“Time spent in self reflection is never wasted. It is an intimate date with yourself.” Paul TP Wong The past few weeks have been a time of quiet contemplation. Although I’ve been busy writing for a number of magazines things have been otherwise quiet. I’ve had some ups but also a lot of stress that’s … More Reflection

Mirrored Truths

They say a mirror speaks the truth but when I look at it why does it feel like an illusion. Like the face that stares back at me that wears a smile but hides pain and confusion.

Sitting on the Fence

Recently I’ve noticed I tend to get lost in my own mind, making decisions painstakingly slowly. Sometimes it’s worth it, but sometimes we need to take a leap in life, just like I did with this blog. I never really thought about where it would lead me – and it wasn’t really something blindingly logical. … More Sitting on the Fence