Mindful in May

This time last year I took part in Mindful in May, a month long global online mindfulness and meditation campaign.  It raised more than $287,000 for much needed clean water to communities throughout third world countries. This year the founder is taking a “mindful sabbatical” due to motherhood so it’s been put on hold until … More Mindful in May

Animal Aid

The healing power of touch can’t be disputed.  Calming, relaxing, nurturing, we all need it.  And when it comes to animals there’s little doubt how much comfort they provide. Since my mum has been in the care facility she’s lost many of her senses.  I go in whenever I can, I hold her hand, stroke … More Animal Aid

Ups and Downs

I am on a single span chairlift. Probably about 50 metres up from the ground.  It reminds me of the time in Tasmania a few years ago when we took a chairlift ride across Cataract Gorge in Launceston. Heights have never been my thing, especially as I’ve got older. Normally the first thing I do is put the bar across … More Ups and Downs

Thought for Thursday

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.” This is one of my favourite sayings at the moment. For all it’s simplicity it has a truth that, though I try hard not to, I often forget. Life is rarely perfect and if it feels like it is, inevitably … More Thought for Thursday