News On the Road

A month ago I alluded to some good news with regard to my goals and dreams and today I’m excited to be able to share it. Most of you who’ve been following me for awhile know my story. I’ve been transparent on my blog, finding my voice and my feet, through the last three years … More News On the Road

Tee Pees and Glamping

Not everyone loves the idea of camping. For some the thought of setting up a tent and sharing the ground with squilllions of unknown creatures is akin to torture.  However, as seasoned campers know, that’s not the case at all.

A Mindset Shift

“Just cos you’ve thrown a bearing doesn’t mean all the wheels are gonna fall off the wagon.”  (Quote by a fitter come philosopher, aka, my hubby.) Things that wear out can either be fixed or replaced but we can’t ignore them. Success is all about mindset, isn’t it. Nothing will work unless you do. Maya Angelou … More A Mindset Shift

Winter Wine Time

Age and glasses of wine should never be counted. Italian proverb. It’s winter here in Melbourne but, far from hibernating, things seem to be warming up, at least on the wine calendar. With over 600 cellar doors scattered across 20 wine regions in Victoria, there’s a lot on offer this month. Barely ten minutes away … More Winter Wine Time

Guest Post: My Top 5 Local Eats in Melbourne – A Mindful Traveller

I’m delighted to welcome the lovely Lorelle from A Mindful Traveler to my blog, who I had the pleasure to meet and share a brunch with a few weeks ago in Melbourne. With a shared love of travel and blogging (and eating!) there was no shortage of conversation. Lorelle has a wonderful blog where she … More Guest Post: My Top 5 Local Eats in Melbourne – A Mindful Traveller

All time Favorites

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. Oscar Wilde. Are you one of those people that can remember faces, numbers and names long after you’ve discovered them? That’s not me. Something happened after I hit 50. I walk to the kitchen pantry and think “now, what was I looking for” or … More All time Favorites


In my neck of the woods things are a bit twisted. There’s yarn bombing down the Main Street, along the railway fence, which acts as a canvas for knitted trains and assorted rural scenes. Not far away, at Strathewen, street poles are knitted and twisted. Who would think something so ordinary could look so snug … More Twisted

Shine On

We’re all here to shine, sometimes we just forget to turn on the light. As I was scrolling through all my emails the other day, one jumped out at me. It was titled “This is your time to shine.” Even though it was probably auto-generated to thousands of people the words hit me right in … More Shine On