A Fork in the Road

We’ve traveled on many roads across Australia and I’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve been faced with decisions and alternatives on which way to go. Which road to take: the high road, the low road, the short cut, the long way.  The four wheel drive track, on the way to adventure, or … More A Fork in the Road

A taste of Tasmania

I’ve been to Tasmania at least five times. I’ve camped, hiked, cycled, sailed, eaten and drunk my way from one end of this island state to the other. But I still haven’t seen it all. This holiday season I’d contemplated a family camping trip along the east coast but it didn’t eventuate. However, it got me thinking, about … More A taste of Tasmania

Get Lost!

A few months ago my car was broken into during the night. Actually I forgot to lock it and some brazen good-for-nothing thieves seized the opportunity. In hindsight I’m lucky my car was still there. I only realised because when I hopped into it the next morning the GPS was missing from the dash. Gone. It took me a … More Get Lost!

Keeping it Simple

I think one of the main reasons I love camping so much is its simplicity. Whenever I travel away from home I’m reminded of how little I need to get by on. Last weekend, as we set up camp at 12 Mile Reserve, by the Goulburn River near Jamieson, I was reminded of this yet again. … More Keeping it Simple

Big River Country

With my kids growing up and having their own commitments it’s getting harder and harder finding the time to get away and do what I love – camp. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way!  A few more years and they’ll be doing their own thing and we’ll be just a couple of (hopefully … More Big River Country

Memoirs of a Camper Trailer – Snapshots of Australia

Recently we sold our camper trailer. We have finally upgraded beyond the tent pegs and canvas. Afterwards I was thinking about all the places we’d taken it to so, for nostalgia sake, I’ve written this post, complete with photos and Memorable Moments (MMs) – happy, not so happy, embarrassing and funny memories of places we’ve visited over the years in this great big country of ours, … More Memoirs of a Camper Trailer – Snapshots of Australia