Let’s Play

Last night after dinner we went for a walk and on the way home we detoured to the local park near the kindergarten where my son (now 15) attended years ago.  “I’m going on the swing mum” he said, running off before I could reply. I used to love it when the kids were younger … More Let’s Play

Storm Clouds

Tensions rising, lightness disappearing. Adrenalin high, senses imploding. Need to regain the moment of clarity and ease. Dark clouds looming ominous and threatening to drench us, engulf and drown us. But we emerge into the light and under a half baked moon life continues. Tonight there was palpable tension in our household. Loud words, too … More Storm Clouds

A taste of Tasmania

I’ve been to Tasmania at least five times. I’ve camped, hiked, cycled, sailed, eaten and drunk my way from one end of this island state to the other. But I still haven’t seen it all. This holiday season I’d contemplated a family camping trip along the east coast but it didn’t eventuate. However, it got me thinking, about … More A taste of Tasmania

A laughing matter

I had an interesting visitor today. He laughed a lot, although he didn’t come inside, he was quite content to sit on my decking. He was small, fat and very cute and I’m not talking about an early visit from Santa Claus. When I snapped this first photo of the Kookaburra from inside he seemed to be … More A laughing matter

Sink or Swim

I nearly drowned when I was a little girl. One minute I was wading knee deep in a river, the next I’d stepped into a hole and was over my head. I still remember the panic. Yesterday, as I watched my son swim his last lesson of the year, I realised he doesn’t need them anymore. … More Sink or Swim

Leaves and Elves in Hurstbridge

I was out shopping locally today and couldn’t help stopping to admire the intricate work that’s gone into a colourful Christmas centre piece of nature, right here on my doorstep in Hurstbridge. This grand Wattle tree adds life and Christmas cheer to the main street of my friendly hometown village. It’s been lovingly decorated by community members in an … More Leaves and Elves in Hurstbridge

Ups and Downs

I am on a single span chairlift. Probably about 50 metres up from the ground.  It reminds me of the time in Tasmania a few years ago when we took a chairlift ride across Cataract Gorge in Launceston. Heights have never been my thing, especially as I’ve got older. Normally the first thing I do is put the bar across … More Ups and Downs