Mundane Monday #51 Grazing roos

Seeing kangaroos on the side of the road is a pretty common sight in Australia, particularly at dusk and dawn.   After dark I’m always mindful of the need to drive slowly, especially in my area which is quite rural.  Roos have zero road sense and an unpredictable tendency to hop out in front of drivers.  My sister-in-law had her car written off after an incident with a roo and my own daughter, learning to drive, also had a close encounter with a big kangaroo that hit the bull bar of the Pajero she was in.  He came off second best.

But the other night I couldn’t help but stop for a photo.  There were literally hundreds of them, grazing on the hills.  They’re a bit hard to make out against the setting sun on the hills but it was a spectacular sight.  So many kangaroos, so much content.

Mundane Monday kangaroos

They were clearly unperturbed by my presence.  So many ordinary things we pass by and often miss on the road to where we’re going, especially if we rush and don’t look around.

This is in response to TraBlogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge #51

(even though it’s no longer Monday)  … a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.

Where ever you’re traveling today, stay safe and may you keep your eyes open to the life and the beauty that surrounds you.

75 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #51 Grazing roos

      1. I love the roos. We see them along the Main Yarra trail on our bikes and there are some big mobs up Templestowe way. It amazes me how they live so close to teh suburbs sometimes. I was at the gym one morning and saw one hoping down the street in Rosanna and one heading for Burgundy street another morning. Obviuously they got a bit off the track!

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        1. Yeah, they definitely have got closer and closer to suburbia. Really have to be on the lookout. We have them in our back paddock too, they often visit down by the creek. Sounds like we live fairly close to each other!

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  1. Wow! There are so many of them. We often have run ins with Springbok when we drive at night in the Free State. There are no roadlights on some rural roads and we’ve avoided more than our fair share of accidents. Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture and wonderful post. 🙂

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  2. A good comparison here would be the deer population. Sadly, here in the US I see at least 10 or more deer dead on the road everyday.


  3. That is amazing! Wow The closest thing I can compare it to are he moose in Alaska. Growing up in New Hampshire, I’d seen the occasional moose, but in Alaska they walk right down the highway….into parking lots…across 6 lane roads. They just don’t care.

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  4. It’s so funny that kangaroos are mundane to you! My heart would stop if I saw one! Here, there are deer that love to jump out in front of cars, and further north, moose, which are huge and can kill a person if he or she is driving fast enough. I never hit a deer before, but I’ve had some encounters with them while walking or biking, and they always take my breath away. They are so graceful and beautiful… and just as easily startled by me as I am by them. They remind me of my delicate tension with creation and make me feel more alive. Thank you for the reminder.

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    1. It’s not so much that they’re mundane, far from it actually, more that seeing them is a fairly common occurrence. But I have respect for them and feel much like you do with the deer, they’re amazing to watch, especially when they box with each other. It’s quite a sight!


  5. Gotta say I am a little envious. i have never been in the presence of a kangaroo. Now I could, share an image of a murder of crows as we have lots of these 🙂 Great shot, Miriam!

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  6. What a beautiful photo! The only kangaroos I’ve ever seen are in a zoo, and I had no idea they were so common in Australia that they are actually a driving hazard. We have that problem with deer here in the Midwest part of the United States. Like the kangaroos, they are prone to jump suddenly in front of a car, especially in the night.

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    1. Yes they’re definitely a driving hazard Ann, especially at dawn and dusk. And mostly just in the rural areas, though they often manage to find their way into suburbia too.


    1. Yeah, some of them are massive. And we’ve had encounters with emus too. Years ago at the Grampians two ran through our windscreen. The car was a mess and so were the emus who ran off undoubtedly with massive headaches.


  7. I heard from a friend of mine from Australia that a kangaroo hit their car! It must be pretty difficult to prepare for such things on the road. Nice sunset and there are a lot of kangaroos!!

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