Remembering Mum

You taught me love is everywhere you taught me not to judge you taught me to be true to myself and never to begrudge.   You taught me to be honest to always look for good to accept other people beyond our neighborhood.   You taught me responsibility and to always do my best that … More Remembering Mum

Focus on your dreams

I had a dream the other night that I left my bag on a tram. The doors slammed shut and I couldn’t get back on. As the tram trundled off I ran after it, frantic, knowing that my purse, my phone and identity had all gone with the tram. And I wouldn’t get it back.

Spanish Flavours

I’ve made this cake so many times I know it off by heart. Last week I baked it for my sister’s birthday. It’s a recipe I stumbled upon years ago and one that became mum’s “go to” cake whenever her Italian friends visited. It’s light and moist, has the most amazing crust and best of all is super easy to … More Spanish Flavours

Looking Up

Today in Melbourne was one of those glorious days when the sun was shining and the perfumed spring blossoms made the world feel alive and full of promise. Yet despite all that my well felt dry. How can the world feel so gray when all around the sky is blue? Then out of the blue … More Looking Up

Anchoring at Sale

I’ll never forget when I first left home.  I was so excited about venturing out on my own but there were also some fears and nerves and a tinge of sadness at leaving the place where I’d grown up. Where I’d gone to school, had my first date, boyfriend, my first job.