good to hear…I like mine medium rare to medium please…yes I actually fell asleep for a little bit…Big relaxing hugs xo ❤

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        3. Of course you do!!!
          Oh yay…so good…see I told you something was brewin’ in a good way!!!
          Big hugs xo ❤ I just learned how to hearts…I never knew how before so you'll be getting lots of hearts now too!! 😉

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  8. What a beautiful Valentine’s Day post! And I so agree that love is often shown in the small things, especially years into the relationship. It is so good to recognize those things so that we can acknowledge just how blessed we really are. Thanks for this post, Miriam! It was a mood-lifter!

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    1. Glad this post lifted you Ann. Yes, we can become complacent after so many years of being married so it’s nice to acknowledge and be truly grateful for the little things (that really are big things). Have a lovely weekend Ann. x

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  9. So much love and gratitude in your words and in your world sweet soul! And this is a true reflection of the love you embody for life itself 💗🌈 yes, we do all have those down days and life is always moving and sometimes we fail to keep up and stay afloat, but as you rightly remind us, ‘Love is in the air every time we look around…’ we just need to be open to seeing. Another deep and moving post from you Miriam 🙏🏻❤️ so inspirational xx

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    1. Aww thank you lovely you for your kind words. 🌸You’re right, we all have those up and down days and life is always moving. So long as we stay moving forward and keep putting ourselves back on track. Thank you as always for your beautiful words of support and encouragement my friend. Stay well. xo ❤️

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      1. You are most welcome wonderful you 🙏🏻🌈🌸 and I totally agree, as long as we keep moving and don’t remain stuck or stagnant for too long, all will work out well in the end 😘🌈 I hope you enjoyed your event yesterday Miriam! xx

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        1. It was wonderful! Guess what Hayley, I’ve signed up! So I’m going to their three day training. Now the intense study starts, but I’m so excited. Oh, and next time I see you, I have another book for you too. xo 💖

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Eeek this is incredible news Miriam! How exciting! I ant wait to hear all about your journey 🙏🏻🤗 and thank you so much for securing me another book! I’m very grateful 💝 xx

          Liked by 1 person

        3. It’s my absolute pleasure Hayley. The book is waiting for you, next time we meet. And yes, I’m so excited about this next step in my journey. Stay well and smiling my dear friend. xo 🙂


        4. What a great excuse to catch up again 😉 I’ve just listened to Deb’s audio, such a beautiful soul that she is! Gosh I can’t wait for the day that we all jam together – what a magical day that will be! Love and hugs to you my darling friend ❤ xx

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  10. Such a beautiful post for Valentine’s Day! 🙂 Appreciating every little around us is so important. And it’s a great way to start a Monday! I hope things turned out OK with the specialist. Sending you a big hug! ❤

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. Yeah the specialist appointment went well though I do have to go back for more tests. I’m just staying positive, no point being anything else. 🙂
      Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day. Sending you big hugs for a great week ahead. x ❤️

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  11. Lovely post Miriam. ❤ I think this year is going to be BIG as well. Things can get overwhelming as life seems to have that tendency. I love the affirmations you've shared and intend to use some of them in my own practice. Your hubby's Valentine dinner spread looks like it was quite tasty. I hope that you've had a beautiful week. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Amy, and yes, things do have a tendency to get overwhelming. I guess that’s where taking a step back and a few deep breaths is always good. Then it’s forwards again. Life is good here, hope it is for you too. Have a wonderful week. x ❤️

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  12. Hello dear Miriam, a very special and beautiful post…
    Thank you for this wonderfully flowing piece from you. I’m not going to gloss over and tell you I’m sorry to hear you were having a flat day. I now believe they are growing pains and necessary to our evolution. It takes a bit of a reminder to remember that they are here for a reason.
    I trust it was rich in the teachings and insights it brought you, my friend.
    Much love to you 🌈🦋💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Challenging days are definitely part of the journey Di, there’s no doubt about that. As we both know there are lessons in everything. Thanks for your beautiful and supportive words my lovely friend. xo 🌈🌟

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      1. They certainly are, my friend. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to awaken to?
        Glad we are on this journey watching each other grow and find our voice🦋
        I’m very grateful for you…💕💐

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  13. So lovely… Love was in the air for me on Valentine’s night too Miri and this song just transported me back to when I first heard it age 18 and in love with hubby.. getting ready to leave home and venture on our journey through life together. On Valentine’s night we also spent a lovely evening relaxing together with good food and wine, reminding ourselves of how lucky we truly are to have each other and to still love each other deeply after 40+ years together.. years which have simply flown by and we’ve entered a new chapter. You’re right – it’s an exciting year but this last few weeks I think I’ve been dangling off the cliff and am climbing back up and I think it’s about facing some barriers and blocks that I need to break through and then hopefully I’ll be flying with my Eagle friend once more as she soars…. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it a great song Wendy, timeless, and so uplifting and I’m happy that it was able to transport you back to the time when you and Bryan first met. Music and memories are wonderful like that, aren’t they? You are indeed fortunate to still have such a strong and loving relationship. 40 years strong, is amazing, here’s to the next 40!
      Now my friend, it’s time to stop dangling and start climbing back up that cliff. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too but you know your own strength and you’ll get there. Here’s to flying high together. xo

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