Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 18 – A Sweet life

This week Hugh’s challenge was to photograph something that was sweet.  Easy enough given that Easter is literally around the corner.  My photos depict the sense of taste, that sweet tingle that floods your body with happiness and love  … and that often goes way beyond the physical.


Anyone for coffee?  This was a couple of days ago,  two short black espresso coffees out on our backyard decking.  In a life that’s busy and filled with rushing around and routine chores it was so nice to sit outside, breath in the fresh air and enjoy a mid afternoon coffee fix.  We both like some sugar as well as a little bit of chocolate on the side.


And then tonight, after dinner we sat and indulged in a glass of our favorite port, Galway Pipe.  We don’t do this very often but it reminded me of sweet days when the kids were really little. The round candle that sits on the table between us is the shape of a green apple and, believe it or not, we had it well before the kids were born.  That’s more than 18 years ago.  I guess until recently it was purely ornamental.  Now it’s being used.


I remember, how we used to feed the kids dinner, we’d bath them, read them a story and they’d be tucked up in bed by 6.30pm. Then we’d have what we called our “second sitting” where we could savor our meal in peace, with a glass of wine, with time to chat and catch up on our day.  That was a long time ago, these days we all enjoy eating together.  More sweet times.

Just before Easter I wish you all sweet days.  However you celebrate this weekend I hope you all savor some special time with the ones you love.

59 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 18 – A Sweet life

  1. Oh! this is so sweet. Reminds me of our bonding time at night when the kids are asleep. We’d watch a film wh ile lying in the sofa, hugging and chatting. One cup of coffee is enough for us, we love to share. Nice post!

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  2. I would love to have joined you for coffee, Miriam, especially with a bar of aero mint chocolate also on the go. 😄

    This is such a lovely sweet post. You’ve described everything so well. Oh, those lovely cosy evenings. We were drinking port after dinner yesterday evening, the first time we’d opened the bottle for some time. Certainly helped me sleep very well.

    Thank you for joining me for this week’s challenge.

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  3. You would have been most welcome to join us Hugh, both for the coffee and the port. I would have had to arm wrestle you though, for the last of the Aero 🙂 Always fun to take part in your challenges. Happy Easter to you.

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