All time Favorites

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. Oscar Wilde. Are you one of those people that can remember faces, numbers and names long after you’ve discovered them? That’s not me. Something happened after I hit 50. I walk to the kitchen pantry and think “now, what was I looking for” or … More All time Favorites


In my neck of the woods things are a bit twisted. There’s yarn bombing down the Main Street, along the railway fence, which acts as a canvas for knitted trains and assorted rural scenes. Not far away, at Strathewen, street poles are knitted and twisted. Who would think something so ordinary could look so snug … More Twisted


How is it that at this late stage in life I feel I’m finally awakening? Something seems to have shifted this year. It’s like everything that’s happened has lead me to this point where each day feels open, vulnerable, expansive and new. Here in Melbourne, in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Autumn and our environment is … More Awakening

2017 Favourites 

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” That quote from Forrest Gump is so apt for this post as, just like a box of Favorites, the year has been (though mostly good) a mixed one. For the current WPC: Favourites theme, here’s a condensed pictorial look back at the year … More 2017 Favourites 

Cheeky Life Lessons

With all of our dramas and flooding issues at home lately, life’s been a bit full on. But enough’s enough!  We all have our hard times so a big step back is sometimes necessary. Time out from the serious stuff where we can take a few deep breaths and focus on something lighter. What better … More Cheeky Life Lessons

Serene and Safe

It’s been a challenging weekend to say the least. Unrelenting rain in Melbourne, extensive flooding inside, saturated carpet, a punctured tyre, ripped couches and naughty dogs have tested my endurance. BUT, believe it or not, amidst all this mayhem is a feeling of acceptance and quiet peace. Okay, I’ll admit, initially I wasn’t so calm … More Serene and Safe