Racing Thoughts

I’m the one that gets your heart racing, I’m the one that makes your body tingle, I’m the one that consumes you at night, I’m the one that gets inside your head, I’m the one constantly beside you in bed. A love affair or a battle with my over active racing thoughts? In my quest … More Racing Thoughts

Let’s Play

Last night after dinner we went for a walk and on the way home we detoured to the local park near the kindergarten where my son (now 15) attended years ago.  “I’m going on the swing mum” he said, running off before I could reply. I used to love it when the kids were younger … More Let’s Play

Wednesday Wandering

Every morning I walk my dog Harry, unless something happens to throw me off schedule.  It’s always a peaceful way to start the day, it clears the cobwebs and allows me to focus on the moment.  This morning I noticed the signs.  Everywhere I looked they were all around me. The creek, normally so clean … More Wednesday Wandering

Massage anyone?

Who doesn’t love a good massage?  I, for one, am a sucker for a long luxurious back rub. Actually any sort of body rub is good. Foot massage, head rub.  Ask anyone who knows me well. Even a two minute one. Hey, who am I kidding, even a 60 second one! Call me weird if you will, … More Massage anyone?