Poem: Magical Moonbeams

Here’s a beautiful poem that spoke straight to my heart today. Thank you Wendy for sending me this very moving and touching poem on a mother’s love and influence that never dies. And to so many of you who have been there, with friendship and kind words of support during this sad time, I also say a heartfelt thanks.


I’m posting this full version of a poem I posted as a ‘short version’ a few months ago, in support of one of our fellow bloggers who has very recently lost her mum and I apologise to those who have read the short version previously..

To all those like myself who have lost their mums:

Magical Moonbeams

From heavenly gates I sneak and down moonbeams slide,

to peep back to Earth with a feeling of pride,

and for a moment I think my job as a mother is done,

as I see my growing family, enjoying their lives with love and fun.

But then dark clouds obscure my view

and in an instant that familiar feeling of fear anew,

and I realise that a mother’s job never really ends

and my love and support I still need to send.

So, I take out a small sparkling box from my gown,

and sprinkle it’s…

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17 thoughts on “Poem: Magical Moonbeams

  1. Oh Miriam – how silly and trifle of me to mention my sniffles when you are going through such heart ache … I did not know of your Mothers passing and I’m so sorry to hear only now… I’ve been off line for a few days… Wrapping you in arms of love and healing – if ever you wish to take a walk or have a cup of tea, please don’t hesitate to ask xx

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    1. Hayley, that’s quite okay, everyone leads their own lives and it’s actually good and necessary sometimes to be off line and present in the real world. That’s what I did last week.
      Thank you for your kind words and wishes … who knows, one day it would be lovely to meet up and have that cup of tea. Hugs. xo

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      1. I totally agree – nature has really been my sanctuary these last few days, as I am sure it is yours. Staying connected can also mean remaining connected to all that is and the beauty around us. And of course nature connects us to our dearly departed. My Dad loved gardening and so I find him wherever I turn, and I know you sense that too with your Mum. Love and hugs xx

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        1. So very true Hayley. I’m finding it so much easier to cope when I’m outside in nature and in my garden. In fact, I’ve just come inside now! Love and hugs to you as well. xo

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