3 Quotes, 3 day Challenge – Day Two

we-travel-not-to-escape-life (1)

This quote resonates with me in a big way.  Life is about getting out of our comfort zone, creating memories and making each day count – at least in my eyes. When I travel, whether it’s into the mountains, the outback or Australia’s vast coastline I’m always excited at the prospect of yet-to-be explored places.  I love to plan and research where I’m going.  I love the excitement, the build up and the anticipation of a trip.

At the end of the journey, however, there’s nowhere quite like home and no better place to lay my head on then my own pillow.  I sometimes feel flat when the adventure’s over but I know eventually there’ll be another one.

The reality is, we have to live, support our kids while they’re still at school and routines have to resume. The key is to love life in the meantime. And to create new adventures, whether they’re at home, right in our own backyard or further afield.

Thanks again to  Arcane Owl from A Wayward Scribblez for nominating me. And on day two I nominate the following equally inspiring bloggers:

By Land and Sea

Adventures in juggling

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I hope you’re able to join in, but if you can’t it doesn’t matter!

Don’t let life escape you. Happy travelling.

8 thoughts on “3 Quotes, 3 day Challenge – Day Two

  1. I love this quote too and I agree with you about travelling, the anticipation, the way it takes over our lives for a while and then we are back home again with lots of memories. Really enjoyed your post 😊

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