Going the Distance

At the moment I feel as though I’m on a journey.  But unlike our planned camping trips I don’t quite know where I’m going.   All I know is that I’m searching.  Looking for answers.  A long way within, where there’s a lot of soul searching going on.

P1140474 (800x600)

This is me looking out over the vast and distant Mundi Mundi plains.  Sometimes I feel I don’t know what I’m looking for and yet I know there’s so much out there waiting for me.

P1140480 (800x600)

So many new places and experiences just waiting.  Even though I’m not sure what’s over the distant horizon I still need to take that leap of faith into the unknown.

P1010451 (800x600)

It’s fear that often stops me.  I know that.

Not daring to do more or venture somewhere more exciting in case it leads to failure or disappointment.

Routine stops me too. It’s safe doing the same thing, day after day.  Driving the same road.

P1010217 (800x533)

But with risks come opportunities. And when the road curves, like through the Flinders Ranges, I’ll keep following it until I get to where I need to be.  Even if I need to take detours, I’ll stay focused on The Road to Positivity, as I wrote about earlier this year.

Sometimes we just wanna know how far it is (800x533)

Yet there are times I get so impatient.

And I want the answers to appear.  Like, how far.  When?  Where?  Why?

What’s the distance?

P1010297 (800x600)

Sometimes the answers just aren’t there.  But that doesn’t mean we have to stop searching.  It means we have to go deeper.  Delving beyond the surface.  Into ourselves.

P1010739 (800x533)

Like on our Ridgetop mountain walk at Arkaroola when we were far from the road and miles from anywhere.  But slowly but surely, one step in front of the other, we made our way down.  Just as I know I’ll find my way to where I’m meant to be.  Moving forwards.

Distance (800x600)

So here I am in uncharted territory, much as we were above, driving on the vast South Australian sand dunes.  But rather than feeling nervous I feel excited.  I can’t explain it except to say that for the first time in a long while I feel I can go the distance.  I feel guided.  And inspired.

Thanks for coming along with me for the ride.

This is in response to Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 26 – Distance

May we all survive the distance to reach where ever it is we’re going.  I wish you peace and a safe journey.

107 thoughts on “Going the Distance

  1. Love, Love, LOOOOVE this post! I absolutely adore how you are able to put photos in that capture your feelings. Every time you do that it’s just so perfect!! So glad I came across this today of all days 😉

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  2. Lovely post and pictures telling a deeper message. I would love to join you looking out across those views as I consider which road to travel myself! Alas they’re all a lot more crowded here – literally and metaphorically! The space around you is stunning and looks so liberating. Beautiful. Warmest wishes to you, Miriam.

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    1. Thanks so much Annika. I wish all my spaces were as peaceful as those on my post. They’re wonderful scenes of our outback Australian trips and indicative of how I’m feeling right now. But rest assured all our roads aren’t this quiet! 🙂

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  3. I look at life as an adventure. And to do that I think you have to be curious; always wondering just what is around the next corner. It may not be your “cup of tea”, but you won’t know unless you venture there. It so easy to work ourselves into a rut, the climb out is the test. And if we do chose to climb out and feel fulfilled and rewarded, both physically and emotionally, then you know you are on the right course. You go girl!

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  4. Miriam – I can identify with so much that you’ve written here – about staying stuck as a result of fear and habit and using both as an excuse to travel the same old well worn paths – both physically and metaphorically. Lovely pictures, what amazingly wild places.

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  5. Beautiful Miriam! I wish I had your posts during the confusing times of my 20s! I felt like I was always on the wrong road and was under so much stress! Thankfully I feel very happy with how my journey is going now but believe me there were many many years of wandering. So I can truly relate to your beautiful post. I think you should put all this into a book as I can see how so many people can relate and would be inspired by your words!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re happy now and feel as though you’re on the right road. I’m sure there are many others that struggled as you did in your 20s. And thank you so much for your kind words, they mean more than you realize. I’ve been playing with the idea, more and more, about turning my posts into some type of inspirational book. So it’s amazing that you should suggest that. Thanks Nicole xox

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        1. Oh, thanks Nicole, that’s so kind of you to say, means a lot to me. Who knows what will happen. At this stage it’s a bit of a pipe dream …

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  6. Fear and routine… definitely 2 things that trouble me, too. But you are so positive that you can overcome and get where you want/need to be! That is truly wonderful. That one, I don’t have. I also don’t have “the answer”… The deeper inside myself I search for it, the farther I am from it. I think… I just don’t have it in me. Trying to find it only makes my reality that much more prominent in my mind and I realize that any dreams I’ve ever had are so far from reality they’re ridiculous.

    Debated whether or not to post this… I should have probably stopped after the word “wonderful”…. please if you want to edit out the rest, please please do it.

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    1. No way would I edit it Sandra. It’s all about being honest and real and not about sugar coating anything. None of us know the answers, not really. And I think we’re all searching and trying to find our own version of happiness. Hold onto those dreams Sandra and just remember that despite what you might think, you’re not alone with how you feel. Hugs xox

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      1. You know what’s kind of sad? Well, very sad? I have such trouble with being positive that when I see it in someone else, I almost _always_ think it’s fake! It seems like something so unattainable that I have trouble believing anyone really has it!

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        1. Well maybe you’re right. You know what they say “fake it till you make it”. Maybe we’re all going round faking it but I’d like to think there’s a turning point where we really do feel positive and good about ourselves.

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        2. Oh, I know that even if anyone is faking it, it’s good for them and maybe it eventually feels true. But I think I’m way too much of a realist (fatalist?) to be able to do that myself!

          Of course, some people really lay it on thick… constantly. Totally over the top. They are especially difficult to believe. And they kind of make me want to throw up. 😀 (By the way, I am NOT talking about you – I hope you don’t think that! You are very real and I get where you’re coming from.)

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  7. Your journey and search for answers is rather more dramatic than the one faced by most of us. (I have a short commute to and from work each day.) I hope it all goes well. Take plenty of water! 🙂

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  8. Very inspiring, I reflected back on a time when I had to make a leap of faith and trust it would all come together. As long as I kept taking action it did all come together. Trust, faith and action, they were what got me through. Thank you for this post:)

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  9. “Even if I need to take detours, I’ll stay focused on The Road to Positivity”

    Sometimes those detours are where life hides it’s best treasures.

    Great blog, and great use of pictures. They tell your story even without the words.
    Good luck on your journey and remember to make frequent stops and take lots of pictures.

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    1. Aw, thanks so much Steve, love your words here. I agree that sometimes “those detours are where life hides it’s best treasures”. We just have to keep our eyes open. Appreciate your comment.

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    1. Thanks so much Marie, I’m so incredibly behind in accepting these awards but I do really appreciate it. Maybe a combined acceptance post down the track will be the way to go. Thanks again. xo


      1. I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of not so good things lately, haven’t had much time to read blogs. As I’m starting to cope, I’m catching up. Your posts always have something to inspire me. Thank you!

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  10. I know these feelings you spoke of. I’m at a bit of a crossroads kind of place, searching for a new job due to an employer going bust. At this time in my life (59) I never imagined I’d be where I am. My life has been one of many diversions off the track, most worthwhile, but the couple that haven’t been — well, they have shaped my responses to life in a way. This was a good post to read this morning.

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    1. Glad my post resonated with you Kim. It’s funny how life throws us these challenges, as though to test us, when we least expect it. All the best in your job search, I hope you find something soon. I really do know what it’s like …

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  11. Love this post Miriam as it reminds me that we haven’t been off the unbeaten track for a while now. We sold our caravan a while ago and we are concentrating on doing some short overseas trips at the moment. We do however intend going camping to Carnarvon Gorge in Northern Queensland in a few months time. I love being amongst nature and this will be my fix. 🙂

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    1. That sounds so great, I’d love to get up to the Red Centre and the Kimberleys this year but we’ll just wait and see what happens. Enjoy your travels Kathy. 🙂


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  13. Loved the photographs! I guess there are days when I’m perfectly happy not knowing where I’m going, and other days when I wouldn’t mind a road map – although, most of the detours end up teaching me something (usually to be a little more patient with students, or myself!)
    Another thoughtful post, thank you!

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  14. Beautiful post, Miriam. I love sharing your journey with you, in a small, little way, through your blog. Thank you for inviting us all along, for allowing us all to encourage each other, and for being with me on my own journey. Wishing you peace in your heart as you go onward!

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  15. Woah! Such beautiful pics and amazing words 🙂 Your blog is indeed a pleasure to follow Miriam 🙂 I also want to go on drives without any destination in mind 🙂 Simply drive along the curves 🙂 One day hope I make this dream come true 🙂

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  16. I think I’ve been feeling that way too this year. That there is something there I’m supposed to … .

    I love your pictures! They capture so well what you’re describing!

    *hugs* I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far, dear heart! ❤

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