The Best of Bowen

We stayed longer than we’d planned to. We’d booked in at Horseshoe Bay for three nights, followed by a two week house sit organised for the school holidays. We hadn’t counted on the car hassles that kept us here another full week. But who could complain when this is the backdrop.

The photo above was taken on our first night at Horseshoe Bay, the star attraction of Bowen and only a two minute walk from our site. On this night the moon was full and, standing on the shore, I felt the calm, awe and wonder of the moment. I guess that’s what sea air does to the soul.

There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.” Victor Hugo

The Beaches

Sky above, sand below, peace within.

There are eight stunning beaches within ten minutes drive in Bowen. Truly this place is blessed with an abundance of crystal clear water, sea and sand, whether you love to swim, paddle board, kayak, snorkel or simply stroll along the shore. Bowen beaches, in my opinion, are some of the best in Queensland.

Our favourites? Aside from iconic Horseshoe Bay we loved our late afternoon swims at Rose Bay and relaxing under the shade of palm trees at Murray Bay. Truly a tropical paradise.

Walking Trails

The Cape Edgecumbe trail is a real adventure and the 2.5km walk is best done in the early morning. Whether you only walk to the lookout or hike further, as we did, to the secluded bays and beaches at Murray Bay and Rose Bay, the scenery along the way is unforgettable.

Out the front of Horseshoe Bay a walking track leads right across to Queens Beach, along the green leafy foreshore. And in the heart of Bowen you can stroll along the jetty and check out where some of the movie Australia was filmed years ago with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

Best Sunset Spots

There are so many places to enjoy sunset in Bowen. Head to the top of Flagstaff Hill Lookout for 360 spectacular views. In town you can walk along the historic jetty and soak up the seaside vibes.

Take the trail to the top of Mother Beddock for inspiring views or picnic at gorgeous Greys Bay. My personal favourite spot was from our site which overlooked Greys Bay and the ever changing sea and sky. We had prime waterfront views at dinner time, the ultimate alfresco dining.

The Home-sit and Friendships

House sitting and pet minding is proving to be a wonderful way of staying in new places, meeting like minded people and enjoying reciprocal benefits.

We spent two weeks looking after a very comfy home and Elly the border collie. With air con and a pool it was a great base to enjoy the town and catch up on chores like dry cleaning the caravan curtains, dental check ups and getting our car serviced. Speaking of which …

The Breakdown

We weren’t expecting this but then who does. We’d had some mechanical issues,the bearings replaced and thought everything was fine. But the car wasn’t right and had to go back a second time. And then a third time, when something happened that I can’t even fathom. This was serious. And it put our car out of action for a week. BUT

Angels must have been looking after us. The way it happened, the timing, where we were, the way help came, the couple we met that day who gave us a lift back to Bowen. We were near Collinsville, a long way from our house sit. It took a week and lots of phone calls to finally get our car back after it was towed away. It deserves its own story but that’s for another time.

Bringing out the Best

These past three weeks have flown by. We feel we know Bowen intimately now, even through mix ups with medications and prescription orders, stuff ups with curtains and of course the mechanical mayhem. But we roll with the tide and every day I wake up I feel so grateful.

Everything happens for a reason. And there’s really no point stressing about what we can’t control. I’m thankful for the extra car cover we’ve been paying for years that took care of the towing, hire car and additional accommodation. As we trust and surrender to “what is” this journey of co-creation continues to unfold and surprise me.

Life is unpredictable and uncertain but it’s also mysterious and magnificent. An invisible canvas lies in front of us, and when we allow ourselves to flow with the tide, anything is possible. Beyond Bowen nothing is planned, at least not too far ahead. We’re rewriting our story each day, shaping it with our thoughts, our words, actions and intentions.

Choose thoughts aligned with love, kindness and faith in the journey. Embrace your divinity because, ultimately, that’s going to create, not just the best version of ourself, and not just a better reality, but a way better world.

Sending you love and light across the ocean.

Doug’s very deep when he goes fishing lol.

51 thoughts on “The Best of Bowen

        1. Too bad. We get a “ring of fire” eclipse in October. Then we are driving to Texas next April, 2024 to experience the total eclipse. We made the reservations in a little town in Texas last year (over two years out) and got the last two rooms. Total eclipses are a big deal here.

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  1. Miriam, how this post calmed me. The pictures are gorgeous just gorgeous! Thank you! How you and Doug are living to me sounds like it is from out of a novel. I so much enjoyed this!!! When you trust things really do have a way of working out. So much love to you and Doug! xo

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    1. Thank you so much Amy. Yes, trust. It’s a big deal and sometimes out here on the road I falter and wobble but ultimately I return to it, because it’s key. And we both do feel incredibly blessed to be able to travel and live the way we are. So glad you enjoyed this. Big hugs and love to you my friend. xx

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  2. It seems to me that you are becoming an expert at going with the flow. And isn’t that what life is really all about? We plan and try so hard to control things, but really….life happens the way it wants and all we can do is accept it and do our best to enjoy it! And you are doing just that. Thanks for sharing your journey with us…I find your posts so inspiring!

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    1. Thanks Ann. I’m not so sure that I’m an expert but I’m definitely getting a lot of opportunities to practice and hone my skills! You’re right though, all we can do is our best, in any situation. Thanks as always for your encouragement, it means a lot.

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  3. I always feel as I have gulped in a huge breath of fresh sea or mountain Air Miriam when ever I visit your beautiful site… As I read your profound words of Trusting the Flow of life.. And yes.. you are so right.. No use stressing over things we cannot control..
    I will look forward to those Angels who must have been watching over you both story shelved for another time…
    It is often amazing how synchronicity works…. And those helping hands that we get just when needed..

    Your views in Bowen and Horseshoe Bay are Stunning…. Big sigh…. and while our life styles may be different as we are content and full of gratitude for our little plot of garden lol I am so grateful too for all things that we share in our life..

    So grateful to you too Miriam.. For sharing your adventures, and Long may your travels bring you both joy … For that dear Miriam is what is going to create your experience….

    Your Last Paragraph said it all Miriam..

    “Choose thoughts aligned with love, kindness and faith in the journey. Embrace your divinity because, ultimately, that’s going to create, not just the best version of ourself, and not just a better reality, but a way better world.”

    Spot on…..
    Much love and Gratitude… ❤ ✨🦋💖

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    1. Hello dear Sue, what wonderful words! I always love when you drop by and read my posts because you see all that I am and experience in such a deep and real way. Thank you my friend. I so appreciate you.

      Yes, we’re indeed living in different worlds and life styles but our frequencies are the same, love, peace, joy and gratitude for the journey, wherever we are. May be both/all continue to love those high vibrating frequencies. Much love and big hugs to you dear Sue xx ❤️🙏

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      1. Amen to that Miriam…. That is what is so good about meeting Like Minds… We do resonate at that same frequency… More and more now are joining up within that frequency.. I am sure also you are seeing it and feeling it too… And our smiles grow ever wider… For LOVE is all there is…. And when we open our hearts to embrace it…. It flows even more fluid…
        Much love right back at you.. Keep EnJOYING my dearest friend ❤ xx

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        1. You’re so right Sue, everywhere we go we’re meeting more people who see life the way we do. I absolutely do feel it. Thank you again my friend. Stay well and blessed. 💗 xx

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    1. Wonderful! I’m so glad my images brought you a sense of calm Zeenat, there’s something so incredibly soothing about being by the sea so I’m glad you felt it. Thank you my friend. 💙


  4. Another beautiful adventure to read and feel Miriam, it’s as if you are giving us all the opportunity to dive deeply into your sacred waters and mountain air! So special! I can imagine mermaids swimming about around you? Helping to make sure your Divine experience is felt deeply and you keep flowing as the old world, has hiccups… as in your car experience🤨

    Energies are really high at the moment, bringing up a lot of old insecurities that just need to be felt and released! You are so blessed to be able to bathe in the waters to ease this time! I have to wait until the water is a little warmer… to help me in my stomping!

    Take care dear Miriam and Thankyou for taking me on your heavenly like adventure. Much love❤️

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    1. Oh Barbara, how nice to have you with me, even if only in spirit. I do feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded and able to enjoy such warm calm waters. Haha, love the visual of mermaids swimming, simply divine.I do feel so grateful for it all, even the bumpy days. Take care my friend, thanks for visiting and hopefully the waters will warm up soon enough for you to enjoy bathing in them. In the meantime big hugs. 💗 x

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  5. Miriam, catching up on your travels is lovely and seeing you embracing housesitting as a way to travel. Australia certainly has such a diverse landscape. We enjoyed Northern Queensland only drawback was the inability to swim on the most beautiful of beaches.

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    1. Hi Suzanne, yes, we’re loving the diversity that house sitting offers which I’m sure you know all about. And yeah, bummer about the beaches we can’t swim at, although the weather is getting cooler now so we don’t mind as much. Lovely to see you here.


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