Curious Connections

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.” Anonymous

From Bowen we head north to Bluewater where we free camp for a couple of nights, using it as a base to commute to Townsville, where we buy four new tyres. Our car costs are ongoing, but that’s okay because so is our journey.

Townsville is the capital of North Queensland and a city we’ve yet to explore properly (more of that in a future post) but for now we’re happy to stay at the Council run sites, each located fairly close to the city. First it’s Bluewater, then we stay at Balgal Beach and lastly Saunders Beach. There’s limited RV sites in each so you need to book online but they have great facilities, are free for 48 hours and are close enough to town.

We arrive at Balgal Beach at 10am just in time for the ANZAC day service, we find the last spot to park the van before stopping for the ceremony. Balgal Beach foreshore is a wonderful place and we can hear the waves crashing on the shore from where we’ve parked. Across the road is a fish and chip kiosk, a jetty and river estuary.

The Characters we Meet

The next day at Balgal I’m sitting in the treed park on the foreshore, watching some red tailed black cockatoos. They’re magnificent birds and I’m mesmerised. Eventually hubby joins me to watch them. The black cockatoos are chewing huge seeds in the trees and totally unperturbed by our presence.

A man stops, comes over to us and starts talking. He’s in his late 60s or early 70s, thin, well dressed, with a character lined face and a few teeth missing.

I smile and say hello, initially hesitant as I’m engrossed in watching the birds. I’m a tad wary as he’s holding a laptop and I’m wondering what he’s trying to flog. But he’s friendly and it’s obvious he wants to chat.

Before I know it he’s talking about banking, investments, deceased estates, buying cheap properties, European passports and dual citizenship. He tells us about properties he’s bought and sold. He opens his laptop and shows us a few photos. Hubby is more interested than I am. He’s curious, asks about us and begins telling us about his life in North Queensland.

My initial wariness eases when he starts talking about his family and his life. He was married he says, lost his wife years ago, and has two successful daughters, both lawyers. He sounds wealthy but he’s driving a $500 car and sleeping in a tent.

The Richness of Life

These days, he says, he likes to keep life simple. He tells us about living off the grid, island pastimes, his Māori friends and getting off the Bruce Highway to visit lesser known towns and places.

When I question him he said he wanted to “plant some seeds in us”, encourage us to be happy, to do whatever we want to because life is short and anything is possible. He tells us the further north we go the more opportunities there will be to “find ourselves.”

These were his words. “Go and find yourself. Learn who you really are. Try things you’ve never tried before. Life is a game, don’t look at it as a struggle, look at it like a game. No stranger has ever said that to me before.

Meeting him felt surreal. It was like he appeared to remind us that the world is full of abundance and possibility. 

One day I’ll look up to see whether my Italian ancestry qualifies me for duel citizenship, when we travel back overseas. He got me thinking.

But for now I’m focused on the present.

Later that afternoon as we walk along the beach and around to the river we meet another man, a lone fisherman sitting and fishing for barramundi. He didn’t really care if he caught any he said. He’s local and this is his happy place. We stop and have a nice chat, about fishing (hubby has only recently taken it up as a hobby) our travels, past jobs, favourite movies. His name is Patrick and he feels familiar, but perhaps it’s because we share similar values. Choosing a lifestyle in tune with nature, harmoniously, living the best life possible.

I see more and more people living life this way. It’s not just older or semi retired people. We’re meeting younger couples and solo travellers choosing differently, no longer settling or conforming to old patterns. The world is awaking from its slumber. Life is becoming simpler.

Just Winging it

On our way back four sea eagles appear in the sky and soar above us. Their wing spans are massive. They glide over us making such a noise. I’ve never heard them so loud or seen them so close and I’m enthralled as our necks crane upwards to take in their majestic presence. I wish I’d had my camera. My soul is stirred.

It’s a day of curious, unexpected encounters, with humans, red tailed black cockatoos and soaring sea eagles. My connection with nature seems to be growing the further I go on this journey. We might be winging it, going with the flow, from one place to the next, but I feel like we’re directing the flow with our choices. Life has never felt as expansive or so in alignment.

May you too feel the closeness and connection of nature wherever you are and wherever you go.

Sending love and light as we continue the journey

Unexpected art under the old bridge at Rollingstone.
Life is full of surprises.

62 thoughts on “Curious Connections

  1. absolutely delightful, so grateful you are mixing the real characters you meet with authentic nature encounters.

    A very wise man … seeing life as a game opens your mind and your heart 🙂 Am most glad to hear that so many others are now thinking outside the box … something I’ve always done, a trait most desperately need!

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  2. I consider such encounters as beacons lighting the way. You are one, too, Miriam. 💖 The more we turn our backs on the fabricated noise, the more we understand the infinite possibilities available to us.

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  3. And the adventure continues with you ~ it is great to read how you are out seeing the world awaking from its slumber… and you and your journey is seeing it all. Wonderful photos, as always, although those eagles would have been a great sight to see 🙂 One of the wonders of travel is meeting people you never expected, and the old man you talked with and said those amazing lines to “Go and find yourself. Learn who you really are. Try things you’ve never tried before. Life is a game, don’t look at it as a struggle, look at it like a game.” is what makes this life of ours so worthwhile. Cheers to you and safe travels ~

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    1. Thanks so much Randall. Yes, the adventures continue and each day I’m grateful for all it brings. We’re meeting so many people along the way, so many that are aligned with this slower and more simple way of living and it really is heart opening. Warmest wishes to you my friend.


  4. Oh beautiful sights indeed …. and the beach sand looks good for walking. Although I’m American, I received my dual citizenship with Italy late last fall … and got my passport (as an ID) last month. But I will travel on my US passport. Find the website of your Italian consulate to see the paperwork required. I was lucky that my dad kept a lot of old documents.

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    1. Hi Frank, good to hear you got your dual citizenship. I’m not quite sure what’s involved from this end but it’s definitely something I want to look into.

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  5. Wow! Your gorgeous photos and inspirational words are a joy to read this spring morning, Miriam. Lately, I’ve been receiving wise words and animal/bird companionship – this tender awakening is awesome…

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    1. It is indeed. I love it when we receive those nudges, words/animals/birds. It seems the Universe knows just what we need. A joy to have you here Kim, thanks for dropping by.

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  6. Sounds like adventures and new faces on the road, Miriam. Sometimes you meet certain people and yes, you get that surreal feeling and they leave such an impact on you. I so agree with your message with this post on choosing a life that is in tune with nature and choosing a more simpler life. There is much to explore in life, going places, meeting fascinating people and experiencing things we’d never thought we would. Life is a journey and it is also what we make of it. Beautiful images of the scenery and wildlife. Keep traveling and enjoy 😊💕

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    1. Hi Mabel,
      Yes indeed, you’re so right, life is indeed a journey and what we make of it. I truly think many of us at this time are discovering that there’s so much more to life, so much to explore, experience and learn. Thank you for your kind words and beautiful presence here. Wishing you well my friend. 💗


      1. You said it very well, Miriam, that many of us are discovering there’s so much more to life. Anything is possible if we believe it is possible. Thank you for sharing your travels and living the narrative you want to live, and being so honest about your experiences with us. Wishing you well too 💕

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  7. I loved reading that dear Miriam…. The Life you are living is now attracting Like for Like… I feel the more you embrace your chosen lifestyle.. the more freedom loving people you are meeting… Indeed you are creating your environment and experiences.. And I was just thinking while reading and then you then said it ..
    “Meeting him felt surreal. It was like he appeared to remind us that the world is full of abundance and possibility. “…. It felt like a guiding, guardian. Encouraging you to follow your compass.. 🙂 your heart…

    I think the more we each open up and live our Dream.. the more we let go of worry, and begin to start to embrace and live in the NOW of moments… Not fret over what happened yesterday or worry about tomorrow…. When we truly embrace the NOW… then that is when the magic begins to happen..

    Loved the Parrots…. and its wonderful to know you are baring witness to many more now seeking and living this life… Learning the true sense of the word ‘Freedom’… I pray more and more wake up to those possibilities in the future…
    Your posts always bring JOY to my heart Miriam…
    Sending LOVE and Well wishes where ever you lay your head… ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Dear Sue, your comments always make me smile as you truly seem to get exactly where I’m at. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reaffirming what I’ve been thinking, namely that we attract the people and experiences in our life through embracing the now moments.

      So true that fretting and worrying serves no purpose, though I’ll admit I still fall victim to that too some days. Mostly however I am so grateful for everything that comes our way. And I’m embracing this wonderful life of choice and freedom. Yes to more and more people following this path.

      Thank you again my dear friend, for being here and your kind wishes. Sending much love and many good wishes your way too. ❤️❤️

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      1. It’s always a privilege, Miriam, to share your journey my friend.
        You embody the free spirit of how life should be lived.

        And we are only human in that we have been programmed in such a way that we worry, and occasionally feel insecure or nervous around situations or people we are unsure of. Which acts as a barometer in a way, so that we take one step at a time testing waters as we go..

        But the more we trust our inner compass, the more we are led onto the path we are so meant to be walking, and the more we walk that path, the more like-minded company we keep ❤️ 💕❤️
        Much love dear Miriam 💖

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  8. What wonderful meetings and connections you made that day, Miriam 😊 And beautiful photos to include here, as well. I just love when we come upon a stranger and they say the exact words we need to hear! I don’t believe in consequences…I believe in something much more Divine.
    So it sounds like things are going well…and for that I am so happy for you 😊 Sweet Blessings, my friend💜

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    1. I don’t believe in coincidences either Lorrie. You’re right, what he said was exactly what I needed to hear. And this seems to be happening more and more. Yes, trusting in the Divine and going with the flow. Thank you my friend. Lovely to see you here and I do hope you’re well. Must pop over at some stage. Sending love your way. 💗


  9. What a wise man. I love his words to you; they really struck me when I read them. I’m two weeks into my leave of absence and am enjoying the sites and sounds of Nice, France, at the moment. Wow, is it ever beautiful here! I feel alive for the first time in ages and can’t wait to find out how this year will change me. What an adventure it’s going to be. I love that you guys are taking it all in and living your best life! You inspire me. ❤️

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    1. Bonjour Tanya! How wonderful to hear from you and even better knowing that you’re in France and having such a great time. I’m so happy for you. Enjoy it all my friend, all the sights, experiences and amazing people that I’m sure you’ll meet. Everything changes us, and being on the go in different places just heightens it even more. La vie est belle. Big hugs from me. ❤️

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  10. G’day Miriam pleased you’ve dropped by my blog, now I can catch up with you. Sounds like you are following the path we explored in 2010 as we spent a year wandering around the perimeter of Aus in a small Toyota Hiace pop top van. Blue Water was one of the memorable freebies we stayed at for a few days. The highlight of travel are the interesting people you meet. I must update my “about” post as it has changed dramatically. Enjoy your trip

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