Painted Skies

Rainbows are a blessing from up above, stunning and magical in any language.   And as Easter draws near it seems fitting to post some photos depicting the splendour from high above us, one of the greatest natural light shows, signalling hope and renewal after rain.

So when I saw Thurdays Special Physical Phenomenon theme it seemed a perfect opportunity to share some moods of mother nature’s skies.

Tasmanian rainbow

How strange that this rainbow, over the Franklin River in Tasmania, is only half born.

Second rainbow

But then it grew and became a full arch, in all of its glory. Like an upside down smile in nature. Tears and light being born out of a dark place.  And colors to inspire and enjoy.

Sunset on car

Just like this sunset.  A few years ago we spent Easter camped at Little Desert Wildlife Sanctuary and the night skies were spectacular.  This sunset reflected off the windscreen of our Pajero, a stunning kaleidoscope of burnt passion colors in the night sky.

And when it’s over, the memories remained.  As Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

As Easter draws near I wish you all blessings and beauty in painted skies and hope in renewal of nature.

This is in response to Paula’s Thurdays Special Physical Phenomenon

May we always be looking up so that we never miss a rainbow or a sunset in the sky.




75 thoughts on “Painted Skies

  1. Awesome beauty. I love the peaceful feelings I get whenever I see a Rainbow, and the story I was told about it when I was a child comes up as well. All in all, I give God the glory for his awesome creativity.

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  2. Beautiful words to conclude this outstanding post. The rainbow shots show it in its enviable glory, and your sunset with captured reflection warms my heart. Beautiful offering from you Miriam. Thank you.

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  3. Gorgeous pictures! I am always telling people to look up! They are missing a lot because they don’t look up ~ Clouds, International Space Station, satellites, shooting stars, stars, planets, birds, all kinds of interesting things!

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  4. I love the sunset photos. Im in total agreement. I think skies we have as a gift each day. And they change especially in Melbourne. I hate the Ring road with a passion but i do love the big skyscapes that you can see when on it.

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