Waiting Dreaming Fantasising Wild imagining like a gift still unwrapped. Tension mounts Stirrings awaken Talking and planning A delicious contemplation. Scintillating Nerve wracking Palpitations Like a deep massage an unscratchable itch. When senses collide Lustful impatience builds desire to fever pitch. Anticipating Passionate daydreams A journey unfolds As desires emerge to become one. Tantalisingly near … More Anticipation

Focus on your dreams

I had a dream the other night that I left my bag on a tram. The doors slammed shut and I couldn’t get back on. As the tram trundled off I ran after it, frantic, knowing that my purse, my phone and identity had all gone with the tram. And I wouldn’t get it back.

Living on the Edge

Feeling on the brink on the edge of something new tossing around different thoughts to clarity from once confused. In my dreams I’m lost walking alone within streets feeling out of control and somehow incomplete. Feeling on the brink on the edge of something new now awake I contemplate what it is I have to … More Living on the Edge

Ups and Downs

I am on a single span chairlift. Probably about 50 metres up from the ground.  It reminds me of the time in Tasmania a few years ago when we took a chairlift ride across Cataract Gorge in Launceston. Heights have never been my thing, especially as I’ve got older. Normally the first thing I do is put the bar across … More Ups and Downs